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Beaver Area Senior Highschool

Aug 2011Jun 2017

Currently attending as a sophomore 



This may not be considered a skill but I'm able to push myself late hours to get extra work done and have it not affect my regular schedule.
Experienced with computer hardware 
I'm aware of the different hardware and components in a computer (windows)I could build a computer from scratch and could locate the correct parts to use. 
I've never competed in competitions but I practice on my own as a hobby and hunt with a bow.
I played soccer for three years from the age of 9 to 13 
Experienced with windows and Macintosh os
I am able to manipulate files and programs on windows and Macintosh as well as use command line and edit registries.


Michelle Cosgrove

My writing for the professions teacher in tenth grade

Text Section

My name is Benjamin Harn ,I'm attending Beaver Area High school and I'm a sophomore.Im 16 years old without much job experience but I'm ready to get started.I hope to attend FSU after I graduate high school.