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Work experience

Aug 2012Present

Marketing and Sales assistant

Mister Bee Potato Chips

I market the company's product throughout Morgantown, West Virginia via word of mouth and social media. I build and maintain positive relationships with current and potential clients. Attend business meetings and brainstorm new ideas for the growth of our product.  Persuade businesses to market our product throughout the Morgantown area.  Network with with different businesses to gain access to larger companies.  Maintain a knowledgeable background of Mister Bee's Potato Chip.  During my three months employment at Mister Bee's I have been able to utilize my experience with persuasion and networking to get their product into 4 different businesses.  I have also attained contact information for larger businesses to eventually introduce Mister Bee's Chips to.

Jun 2011Present

Lead Bartender

Kegler's Sports Bar

I have built and continue to build loyal relationships with customers, supervisors, and coworkers through my dedication and genuine attitude. I create a joyful and entertaining atmosphere. I sell and promote our products in a rapid and professional manner by using my knowledge of upselling and my open communication to engage people while at work.  I problem solve business and public issues using criticle thinking and leadership skills. I have a very good use of impression management, because I know what my customers want and I work hard to give it to them in order to strengthen my relationships and keep them coming back.

Jan 2010Present

Manager's assistant and Lead Bartender

Ky's Lounge/ Whisper

I have been esponsible for recruiting and hiring bartenders, cocktail servers, bouncers and barbacks.  I take care of liquor inventory by keeping track of what is bought and sold on a weekly basis. I book, plan, and promote weekly parties and events.  I promote and market the business via social media and face to face.  I am constantly problem solving people and business related issues on a day to day basis.  I have to respond quickly and efficiently to technical issues as well as cutomer and coworker confict by being experienced and knowledgeable of the business and people's motives.  I contantly strive to create a positive, entusiastic, and entertaining atmosphere for everyone I associate with.  I am always developing my relationships by listening and keeping an open line of communication with with my customers, supervisors, and coworkers. 

May 2010Jun 2012

Banquet Worker and Event Organizer

Waterfront Place Hotel

I am responsible for professionally and pleasantly tending to the desires of customers.  I set  up and work events for the governor of West Virginia, the President of West Virginia University, and many large businesses throughout the Morgantown area.  I build and maintain relationships with current and potential clients.  I create a professional and joyful atmosphere for clients through my welcoming personality and proper communication.  I problem solve customer related issues by keeping everyone satisfied and going above and beyond for my customers to ensure their fulfillment. 



Bachelor of Arts

West Virginia University

Throughout my 4 years at West Virginia University I was able discover a path to my future and utilize and strengthen my talents.  My education along with my work experience has taught me a lot about the job force and how to prepare myself for real life circumstances.  I have learned a great deal about the way people think and what they expect and I have been able to use that to improve my communication and relationship building skills.  Overall, I have had an abundance of experience in writing, qualitative and quantitative research, critical thinking, time management, and problem solving while earning my degree at WVU. 


Being a fulltime student, working multiple jobs, and engaging in extracurricular activities has shown me my ability to be a self-motivator.  I have been motivated enough to pay my way through college and never give up, because I have perseverance and that has allowed me to be successful throughout school, work, and life.  Working in sales and marketing you must be a self-motivator, because you do not have someone supervising your work at all times.  Working at Mister Bee's Potato Chip, I am on my own to help take over the Morgantown area.  It is my duty to market the chip on my own and seek potential clients.  I believe my self-motivation is unique and vital in order to be successful in any business.
Persuasive Communication skills
I have been using my persuasion skills to up sell and promote products throughout my college career. My unique ability to read people was the foundation for my persuasion skills.  Throughout my communication courses as a student WVU I have learned a lot about persuasion as well.  I have years of experience reading people's moods, attitudes, and desires and have taken multiple courses teaching me how to properly utilize those skills to communicate persuasively.  Working as marketing/sales assistant at Mister Bee's Potato Chip has given me a chance to enhance my persuasive skills by convincing several business to promote our chip.  Also, working as a bartender, party planner, assistant manager, have all called for me to use persuasive communication with clients, customers, supervisors, and coworkers.   
Excellent oral and written communication skills
I have been educated in writing for over 10 years and it has always been a knack of mine.  I have been writing papers and using written communication via social media for over 8 years.  I have learned how write both creatively and professionally.  I adapt well to the audience I am writing for and I have much experience in researching.  Earning a degree in Communication Studies requires a lot of writing and researching experience and of course excellent spoken communication skills.  I have been working in public service, and sales for 4 years which has enhanced my communication skills tremendously.  I have consistently built relationships with coworkers, supervisors, clients, and customers on a daily basis by maintaining a welcoming, genuine, and enthusiatic line of communication with people.  I have also networked and expanded my customer base and job opportunities using my communication skills.     



I have always had an interest in helping others by listening, communicating, entertaining which is why I enjoy working in public service, because I am able to make more of it than just a job.  I enjoy making people's days better by listening and helping solve problems.  It makes me happy to know I made a difference in somebody's day.  My goal is to eventually enter into medical sales where I can make a more significant difference and use my problem solving abilities to adhere to my clients needs and desires. I have a love for animals and enjoy taking care of them which is why I volunteer my time at the animal shelters as well as foster and help find homes for troubled dogs.  It has always been my goal to travel across Seas and help vicitms of tradgedies and crimes that cannot help themselves. My empathetic personality has made others  trust and respect me throughout my life. I utilize the trust and respect I have earned to continue to grow and network.