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Genuinely aiming to deliver only the best daily lesson plans to his classroom wards, Mr. Marc Bednarczyk had prepared adequately for a career in education. Earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Communication with a major in Culture and Communication, Mr. Bednarczyk had already set his sights even higher, so he went on to obtain a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership with a major in Curriculum and Instruction. Having completed his two degrees at one of the largest higher education providers in North America, Marc Bednarczyk has faced the challenges of a teachers life in great adherence to the principles he had imbibed from the University of Phoenix. From his first job at Crestwood Elementary School to his most recent one at Carson Academy of Science, Marc has definitely proven that his great educational background will propel his career towards the betterment not only of himself but of those who had been entrusted to his care. With his path in teaching having completely been in service with the Madison Metropolitan School District, Marc Bednaczyk has ensured that his seven years of teaching has all been a source of pride and inspiration to himself and his colleagues in the teaching profession. Marc welcomes the challenges of classroom teaching with renewed vigor each day, accepting grade leader responsibilities which have been steadily handed to him. His leadership qualities have allowed Marc to capably handle the fundamental responsibilities inherent in being a grade leader and classroom teacher, thereby earning him the respect and admiration of his peers and students.

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