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About Me

Twenty-two year old Customer Service / Sales Agent experienced through my extensive line of work in both Sales and Customer Service.

I'm an expert in versatility , motivated by challenge, competitive by nature and ever striving to create.  

Work experience

Customer Service Representative

Nov 2007Apr 2013

Responsibilities : 

  • Greeting every customer and assisting those that need it.
  • Proper cash handling policies
  • Ensure proper visual representation of product

Achievements :

  • 5 years customer service experience
  • Worked in two-thirds of departments

Store Manager In-Training

Caribou Coffe
Apr 2013Apr 2015

Responsibilities : 

  • Serving you the worlds finest coffee
  • Driving sales
  • Offering an experience unlike any other
  • Problem solving for both staff and customers
  • Behind the scenes (schedules, labor, sales, etc.)

Achievements :

  • Nearly doubled sales from previous years
  • Became assistant manager within 10 months
  • Became Store manager In-Training  within 13 months
  • Filled in for 6 out of 7 stores in Rochester
  • Created an experience that lead my cliental to follow me from store to store 

Retail Sales Consultant

Aug 2015Apr 2016

Responsibilities :

  • Drive Sales
  • Grow the business
  • Resolve customer issues
  • Create a seamless experience as your wireless provider

 Achievements :  

  • Consistently held 2nd- 3rd best ranked sales
  • Consistently one of the most willing to recommend agents 
  • Considered a valuable resource amongst my peers
  • Worked with management to improve sales environment and team selling initiative 


Customer Experience

Experience is everything! Why should people return if they are not satisfied with their experience? I'm proud to have held one of the best ranking amongst experience and willingness to recommend.

Excellent sales

Whether I've managed a coffee shop or been a sales agent it's always been the same: Tact and finesse. Come in for a two dollar smoothie, walk out with a fifteen dollar pound of coffee beans and a brewing method. Come in for a smartphone upgrade,  walk out with a premium television subscription. 


While I enjoy success in both Sales and Customer Service, I find that i'm most driven by helping and mentoring. Being a resource for others and allowing them to take what I can offer and add to it is very satisfying. 

highly adaptable

I've done so much and it's always been in a manner of myself being thrown into whatever task it is. I've done everything from operating heavy machinery to operating cameras and creating graphics. Case-in-point I will learn it or figure it out and make sure it gets done. 


My father owns his own business and he always taught me nobody leaves until the job is finished.  


The reason why I believe you need me is because while the average person is thinking that "blank" needs to get done or how to get it done, I've already started doing it. 


Associates in Liberal Arts

Rochester Community and Technical College
Sep 2010Dec 2012

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Areas where I'm well grounded.

  • Always Friendly
  • Punctual
  • Problem-Solver

Weaknesses: Areas where there is a little room for improvement.

  • Planning ahead
  • Taking on more than I can handle


Thank you for your valued time. I hope to hear back from you soon.

-Benjamin J Caflisch