My registered Patent


  • Possess extensive knowledge of the Chinese industry and Business Culture.
  • Proven ability to quickly learn and apply new skills in a new culture.
  • Passion and commitment to diverse work environments: including Marketing, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Product Design and Supply Chain.
  • Demonstrated success on all levels of the Supply Chain such as purchasing, planning, analysis, design, development, delivery, implementation and evaluation utilizing both traditional and Lean methodologies.
  • Supervised and executed sourcing and manufacturing of different daily used products, suppliers' evaluation, forms management, and data processing.
  • Created a purchasing and order follow up procedure resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Created an offshore office for monitoring orders, resulting in high customer satisfaction.
  • Hired, trained and led a team, both at home office and in China, earning kudos.
  • Proficient (trainer/expert level) with numerous computer applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, MS Project, CorelDraw, ERP, and many others.
  • Highly motivated, quick to adapt and learn, excellent human relationship skills.


  • Accomplished leader and innovator with more than twenty years of experience helping companies to seize market opportunities, improve operational and management performance, and generate new and innovative Supply chain methods. 
  • Successfully connected key Chinese companies, seeking JV with hi-tech foreign companies
  • Utilizing the full innovation to commercialization cycle.
  • Demonstrated a track record of growing successful businesses, both inside existing organizations and as stand-alone companies.
  • Developing new markets while using his years of experience in International sales & Marketing
  • Resourceful Supply Chain Manager with success in designing and executing solutions in China with emphasis on Textiles and other Daily Used Products. 
  • Sourced integrated products, assembled and shipped on time with the required certifications of quality.  Proud of a track record of annual purchasing growth of 20% and a gross profit of 21% for the same period.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2012 - Present



ABE-China, was founded to bridge between key Chinese investors, and foreign companies offering a unique technology or product for distributing and/or producing in China.

Jan 2011 - Jun 2012


2Buy Global

Created a new e-commerce website, allowing global customers to search and buy goods at the Chinese leading shopping site Taobao. Generally, Taobao is open only for Chinese using a Chinese address and local bank account, 2Buy Global is acting as privately owned Taobao agent, allowing to see Taobao English version or other languages, helping customer to search Taobao and place their orders.After orders arrives, our team will generate this orders on Taobao, check the goods after arrival and combine multiple orders from different sellers to one international parcel sent to your home.

Nov 2010 - Nov 2011

Purchasing Manager - Asia


Successfully shifted the production to factories in China. Created and the foundation of marketing in China. Monitored the production and the QA and Q

We at Unidress believe that what your workers wear has a profound effect on the sense of involvement they have with your company image.

As a company - what we care about is combining fashion with functionality in work clothes and professional clothing, and for that  - we make sure usingg only expert designers, choose only the best fabrics and materials, and make use of the most innovative design components.

Unidress - Leading the Israeli work apparel and professional clothing market into new frontiers.

During my project with Unidress, I have successfully sourced for suitable factories qualified to the standards of Unidress, audited and launched pilot orders.

Jan 2009 - Jan 2010

Supply Chain Manager

Studio Ooga

Successfully shifted the production to factories in China. Created and the foundation of marketing in China. Monitored the production and the QA and QC.

  • Sourcing for qualified suppliers in China to meet the high standard quality.
  • Supplier evaluation to establish long term business cooperation.
  • Supervised the logistics and shipments of the goods from China to the different international warehouse locations of the company.
  • Trained and supervised the QC and QA team, to achieve good deliveries’ reports.
  •  Set the marketing channels to sell the company's products to the upper level market in China
2008 - 2009

Factory General Manager


Created and supervise the building of management methods to lead the company to the new and innovative ways of the 3ed Millennium.

  • Formulated and applied new ways to operate all the activities of the company's operation via ERP system.
  • Established and improved the sourcing and purchasing methods.
  • Successfully improved the quality of shipments from average of 22% to less than 2% of rejected items.
  • Created professional purchasing policy manuals.
  • Supervised the shipping and logistics.
  • Trained and supervised the QC and QA team, achieving good deliveries’ reports.
  • Consistently exceeded goals set by the mother company
2007 - 2008

Buyer / Supplier - Consultant

Intech Interactive
  • Involved in the foundation of hi-tech company, focused on interactive services for international fairs.
  • Conducted intensive customer survey projects at international fairs in China.
  • Consulting for the implementation of sophisticated web base software, for interactive communication, between Buyers and Suppliers on fair ground.
2005 - 2007

Supply Chain Manager

Neil Nathan
  • Involved in the foundation of the company, product design, and marketing.
  • Led the Business Development issues in China.
  • Project coordinator for producing multi industrial combined products.
  • In charge of the total Supply Chain; China - USA and involved in achieving certificates such as FDA and GMP.
  • Setting up and managing a branch office in China.
1996 - 2005

Supply Chain Manager

Buying Office

Supervise staff of purchasing teams and QC/QA teams

  • Business Development in China
  • Founded an Agency Office, representing successfully various customers in Israel and the USA
  • Hired and trained people for innovative ways of following up the orders.
  • Successfully handled negotiations with Chinese suppliers and Government officials.
  • Set up an innovative Supply Chain system, resulting in cost-saving.
  • Created professional purchasing policy manuals.
  • Handled contracts with Buyers and Suppliers.
  • Supervised the Letter of Credits received from customers and transferred to suppliers.
  • Trained and supervised the QC and QA people achieving good deliveries’ reports.
  • Consistently exceeded goals set by customer
1983 - 1996

General Manager

Manufacturing Company
  • Created a fully vertical garment factory.
  • Personally in charge of Marketing the company's products to the US and Europe.
  • Produced and exported baby garments.
  • Supervised the production of 95 people and subcontractors.
  • Awarded for his export achievements by the Ministry of Commerce  4 years in a row
Jan 1982 - Mar 1982

Special research team leader

Shenkar College – Research dept.
  • Following my research, and a patent I have developed while studying, I was sent to supervise the implementation of the patent in local factories in Nigeria


Jan 2007 - Mar 2007

Expert Diploma

Bank Hapoalim
  • Opening and Auditing Letter of Credit according the new UCP 600 (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits).
  • transferable Letter of Credits
Sep 1978 - Jul 1982

Bachelor of Technology B.T. - Engineer

Shenkar College
  • Have created and registered a patent for saving 30% of Honey Dow damaged cotton.  This patent is now being used World Wide.
  • Awarded "Outstanding Achievements Award" 1980-1981.
  • Dean's List for 3 years
  • Student Association, Chief Auditor
Jan 1980 - Jun 1980

Expert Diploma




E-Commerce Manager

  As part of the constant goal of the Export Institute to promote Israeli Exporters, a new initiative was set up to put Israel on the world E-commerce market.  As part of this initiative I was chosen to be part of the first group of              E-Commerce experts to be trained and act on behalf of Israeli exporters.    

ERP programs

Graphic programs

Corel Drew, Photoshop. Avery Dennison-Design Pro


Fluent communicator in English and Hebrew, both writing and speaking. Basic knowlage in German

Microsoft Office

Proficient in MS Office, Photoshop and Internet applications.



Alex Freund

Paul Sarter