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To whom it may concern,

I am a professional Client Relationship Supervisor that loves to work with people from different cultures and I have a strong interest in Tourism and Hospitality.

I am hardworking and believe in doing my best at everything I do.

I excel under pressure, and am always determine to make sure I more than meet the expectations of my employer.

I love to work in a team, but can also perform independently as I am trustworthy and loyal.

I have the following skills:

  • Good communication and management skills
  • Excellent customer and client relationship skills
  • Good problems solving skills and trouble shooting
  • Ability to operate under stress and demanding situations
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft word and Excel

I have extensive experience in:

  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Lodge Front Desk Supervision

I am available for interviews any place in Namibia or via Skype internationally.

I can be contacted via:

Your time and consideration will be much appreciated!

Kind Regards,


Personal Details

Surname - Mungonena

First Name - Benhardt Nande

Date of Birth - 30/12/1989

Place of Birth - Windhoek

ID number - 891230 0046 5

Gender - Male

Marital Status - Single

Nationality - Namibian

Driver License - Code B

Health status - Good

Criminal record - None

Postal address - 98041, Hochland Park, Windhoek, Namibia

Languages - English - Good (Read, Wite and Speak); Afrikaans - Fair (Read, Wite and Speak)

Contact Number  - +264 81 332 3125

Email address - [email protected]

Work experience


Gisela Laser-Miller - Human Resource Manager at Trau Bros

Tel: +264 61 248 748

Ms. Agnes Yeboah - Manager Windhoek Lodge

Cell: +264 81 302 5824 - Tel : +264 61 252536

Mr. Andre Van der Merwe - Former Owner of Windhoek Lodge

Cell: +264 811 432 253

Portfolio of Employment


Portfolio of Education


Microsoft Word and Excel
- just over 7 years
Ability to perform under pressure
- just over 6 years
Superviory & Problem Solving Skills
- just over 5 years
Customer Relationship & Communication skills
- just over 4 years


Playing musical instruments; Reading; Travelling; Sports; Spending time with family and Socializing.