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Work experience


Mother's Day Out

I actively participated in the structure and creation of the first mother's day out and preschool program at Katy United Methodist Chuch.  In addition I worked as a teacher in several mother's day out programs at other curches and enjoyed substitute teaching.

Nursery Coordinator & Special Events Coordniator

Church on The Rock

Our Sunday nursery involved approximately 130 children from birth through age four, 120 volunteers and 50 paid staff.  Being able to delegate allowed me to provide appropriate curriculum, well staffed and safe nurseries, and a positive, creative enviroment for everyone involved.

Pre-school through 5th grade educator

Rockwall Christian Academy

Working with children is always fun!  I was in charge of after school care.  Creative activites for all of the ages was as much fun for me as it was for the students.

Administrative Assistant

Evangel Bible Translators

Working at Evangel Bible Translators was never boring.  Interaction with pepole from all over the world was exciting, educating, and fun.    I maintained the mailing list and updates, made preparations for the conferences and trips that Pastor Phillips took by preparing materials, agenda, and confirmations.  I did mail outs to destinations all over the world and the newsletters.

May 2009Present


I teach children Reading on all levels and Mathematics up to Algebra.  The fun part is that there are usually three children at my table and they are each on a different level and or subject with prescribed goals for each hour.  As their teacher I feel responsible to make certain that each individual child learns  and attains their goals.   To help these kids have a little fun, I add a little special incentive such as bringing markers and colored pencils, colored paper, stickers, and other appropiate props to give them a giggle.

Sep 2008Present


Soldiers for Angels

My participation in this organization is very dear to me.  Each week I recieve an email with names and addresses of injured or ill soldiers and families that lost a loved one in the war.  I follow up by sending a card and or note to each of the names that I am given.  In addition, I have adopted several soldiers that I communicate with and send care pakages too.  Sometimes special needs come up and I can participate in filling that need ( for examole- socks for soldiers).

Jun 1999Feb 2008

Administrative Assistant

KLD Associates, Inc

KLD Associates is under contract with the National Highway Traffic Safety Association.  We did traffic research in Dallas county.  I was the administrative assistant for the researchers.  In our office I paid bills,ordered supplies, shipped paper work to main office, and answered the telephone.  In addition, I went to 24 police departments to read the accident reports and enter data on computer and I attained  medicals and autopsies from 20 hospitals and the Dallas County Morgue.  I enjoyed being the public relations out reach for our team by achieving on going cooperation with the hospitals and police departments.



Teacher Certification

Le Tourneau University
Aug 2009Present



Sam Houston State University


Mark Gall

Mark hired me to work at KLD Associates.  We have continued to stay in touch with each other.

Candy Chavana

We worked together at KLD Associates and have remained friends.

Sharon Cook

Sharon was on staff at Church on the Rock and Evangel Bible Translators when I was working there.  We have remained close friends.

Barbara Bankston

I met Barbara at the Mesquite Police Department and we became close friends.

Julien Davalos

Donna Drake



International Reading Association

P O Box 8139

Newark, DE  19714


Exploring varied interests has given me opportunites to meet wonderful friends, laugh at myself , and to be creative.  Some of my favorite choices were having a nursery business with a girlfriend we named  "The Green Space", oil and acrylic painting, sewing,  needle work, and reading, and travel.


I am a bubbly, vivacious, happy and genuine person that will be an asset in any classroom.  I believe that children are a joy and a treasure that need to be valued.  I believe in balance, honesty, trust and fairness.  I love to work with children because there is always laughter and  involved.  It is an honor to work in the classroom because I have the opportunity to touch a child's life in a positive way.