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Associates in Arts

Work experience

Oct 2007Present

Client: Shakespeare (EL 247)

True Love Waits -Love Slave

Place: 1st

Judging Criteria: Professor Decides Best Group Presentation

Prize: Free Beer.

Dec 2007Present

Client: GeniusRocket

GeniusRocket New Years Video

Place: 2nd

Judging Criteria:  Creativity, Quality, Persuasiveness

Prize: $200

Jan 2008Present

Client: BS Flags Inc.

The Silent Essence of BS
Place: 1st

Judging Criteria: Most YouTube Views

Prize: $5,000

Jan 2008Present

Client: Rare Stock Certificates

Stalking Stocks
Place: 1st

Judging Criteria: Creativity

Prize: $100

Feb 2008Present

Client: Crown Awards

My Favorite Trophy
Place: 2nd

Judging Criteria: Best Testimonial

Prize: $25 & Trophy

Feb 2008Present

Client: XLNTads

Flash Mob
Place: 1st

Judging Criteria: Best Pitch (out of 82 entries)

Prize: $1,500 & Marketing

Mar 2008Present

Client: Free Identity Protect

Jesus: Identity Theft Victim (Viral Video)

Conceived & created a viral video in 60 hours. The total viewership of the video on all sites exceeded 50,000 views in just 36 days.


Client: Motion Theory

September 11th Mime Sketch

I performed a rendition of my mime sketch, "September 11th Mime Sketch." (Note: My apologies. The current YouTube video is poor quality.)

Motion Theory director Mathew Cullen found it unique and moving so he asked me to perform and film the sketch at Paramount Studios, Hollywood.  The 3-4 minute film has not yet been released by Motion Theory.  It will take at least 6 months to animate and score.

Videography Samples


Adobe After Effects CS3
Alaska, Arizona, Britain, California, Canada (BC), Colorado, France, Hawaii, Honduras, Idaho, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Montana, Mexico, N Ireland, Nepal, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Scotland, Switzerland, Texas, Thailand, Vatican... ever continuing!
Website Design
Personal website:
Adobe Premier CS3
Tae Kwon Do & Martial Art Weapons

All My Videos...

What do I do?

I create atypical videos with atypical concepts.  I am a freelance videographer who seeks people and companies who want viral videos, commercials, short films, or documentaries.

When I create videos, I personally adhere to three criteria.  Simply put, the video must be

  1. Quality
  2. Creative
  3. Original

Although my education and experiences are extensive, I don't claim to be a mastermind, thus I am constantly seeking new techniques and ideas.  I am skilled at what I do and what I can't yet do (i.e. I'm very teachable).My projects are creative, innovative, and always open to suggestions and criticism. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me, even if it’s simply to bounce off an idea.

Personal Interests

Fire twirling (poi), traveling, nanchuks, mixed martial arts, comparative religions, mountaineering, website design, bar tricks, pool, and mime.