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Work experience

Aug 2005Present

Field Technician

Fugro Roadware

Operated road survey vehicle for company contracted by various departments of transportation.  

Duties included:

- Calibration and maintenance of sensing equipment including laser-profilers, cameras, GPS,  Sonic transducers, accelerometers and inertial measurement devices.

- Maintenance of mechanical systems.

- Maintenance of networked computer systems.

- Collection  and shipment of road data.

Oct 2012Present

Shop Hand

Dave Brenner Equipment

General shop work in a repair shop specializing in farm equipment.

May 2002Aug 2012

Sample Collector


Collection of biological  samples to combat plum pox virus spread in the Niagara region.


Sep 2001May 2005

Bachelors of Engineering

McMaster University

Areas of Focus

- Digital Logic and systems

- Microelectronic circuit design and fabrication

- 2nd order Control systems

- Power electronics


Been soldering since I was a kid and I still have the burn scars to prove it.   I put down rockstar because you probably came here from an electronic business card.  Come on.  SMD is not easy.  Just look at those connections.  Those zener man, I could have chosen a 603 package but I chose minimelf because its sexy. 


Full time employment in the electronics and control systems industry.


I am interested in all things electronic.  Particularly electronic control systems and robotics.


I think these things are going to be awesome.  Check out for details on this development.

In summary this is a new circuit element that 'remembers' the voltage passed through it functioning similar to a synapse in a brain.  The resistance of the element changes depending on the magnitude and direction of the voltage and  the resistance will stay at that level indefinitely.  This combined with the physical size of the device looks to supplant nand flash and finally put the nail in the coffin of spinning magnetic hard drives.  Also there is potential to use arrays of the devices to perform digital logic.  This would allow for custom finite stae machines to be programmed into this memory element.  Very cool.