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Tech literacy, business-savvy, open-minded, straight-forward and unique some say. Genius in generating stellar ideas. Attracted in conspiracy theories, machine learning, artificial intelligence, financial technology, graphology and cryptography.

Work History

Jun 2016Present

Co-Founder & Advisor

Digital  Micro Pte. Ltd.

Responsible for whole Operations & Risk Management. We are the payday loan company that provides a micro loan to people that needs emergency fund.

Jan 2016Jul 2016


Xendit Ltd.

In Xendit, Ben provides advise and guidance to the team in developing the fraud detection and prevention architecture, give insights about fraud trends, mitigation and deterrence. Xendit is a p2p payment application.

Nov 2015Jun 2016

Head of Operations

KoinWorks - PT Lunaria Annua Teknologi

As Head of Operations, Trust & Safety, Ben is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of
customer communications, managing internal control, fraud and collections. His job requires him to work
closely with all KoinWorks department to ensure all our operations inside-out.

Aug 2015Present

Advisory Board Member

Infinito Pte. Ltd.

Provide consultancy and guidance to setup Fraud and Operations policies, procedures, recruitment, training, risk management assessment regarding Indonesia market segments related with Financial Technology industry.

Apr 2015Aug 2015

Head of Operations & Risk Management

PT Digital Alpha Indonesia -

Managing of the overall Operations & Anti Fraud functions including but not limited to:
* IT
* HR
* Ensuring that the functions of the company runs effective and efficiently so could perform in terms with the strategic plan, developmental plan, and operational plan objectives
* Maintain the administration, budgeting, monitoring, reporting, communication and liaison on all company affairs at level acceptable to the board (BOD)
* Operations and Control including QA & QC
* Implement, maintain and manage an effective system of controls throughout the company, covering non – financial as well as financial control
* Ensure that operations objectives and standard of performance are owned by management as well as employees
* Background check for customers and employees
* Prudently managing resources within budget guidelines according to company policy ad within ethical corporate governance guidelines
* Management, monitoring, reporting and communication in regard to financial and physical resources, administration and budgeting
* Maintain and develop organizational culture, value and reputation in its market and with all staff, customers, vendors and also regulatory bodies or government
* Build and lead an effective team both in Operations and Anti - Fraud

Dec 2014Apr 2015

Anti Fraud Manager

PT Home Credit Indonesia

Cooperates with Head of Anti Fraud during set up and implementation of anti-fraud strategies and activities, in particular:
* Create, stabilize and continuously improve AF processes
* Introduction of new Anti Fraud strategies - Fraud reporting and reporting methodology
* Implement new Fraud related technologies
* Map all the processes and activities within Anti Fraud team and Risk in generally.
Manages and coordinates AF cross company activities and projects Identifies daily investigation priorities and decides on actions and strategies deployed by investigation, mystery shopping and security teams.

May 2014Dec 2014

Quality & Training Operations Lead

PT Home Credit Indonesia

To ensure the Quality and Training within Operations Department at Home Credit Indonesia.
Both of the stream ensure that the development and improvement are cover to 6 units within one department:
From Underwriting, Call Center, Back Office, Home Visits, Incoming Payments, till Telesales.

These 6 areas had a general task like Quality Assurance and Training for the new hires and refreshment for the existing employees.
Including: Controlling, Checking, Coaching, Training, Set Key Performance Indicators, Initiate Development Projects, create and review process improvements, Create Standard of Procedures, Identify & Analyze Mistakes and Error, plan of business process management and improvements that covers: Process, Human Capital, Systems, Etc.  

Managing Team of Quality Operations & Trainers based by high impact and cost efficiency.
Coordinating with Several Others Department for ensuring the Business Cycle and Process are executed well in daily, weekly and monthly basis - Reporting to Head of Operations and Chief of Operations for the proposal of improvement and the output results.

Jun 2013May 2014

Deputy OPS & Training Manager

PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation

* To recruit pilots for all hiring needs based by fleet types
* Work closely with BOD on hiring plan and training budgeting
* Making monthly and weekly report
* Conduct day to day hiring process
* Develop and oversees the recruiting plans
* Maintain and review training and recruitment software system and plans
* Create SOP for Admin Training Department
* Manage and create contact with applicants
* Conduct First Aid Training for in – house training
* Responsible as OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) Officer in Headquarter office

Jul 2011May 2013

Quality  Assurance Leads

Vads Sdn. Bhd.

* Monitoring incoming calls on a schedule basis to determine CSR efficiency in product knowledge, SOP, and Customer Service skills
* Perform Coaching and draw improvement plan to revisit call in following cycle
* Evaluate Customer Satisfaction (Call Survey)
* Making weekly & monthly report
* Recognize areas of improvement in call quality and standard via call monitoring scores and analyze trends on the floor
* Fully understand about products knowledge, SOP and chain process between Customer and all department related: Sales & Marketing, Operations, Technical Support, Customer Retention, Etc.
* Doing weekly and monthly calibration
* Perform process improvement tasks
* Build the template of reporting

Sep 2010Jul 2011

Customer Service Supervisor

PT Exertainment  Indonesia

Providing services to the customer from creating the agreement, invoices, payment schedule and payment report. Coordinate with different department from Sales and Personal Trainer to help the team achieve sales target. Manage and maintain all the equipment at the club not limited to the cafe stock inventory. Manage schedules for 6 customer services and 6 greeters and 4 towel assistant.



Bachelors Business (B.Bus)

RMIT, Australia

124 La Trobe St,

Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


Diploma in Management Studies (Dip. Ms)

SIM, Singapore

461 Clementi Road
Singapore 599491


Quality Assurances

the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.


function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives by using available resources efficiently and effectively

Team Leadership

the power or ability to lead other people

Operations Management

an area of management concerned with overseeing, designing, and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production of goods or services.

Anti - Fraud

designed to prevent fraudulent practices.


the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.

Performance Management

a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's work objectives and overall contribution to the organization


the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.


Aug 2014Present

Microsoft VBA


Visual Basic Application for Ms. Excel

Dec 2013Present

Train of  Trainers

Global Air Training

Certification to conduct training and do the assessment

Jan 2015Present

Document Forensic Examiner



Jun 2015Present

Oracle Fusion


Training for Oracle Application