Beni Katz

  • Tel Aviv Israel

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2005 - Sep 2010

Professional Services Engineer


The company develops OSS softwareautomates the end-to-end process of designing networks.

  • Worked with key customers such as Verizon, Sprint, Cisco and Bell Canada. I was actively involved throughout the product lifecycle: defining requirements (includes supporting the client during the characterization and definition), development, solution implementation in production, customizations and ongoing maintenance.
  • Managed integrations between the system and customer environments.
  • Led the Best Practice activities: redevelopment of the training plans for staff that included dozens of lessons, presentations, documents and processes. That helped increased productivity and reduced new employees on-boarding times and learning curves.
  • Initiated automation work processes, a move that dramatically reduced human errors and the need for human involvement.
  • Optimized and improved existing processes by building a system that proactively identified defects before they occurred and their handling before they had any impact on the client.
  • Led massive improvement in the interface between the Core layer and the Business Logic – yielding reduction of over 10% in development time and code review/maintenance needs.
  • Helped in pre-sale processes, especially during POCs. The assistance was instrumental in closing deals of hundreds of thousands and penetrating to new markets.
2004 - Apr 2005



The company provides network solutions which support voice, video and data traffic over Ethernet edge network.

The position included:

  • Manual and automated Layer2-3 testing of communication equipment (Switches & Routers).
  • Integration testing.
  • System testing.
  • POCs.
1998 - 2000

Tier 1/2 Support


The position included technical support, assisting in operation and maintenance of computers (hardware and software) and trading communication networks including remote sites support. 

1995 - 1997

Technical team leader


1997-1998: Technical team leader

  • Managed a team of four technicians.
  • Support and assist technical field operation.
  • Training new employees.
  • Implement of new systems, equipment and techniques and trainings of system operators.
  • Coordinate professional tasks between IDF different departments.

1995-1997: Help desk and communication systems technician.


Oct 2000 - Aug 2004


Ort Braude

Computer science studies and practical experience in data compression, cryptology, medical information systems, search engines, Internet technologies and distributed databases.






Professional Knowledge

  • Programming languages and Workspaces: C#, Visaul Basic, XML, SQL queries and Data Base.
  • Networking: Layer 2/3 netowrk equipment (Switches & Routers), Sniffers, trffic simulator (IXIA & Agilent) including experience in manual and automation tests.
  • OS: Windows (7 & XP) and Office.


  • Great people skills and teamwork.
  • Ability to work under pressure and multi-task.
  • Self-learning ability.
  • High motivation and willingness to work with dedication and responsibility. 
  • Technical and service oriented.


1997 - 1997

ISO9002 Certification