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July 2018Present

Software Engineer


Technologies: Python, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS 

December 2017Present

Founder, Engineer

Technologies: Go, CircleCI, AWS (Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, S3), PostgreSQL, Vue.js, JavaScript, ElasticSearch aggregates motorcycle helmet safety data and makes it easier for users to understand which helmets have the best chance of saving their lives in a crash scenario. As a solo founder, I:

  • Built all components of the app myself, including the frontend with Vue.js, the background job that aggregates motorcycle crash data in Go, and the API used to retrieve the data in Go.
  • Built a "search relevance" algorithm to figure out which data should be shown together. 
  • Conducted all marketing and user research using Google Forms, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook Groups.
  • Created business entity and achieved profitability in 3 months.
December 2017April 2018

Lead Software Engineer


Technologies: Node.js, C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Linux, SQL Server 2017, Azure (Table Storage, Blob Storage)
As the tech lead for the infrastructure team, I spent 80% of my time writing code to fix critical scaling issues with our system / engineering team, 10% of my time advising various feature teams on architecture-related decisions, and 10% of my time on automation/devops tasks. For example, I: 

  • Prevented mission critical SQL databases from reaching maximum capacity via a tool to move hundreds of GB of data from SQL Server to Azure Table Storage (very similar to Cassandra), using parallel processing.
  • Automated the previously manual process of creating incident reports with a Slack Bot (using Node.js) that created OpsGenie alerts based off chat messages received via the Slack Events API.
  • Overhauled Veyo's CI/CD workflow by implementing GitHub for source control, CircleCI for Linux builds, and AppVeyor for Windows builds. I also built various tools in Node.js that allowed developers to easily deploy projects to production in bulk (previously, deployment to production was manual and error prone).
April 2016December 2017

Senior Software Engineer


Technologies: C#, .NET Core, .NET Framework, SQL Server 2017, Node.js, Linux, Docker, Azure (Container Registry, Service Bus, App Service), Angular 5, TypeScript, Elasticsearch

  • Founding engineer for a project that allowed healthcare facilities to easily manage appointments for their patients and see where drivers are located in real-time. I built some critical pieces of the system myself (related to the message queue that we used to replicate data) and spent the rest of my time advising a team of 4 on how to build testable, performant APIs. 
  • Built a background job that is used to schedule complex, recurring medical appointments across multiple time zones.
  • Built a service that is used to efficiently process large volumes of medical data from various customers. Said solution is able to process this dataset in 10 minutes while an existing solution took 4 days to do the same.
  • Routinely conducted technical interviews and helped to make hiring decisions for junior and senior level candidates for engineering, product, and QA positions. Developed a take-home coding test for QA candidates to complete.
May 2014April 2016

Software Engineer


Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC 5, WCF, JavaScript, Kendo UI, Windows Workflow, Entity Framework, MSSQL, SignalR, Gulp, Node.js
Was a founding member of a team involved in building a web application to provide an issue tracking system similar to what is currently offered by Salesforce. Also did full-stack development on a web application that is used to manage configuration items for most of Qualcomm's modem software.

  • Served as a mentor to two new engineers.
  • Improved a heavily used UI's rendering time from 20 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Developed a workflow application to automate a process that took 45 minutes of manual data entry per customer ticket. The new application that I wrote takes less than 5 minutes to complete and requires no manual data entry.
March 2015May 2015

Contract Software Engineer

N Of Everyone, Inc

Technologies: Python, MySQL, Django, jQuery, c3.js
Developed the prototype for a voting application similar to reddit from the ground up, using Python and Django on the backend and raw JavaScript along with c3.js and jQuery on the frontend. Additionally, did all of the design and development of the database schema for said application using MySQL.

May 2013August 2013

Software Engineer Intern


Technologies: Klocwork, Python, C, ASM (ARM, x86)

  • For the QCT Static Analysis team, wrote Python scripts in order to improve build automation systems.
  • For the same team, used Klocwork Desktop to help identify and fix vulnerabilities in various modem releases.
  • Wrote proof-of-concept code in C to help Klocwork's engineers reduce false positive results.
  • Received a “Qualstar” work performance award for the work completed during my internship.
March 2013May 2013

Contract Software Engineer

Arpeggi, Inc (Acquired by Gene by Gene)

Technologies: Ruby, MySQL, CoffeeScript, Knockout.js

  • Implemented the initial version of the “Create Report” frontend and improved data set filtering for the Genome Comparison & Analytic Testing (GCAT) product.
  • Used multi-threading and raw MySQL queries in Ruby to create a data importer that processed over 69 million records in approximately 90 minutes.
September 2008August 2012

Software Engineer Intern

Potomac Fusion, Inc

Technologies: Cassandra, MySQL, MapReduce, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, ExtJS

  • Wrote MapReduce jobs to generate test data and analyze large HBase tables. Reduced running time of existing processes from 8-10 hours to 25 minutes.
  • Wrote a search suggestions algorithm to populate and analyze data from an Apache Cassandra cluster. 
  • Wrote web applications for the open-source Synapse Application Framework in JavaScript, using jQuery and ExtJS to visualize intelligence data in 2D.
  • Mentored a high-school intern and two newer full-time employees in JavaScript development. 
  • Created bash shell scripts to manage a Solaris application.
September 2011December 2011

Undergraduate Student Programmer

Mittelman Lab @ Virginia Tech

Technologies: C, Objective-C, OS X, Microsoft Kinect 

  • Utilized Objective-C and C to interface with the Microsoft Kinect on a Mac OS X workstation. Used OpenCV and OpenNI for hand gesture recognition.
  • Wrote Perl scripts to analyze fly genome data, comparing results from GATK and SRMA.
  • Installed and tested CUDA and OpenCL on a Ubuntu Server machine.



Virginia Tech

BS, Computer Science

3.76 GPA, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa Inductee

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