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Work experience


Digital Development Officer

Digital Greenhouse Guernsey

My current role is focused upon the development and promotion of both the Digital Greenhouse premises,  the wider digital development opportunities and management of the front of house team.  I liaise closely with my colleagues in Education, the GTA, GCFE and Industry to create digital artefacts which support the aims of the newly launched Digital Strategic Framework for Guernsey.  Managing Digital Greenhouse memberships, I have automated onboarding, streamlined the application processes to achieve time saving and financial efficiencies  and have written a number of reviews around improving membership numbers, building and developing strategy to take the project forward. 

I produce weekly reports through use of online project management tools, ensuring strong communication opportunities, working with a team who span a number of sites and Committees.

The Digital Greenhouse is an innovation project launched by the States of Guernsey to stimulate and develop the digital economy of the Island.  I have been involved since the inception of the project, initially taking on a seconded role as the Project Officer at the start of the build development.

Key Achievements:

  • Developed and run  the Digital Seedlings enrichment programme, as part of a cross-committee working project with Education, Sport and Culture
  • Launched the Digital Greenhouse App linking with local projects to offer a proof of concept testing bed to bring technology into the local communities. 
  • Implemented a digital-first process for project management at the DGH, through the use of Trello, making significant productivity and timesaving wins.  This process has since been demonstrated to the wider organisation and has been adopted as the tool of choice by the States of Guernsey Transformation Team.
  • Growth of project awareness through various online channels including social media channels that are used to engage directly with a diverse range of individuals and stakeholders.
  • Developed the DGH website to include rich engaging and dynamic content, utilising image and video elements.
  • Digital Content Creation: Project planning and creation of specific pieces of digital work, including joint publications with Education, Sport and Culture.
  • The development, implementation and management of a communications plan working across multiple platforms improving engagement.
  • Daily troubleshoots and management of the DGH space resulting in positive feedback on customer service.
  • Instrumental in the Project Management and execution of a number of key events, including:
    • Summer of Innovation 2016, which saw industry and community teams come together to develop solutions solving Guernsey based issues using the latest technology.
    • FinTech Hackathon 2016, our first Hackathon bringing together 50 people from various backgrounds and producing great results including children savings apps to pioneering KYC solutions.
    • Language Hackathon 2017, our most recent venture which resulted in content to 'normalise' our native language into a gamified beacon app launched through community events.

Additional Projects and Responsibilities

  • Digital ACE: Lead on communications and developed of the Digital ACE website.
  • Education Summit: led on the organisation of Networking events bringing together local activities to show case the island to visiting attendees. Managing the various social media accounts associated with the event.
  • FinVention: lead on social media for the event as well as assisting with the running of schools competition.
  • British Irish Council (Digital Inclusion): Led on the development of video content on digital skills, coordinating between Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man, collecting rich media from all to create a short video which was aired to Ministers at this years Digital Inclusion Ministerial in Isle of Man.

Project officer Secondment Details

My first role in the Digital Greenhouse project was to focus on getting the project from an idea to a reality. My role focused on gaining publicity, implementing processes and assisting with the creation of the space.

  • Process documentation development
  • Management of Purchase Orders
  • Developing of social media and online presence
  • Developing the Digital Greenhouse Space
  • Development of the Website

Co Owner

Need it loud events

As a small business owner, my company provides innovative  Audio Visual solutions for events and festivals in Guernsey

Growing the company from providing live sound and lighting solutions for local musicians to now being one of the key Audio and Visual Partners for festivals such as the Spiral Earth award winning Sark Folk Festival.

Through running the business I have utlised and developed my skills in company administration, financial accounting, marketing and project management. 


Senior Registry Officer

Guernsey Registry

The Guernsey Registry holds registers for the different types of legal entities in Guernsey as well as also acting as the Intellectual Property Office for Guernsey.  My role as Senior Registry Officer was to monitor incoming submissions and enquiries as well as supporting projects being undertaken by the department.

Key Achievements:

  • Migration of Charity and NPO registers to the Registry, moving  processes to online and using technology to automate parts of the process.
  • Development of the Guernsey Registry Image Rights register.
  • Tasked with evaluating internal processes and external user experience, I established several new processes that enabled the improvement of customer service and reduction in costs.


Registry Officer

Guernsey Registry

The Guernsey Registry holds registers for the different types of legal entities in Guernsey as well as also acting as the Intellectual Property Office for Guernsey. My role as a Registry officer was to process incoming filings, enquires and orders through face to face interactions with customers as well as online. 

Key Achievements:

  • Helping with the streamlining  of processes to enable easier submissions and improved delivery times.
  • Assisting with the development of extensive guidance notes to enable more support to be given through the online portal.
  • Being involved with the improvement of customer service within the team.


7 Day Shop

7Dayshop is a leading online retailer with a focus on photographical and electronic equipment, my role was to photograph and manage the image content on the website along with managing the different social media accounts.



Professional Qualifications

Agile Project Management - Foundation Certification

Through qualifying at foundation level with  SPOCE, I formalised my knowledge of Agile Project Management and how it can be utilised effectively in the work place. It has allowed be to have a greater understanding of the methodologies, the result of which has been clear, iterative delivery of fast-paced projected within my current role.

Lego Educator

Working with Lego Education, this training has be instrumental in the development of the Digital Seedlings enrichment program.  Undertaking practical workshops, this course has enabled me to be qualified in the delivery of Lego Mindstorm education, ensuring great results in how to teach computational thinking and coding to young people as well as adults.

ICSA - Certificate

The ICSA certificate was made up of four modules relating to Company Administration, Offshore Business, Accounting and Investment fundamentals, formalising and increasing my knowledge in these practices.

CMI Level 3 - First Line Management

The CMI Level 3 qualification comprised of several modules focused on different areas of performance and team management giving me knowledge of management processes and how they can be used effectively. 

ICS - Managing Customer Service

During my time undertaking this qualification, I grew my knowledge of change management and the development of customer service.  My work based project was focused on improving communications with startup companies and SMEs in Guernsey by the Registry.  My findings were adopted as practice, resulting in a decrease in administration enquiries and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Child Protection Level 1 & 2

I am qualified to work with young people and hold a current, enhanced police check.


AS & A Level Qualifications

Grammar School Sixth Form

Media Studies A Level - B

Photography A Level - B

Psychology A Level - C

Religious Studies Philosophy and Ethics AS  - B

Art AS - C



St Sampsons Secondary School


Science - A

Additional Science - B

Maths - B

English Literature - B

Religious Studies - B

English Language - C

Design Technology Resistant Materials - C

Art - C

Mathematics Statistics - C