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Work experience


Strata Managing Agent 

Linders Strata Management Pty Ltd (Strata Choice)

Portfolio Management Responsibilities:

  • Day to day management of a portfolio of strata and community title properties 

  • To have an understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987, Anti-Discrimination Act 1996, Environmental Protection Act, Home Owners Warranty, Home Building Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act and any relevant legislation.

  • Where delegated the responsibility ensure that repair / maintenance of client common property is carried out.

  • Provide responsive, proactive service to each building in the managers portfolio.

  • Under instruction from the owners corporation, liaise with local councils and consultants regarding fire safety issues and occupational health and safety requirements and assist in obtaining advice in regard to building maintenance, structural rectification and legal matters.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal and provide advice on by-laws and legal requirements of special by-laws.

  • Convene and attend the Annual General Meeting of each scheme under management.

  • Convene and attend Extraordinary General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings as required, including preparation of the agendas and minutes for these meetings. Chairing of these meetings may also be required.

  • Prepare and distribute meeting documents in accord with company time guidelines

  • Co-ordinate the preparation of administration budgets and arrange sinking fund budgets together with the provision of reconciled accounts including balance sheet, statement of income and expenditure and levy report status.

  • Utilising the in-house resources provided, prepare all necessary documentation relating to the management of properties, and ensure strata rolls and minute books, the record and retention of section 118, 119 and 120 notices are completed on a timely basis and attend to written and oral communications for clients.

  • To ensure that the strata schemes remain insured within the requirements of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 and to process any insurance claims.

  • Apply strategies for customer retention and revenue growth.

  • Ensure that you comply with ethical standards and industry codes of conduct

  • Prepare for and attend additional meetings of the OC and EC as directed and from time to time at the initiative of the company.


Repairs & Maintenance Coordinator / Strata Assistant / Finance Manager

Linders Strata Management Pty Ltd (Linders Property Group)



University Of Western Sydney 

Undergraduate Degree

Studied Bachelor of Arts

Majors - International Relations & Asian Studies

Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations

History, Philosophy & Political Thought

* Note 2 subjects from 16 remain incomplete.


High School Certificate

Pennant Hills 



Encouraging a community environment and common goals for  strata schemes.


Experienced communicator and negotiator. 

Enjoy building successful long term relationships with clients.

Participating regularly in group and one on one negotiations between clients where relationships have become strained.

Sympathetic with a positive approach during complex and difficult situations.

Spending time to discuss complex issues with owners/committee members.

Analatical Skills & Challenges

Relish complex or difficult situations and the problem-solving process.

Creative in approach to difficult negotiations and scenarios for clients 

Professional Work Ethic 

Positive approach and professional work ethic.

Leading by example to overcome challenges whatever the situation.

Regular contact with clients to build and maintain working relationships.

Always arriving early and prepared for meetings or inspections.

Professional presentation at all times.

Software & Systems

Experienced and fluent with Rockend and BCmax

Career Growth & Training

Personal growth through continual research and study so self confidence and leadership can grow between staff members.

Enjoying periodic training and education in various relating disciplines relating to Strata Management; Contract Law, Home Building Act & Security of Payments Act.


Working  together with staff on work groups and projects, while pursuing common goals.  

Always assisting others to lend a helping hand.

Company Awards

  • 2009 - Outstanding Strata Manager of the year Strata Choice Company Group Finalist

  • 2010 - Outstanding Strata Manager of the year Strata Choice Company Group

  • 2011 - Outstanding Strata Manager of the year Strata Choice Company Group

  • 2012 - Outstanding Strata Manager of the year Strata Choice Company Group

  • 2013 - Business & Development Award for Strata Choice Company Group

Management Portfolio 

Maintain buildings with Management Fees of $350,000.00 per year.

(Approximately 55-65 buildings at any one time total lots circa 1000)

Additional Charges Average of $17,750.00 per month from 2011 to present.

Additional Charges for the 2014 - 2015 period were over $200,000.00

Note: all amounts and time frames have been rounded for simplicity. Proof of details available at request subject to employer consent.

Additional Roles & Responsibilities

Presentation at Information and Education Seminars

Designed and presented education seminars to External Clients for the following topics:

  • Repairs and Maintenance Best Practice procedures.

  • Contracts, Warranties & the Home Building Act.

  • Executive Committee Meeting protocol, best practice and the importance of being specific.

  • Statutory Warranties, Process & best practice - Remedial work & building repair.

Company Education / Training

To internal staff for the following topics:

  • Repairs and maintenance best practice procedures.

  • Contracts, warranties & the Home Building Act.

  • Executive committee meeting protocol, best practice and the importance of being specific.

  • Interpreting a Strata Plan & common property.

  • Contractor "compliance" & contracts - Remedial work & building repair.

  • The Role of Consultants in building maintenance & remedial works.

  • Roles - project manager, contract administrator, Supervisor & Superintendent.

  • Home Building Act, Australian Standards, contracts & job orders.

  • Quotations, Fee Estimates process and best practice.

In house company work groups

Chaired and report for directors consideration relating to company policy and internal / external procedures on the following topics:

  • Remedial work contracts and Home Building Act compliance.

  • Remedial works and Occupational Health & Safety Act compliance.

  • Remedial work contracts and Work Health & Safety Act.

  • Asbestos survey/reports/registers, contractor safety, repairs and maintenance.

Created / Designed Company Proceedures and policies

Presented drafts, amending and reporting to senior management on the following topics:

  • Annual OH&S / WHS Reports, Corrective Action, Risk management for Strata Schemes

  • Annual OH&S Risk reduction steps. 

  • Lot owner renovations, bylaws, liability and process.

  • Contract administration for remedial works.

Assisted with Mentoring various internal staff and others expressly on:

  • Project management of remedial works

  • Contract administration for remedial works

  • Lot owner renovations, bylaws, liability and process

  • Annual OH&S / WHS Reports, corrective action, risk management for Strata Schemes


References provided on request.