Danielle Risley

Danielle Risley

Health/Physical Education/Chemistry 


To work in a school system where health and physical fitness are seen as important aspects of a comprehensive educational program.


MAPHERD Conference, November 2006, November 2010

 Phi Epsilon Kappa, October 2006-present

                                VOSH: La Esperanza, Honduras, April 2009

                                 Central Swim Club, September- November 2008

                                 Special Olympics, January 2008

Health Profession Residential College, August- May 2004-2006

Alternative Breaks Plant City, FL, March 2006

National Relief Network, St. Bernard’s Parish, LA, July 2005


Jan 2010 - Present

Northwestern Michigan College

Taking courses in Chemistry to become certified to teach the subject and to eventually get accepted into a Master's program in exercise physiology.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2011 - Present

Volunteer Basketball Coach

Partners Empowering All Kids

February-April 2006 and February-April 2007

vAssisted K-2 graders with fundamental basketball skills and demonstrated proper techniques.

vCoached a third grade boys basketball team

Nov 2009 - Present

Long term Physical Education Middle School Teacher

Traverse City Area Public Schools

I am a guest teacher k-12 throughout the Traverse City public school system. I sub for any grade level and subject including alternative education and special education. Along with subbing, I did one month as an elementary PE teacher at Holy Angels and Willow Hills.

I am currently filling a part time position at Traverse City Christian as the middle school PE and Health teacher till the end of the school year.

Sep 2010 - Present

Health and Physical Education Teacher

North Muskegon Public Schools

My position at North Muskegon has developed over the past couple years. I currently teach and have taught middle school health, high school health, middle school physical education, middle school media (final cut express, audacity and photoshop), middle school computers, and high school publications which includes yearbook, fundraising and a video production and weekly newscasts. 

Professional development: Formative assessment, sexual minority health, curriculum development, summative assessment, Michigan Model, Fitness Gram, Bullying, Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance annual conference (3 years) and more. 


Volunteer Spring Break- Southern Indiana for Tornado Refief work through the National Relief Network. I organized and brought down 26 students are parents. 


Middle school leadership club, diving coach, assistant swim coach, volunteered to go on an 8th grade field trip, volunteered to help sell tickets at sporting events and chaperone school dances. 

Aug 2011 - Present

Health and Physical Education Teacher

North Muskegon Public Schools

Courses taught:

Middle School Physical Education

Middle School Health

Middle School Computers

American Heart Association Heart Safety Course

High School Health

High School Fitness for Life

High School Publications (yearbook)

Also certified in Chemistry 

Aug 2009 - Dec 2009

Sports Instructor

  • Teach K-2 basketball lessons
  • Teach 4-12 year olds swim lessons
Sep 2009 - Oct 2009

Student Teacher

Traverse City West Senior High School
  • Worked with three other Physical Educators to help implement new testing strageties for their PE program
  • Devolped and taught the dance unit that is being used again this semester by the mentor teacher
Aug 2008 - Dec 2008

Tutor: Peer Physical Education


vTutor incoming first year students on basic physical education fundamentals

vCritique students abilities and offer improvements

Jan 2008 - May 2008

Home School Physical Education Teacher


vDeveloped and implemented lesson plans on sport and fitness skills for K-8 grade home school students

vCreated newsletters to make parents aware of educational mission

vUtilized high-tech media devices, such as video and tablet computers to assess both students’ and teachers’ progress

Jan 2008 - May 2008

Special Physical Education Teacher


vDeveloped and implemented lesson plans for students with special needs ranging from severely cognitively disabled to those with learning disorders.

vCreated assessment rubrics to monitor student progress

vWorked with students in multiple environments, including: gymnasium, natatorium and bowling ally


Physical Education

Health Education


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