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Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Landscape architect& Urban planner

Omraniyoun Company
- Gomom Governorate: preparation the urban borders for the villages and the guidance plans for the center. - Makkah Governorate :Preparation the urban borders and guidance plans for the villages and the centers of - Al Bayda Center: Designing ideal village at Al Bayda center – Makkah -by preparing of detailed plans. - BIN DHESH ST, OM EL MOMENEN ST, - MAKKAH : Preparation of studies , technical reports , visual presentations , planning concepts ,evaluating alternatives, and Preparation of shop drawings.
Jan 2012Aug 2012

Landscape architect& Urban planner

Wasl Consulting Engieneering(Eng / Mohamed AL MASARY)
 - Re-planning project for owned ground by (WSB company for maintenance and operation) (Fantasy Land).  - Project of studying expansion Hotel Madareem Crown.  - Architecture and Landscaping design for private farm (malhem)
Aug 2009Aug 2011

Landscape architect

Palm Hills Development ( Shehab A. Mazhar Architects )
Participated in the following projects: - Paradise Compound,Paradise, 6TH October . - Casa Compound, Sodic, 6TH October. - Telal El Guizira Compound,EL Guizira,EL Sheikh Zayed. - Al Nahiyan Compound, Al Nahiyan, Road, Egypt Alexandria . - Getionia Compound ,Shehab office 6TH October. - Al Rehab sports club, Talaat Mostafa, 6TH October. - Hassan Hamdy Villa, Hassan Hamdy, 6TH October. - The Village Gate Compound, ,Palm Hills, Cairo. - Sokhna Compound,Palm Hills, Sokhna. - Kattameyya Compound, Palm Hills , 6TH October. - Botanica Compound,Palm Hills, Road, Egypt Alexandria. - Amr Adib Villa, Palm Hills 6TH October. - Yassin Mansour Villa, Palm Hills , 6TH October. - Rawya MansourVilla, Palm Hills , 6TH October.
Jun 2008Aug 2008

Landscape Architect (Trainee)

Consulting Group Concord(supervisior: Dr:Tamer Fouad)
Landscape Architect (Trainee) Participated in the following projects: - Hussein Fawzi Villa, Concord Office, 6TH October . - Sadek Cherkaoui Villa, Concord Office , cairo. - Ashraf Mohsen Villa, Concord Office , cairo. - Hassan Timor Villa, Concord Office , EL Sheikh Zayed. - Abboud KafrawiVilla, Concord Office , EL Sheikh Zayed. - Mona Ahmed Villa, Concord Office , Alexandria.



Bachelor of Regional and Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture

Cairo University
-Desining master plan villas- schools. -Planning “new city in south Sinai in Ahab” -Re-planning project of “sell village in Bayou oasis in Egypt” -Design Center City District (Administrative - Commercial – Clubs) -The design of green areas of the villas and palaces. -Road design and traffic hubs of the cities (the new & old) and villages. -Upgrading projects in historic areas and areas with special character Example (upgrading district of Dar as Salaam / amen el-sera/ el-mean Street- upgrading EL Hussein- replanning city workers).

certificate from preparatory education school

zahret el salam


Bachelor of Regional and Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture


Urban Design




Urban Planning