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Work experience

Beckom Investment Group

The Person , Christopher G. Beckom is JD/MBA - President/Founder/CEO  is a complete cheater and scandal to  many.He have hired many freelancers in elance , freelancer etc outsourcing sites for various  job. This person  actually have two websites( I mean two business , those are - Beckom Investment Group, Incorporated and 247 Tech Experts , LLC) , those are  - and  . He have cheated about $3000 and $10000 for various freelancers by telling them to work on various parts on their websites.Please dont trust  him .He and his businesses  , which includes - Beckom Investment Group, Incorporated and 247 Tech Experts , LLC  is complete  a scam.They will get thier job done and will get no payment.All  of your efforts will be priceless , valueless and you will be empty bucks.Look jobs for elsewhere , you will be better paid.Dont work with this clients and you will be ripped off.

let me give you more details about this cheater as well , this client actually have  two business, they are as follows with their website -
247 Tech Experts , LLC
1301 Via Santiago
Suite C
Corona, CA 92882
Telephone :  800.862.3974
Fax: 844.333.0674
[email protected]
Beckom Investment Group, Incorporated
41593 Winchester Road
Suite 200
Temecula, CA 92590
[email protected]
Tel: 909-217-6058
Fax: 800-630-3207

They are hiring freelancers in elance , upwork , freelancers and hiring freelancers to do outsourcing tasks like - search engine optimization , social media marketing , social media optimization.After a few months of work when you got confidence on the client he started cheating on you.Client hold the payments and started disappearing form the Skype  and  stop replying the emails.Once you realize that he is nowhere and then you got cheated with your bucks.

Freelancers are requested not to work with this client and pause working on the projects, I request you to check everything with the client and then resume the work.This outsource thinks that they are sitting far form thousands of miles and these freelancers could do nothing in return.