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Seeking to utilize my 4+ years of data management as a consultant with Dell EMC to further my career as an analyst. In my past 4+ years at Dell EMC I have learned that I have a passion for data. The ability to take a data set and craft it into MEANINGFUL data is something I enjoy doing. I also like to streamline processes to save time in creating reports in order to make them fast, accurate and repeatable.

Work experience



Dell EMC

Consultant specializing in Data Center Migration projects. Primary role has been acting as a Data Manager by administering to an internal database tool. The purpose of this tool is to track application and server migration information along with interconnected dependencies in order to aid in successful migrations. In addition to this I created ad-hoc and weekly reports, dashboards, along with aiding in the creation of Migration Runbooks. Also coordinated and ran meetings to gather information and facilitate migration activities.

Other Responsibilities include:

  • Assist EMC Professional Services in client consulting engagements.
  • Work as a data manager to collect server and application information to aid in data center migrations.
  • Learn and master new technology skills to assist on various client infrastructure-consulting projects.
  • Analytical, problem solver, independent, self-starter

EMC Project History

Data Manager

Currently engaging in a data center migration for a large investment adviser.

  • Lead the data management process to gather and store data in a proprietary database tool 
  • Assisted and delivered on a process to keep migration data in sync with customer's Service Now CMDB
  • Created Microsoft Access tool to ingest data from database tool and create validation reports (saved an estimated 10 hours a week between 4 individuals

Migration Assistant/Data Manager/Migration Access Database Administrator

Engaged in the divestiture of a business line for a multiple data centers for a property and casualty insurance company from another entity.

  • Engage in Migration and planning activities
  • Data Admin for Transition Manager tool
  • Create a custom Access Database to map Active directory groups to users to aid in user migrations
  • Create and maintain MAD Database
  • Create and maintain MAD Reports, Validation Reports, Lead Reports, and Unknown Reports.
  • Assist with data collection
  • Implement the Report Generator to produce multiple reports quickly and accurately

VSD DCM Analyst/Migration Access Database Administrator

Participated in a large scale data center migration/consolidation for a large security systems company that provides security solutions and fire protection.

  • Create and maintain MAD Database
  • Create and maintain MAD Reports, Validation Reports, Lead Reports, and Unknown Reports.
  • Assist with data collection
  • Built a Report Generator to produce multiple reports quickly and accurately

Migration Access Database Administrator

Engaged in the migration of an entire data center into a new building for a large American rotorcraft manufacturing company. Aided in the tracking of server and application assets in order to map dependencies and ensure a smooth migration.

  • Responsible for keeping the MAD up to date and accurate
  • Maintain weekly reports
  • Created reports Ad Hoc
  • Maintain Change Control documents in order to track MAD changes and retain change source data
  • Implemented the use of a Report Generator tool to pull quick and accurate reports
  • Created a SharePoint solution for submitting MAD Change Requests to keep them in order and provide metrics on the CRs themselves

Migration Access Database Administrator

Aided in the refresh of new storage arrays for a global payment processing company. In order to bring years’ long project back on track consulting methodologies were applied in order to achieve deadlines. Utilizing the MAD as a tool helped to keep information in line in order to move onto the new storage arrays.

  • Responsible for keeping the MAD up to date and accurate
  • Produced weekly reports
  • Created and maintained schedule information in the MAD to ensure Change Records are submitted on time and completed
  • Tracked extensive LUN information in order to create weekly burn-down reports for senior executives
  • Tailored the MAD for a focus on storage refresh rather than application/server migration

Migration Access Database Quality Assurance

Provided QA detail for an international oil and natural gas service company.

  • Aided resource in the creation of the MAD
  • Created queries in order to validate data for the client
  • Provided guidance for tracking change control

Migration Access Database Admin

Engaged in the consolidation/divestiture of multiple data centers for an American mutual life insurance company. Application/servers were isolated before actual migration took place.

  • Administered to the MAD to ensure accuracy and kept up to date
  • Created weekly Data Collection Workbooks
  • Refreshed Migration Planning Workbooks for migration leads
  • Created Ad Hoc reports upon request

Migration Access Database Admin

Took over the MAD for a project that was consolidating multiple data centers into one data center.

  • Responsible for keeping the MAD up to date and accurate
  • Maintain weekly MAD, From/To, Unknown, and Migration Lead Reports
  • Beta test MAD Metrics Reporting Dashboard
  • Maintain MAD change control log including updates made to MAD on a weekly basis






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