Software Engineer building simple solutions to complex problems with distributed teams using modern design patterns and cloud technologies. Loving the gritty details and the science, but driven to become a better engineer and ship a quality product on time.

Work History

Work experience

Software Engineer

Nov 2014 - Dec 2015
  • Migrated 6 years of financial data to a new accounting system. Drove design and automation of the SQL Procedures and Scala services involved as part of a distributed team.
  • Developed in Scala on the Whitelabel REST API supporting ACH transfers and customer verification.
  • Extended our ruby dev-local scripts that managed a Vagrant Linux box used to run Docker services. Saved hundreds of dev hours dealing with complex micro-service inter-dependencies.
  • Worked with CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript to match product's design for transaction summary.
  • Contributed in the InfoSec team with areas including vulnerability management and data security.
  • For all projects worked as part of an agile team using Jira, Stash, Jenkins, Splunk, and AWS to leverage a CI pipeline and deploy regularly. All code was reviewed and required unit tests.

Database Developer

Aug 2013 - Nov 2014
University of Missouri - Trulaske College of Business
  • Standardized and maintained VBA code for legacy Microsoft Access databases and front-ends.
  • Designed and developed new web applications from non­ technical requirements using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET and SQL Server. Our team ran both ASP.NET and PHP.
  • Drove the integration of Git as the first version control system in this office.

Software Engineering Intern

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014
Garmin - Aviation Team
  • Generated entirely new obstacle map coverage for Canada using C++ to process vendor data.
  • Maintained existing maps by updating vendor data parsers as part of a small team that used Git for version control and Jira for workflow management.

Software Developer Intern

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013
ADM Crop Risk Services
  • Wrote and repaired T-SQL procedures and VB.NET code and documented thoroughly for QA steps.
  • Authored a C# parser to process the AEROS codebase and enable automated analysis of errors.

Skills and Technologies

Scala   C#.NET   C++/C   SQL  Node.js/JavaScript   HTML5   CSS3   Python/Django   Ruby   PHP

Git   Bash/Unix CLI   Splunk   Vagrant   Jenkins   Docker   Consul   AWS S3   AWS EC2

Jira   Visual Studio   Resharper   NCrunch   Sublime   IntelliJ



B.S. in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics

University of Missouri, GPA 3.661