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Personal Details


8, The Paddock, Pembury, Kent, UK



Home: 01892 822529

Mob.: 07891 178886


White English

Date Of Birth


Work experience


Professional Musician


- Electronic music producer under the name of 'Shurk'.

- Fanbase of over 15,000,  

- Genres include heavy glitch hop, drumstep, D&B and electro funk.

- Multitude of 'Let's Play' gamers on YouTube, including 'Markiplier' (>9M subscribers) and 'M3RKMUSIC' (>1m subscribers) using Shurk songs in their videos.

- Most popular song, 'Haunted', now has over a million plays on Soundcloud alone. 

- Daily online marketing efforts on social media and e-mail.

- Responds immediately to e-mails from promoters and fans.

- Has also played guitar professionally in local band, 'Chameleon' for over 4 years.


Video Game Soundtrack Composer


- Currently composing the original soundtrack for upcoming indie game, 'Critical Annihilation'.

- Experience in composing both thematic Electronic Dance Music for video games and specific atmospheric soundtracks.


Sound Designer

- Designed a huge sample pack of almost 500 original electronic music samples for, entitled 'Shurk: Future Glitch Hop', and scheduled for release in 2015.

- Pack includes: Bass, synth, drums and fx (atmospheric, impacts, risers)

- Currently designing two new sample packs for 'Shurk: Future Funk', and a Serum presets pack.

- Experience with working to strict deadlines. 

Oct 2013Nov 2013

Sales Assistant

Davodeau - Toy Shop, Landiviseau, Brittany, France

- Full time week-long work experience as a sales assistant in a popular local toy shop.

- Work experience was fully self-organised.
- Fluency In French was essential.

Mar 2014Mar 2014

Teaching Assistant

Ernst-Göbel Schule, Weisbaden, Kloppenheim, Germany
- Worked as a voluntary teaching assistant for a week at a German primary school as part of the Judd School German exchange at the age of 16.
- Fluency in German was required.
- Helped children with schoolwork and supervised them during lunch breaks.


Sep 2013Jul 2015

A Level

The Judd School, Tonbridge

Standard UK A Level qualifications.
Subjects undertaken: French, German, English Literature, Geography

3 A

1 B

Sep 2008Jul 2013


The Judd School, Tonbridge

Standard UK GCSE qualifications.
10 subjects undertaken.


8 A*

2 A



- Has always been near or at the top of the class throughout his education.

- Excels in 'arts' subjects, especially languages.

Hard Working

- Will always meet deadlines regardless of the circumstances.

- Only accepts the highest quality of work. 

- Good role model with a good working ethic and healthy mindset.


- Always enjoys bringing a smile to people's faces.

- Works exceptionally well in large groups of people from different background


- Creative mindset, as shown by musical pursuits i.e. 'Shurk' and playing the guitar in a professional band.

- Willing to find creative solutions to problems, both logistical and intellectual


- Speaks German and French to an extremely high A Level standard, with plans to further studies at university.


- Will adapt the normal regime to fit in with working hours.