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I am a Chemical Engineer and have completed my course in Business and Management with a Post Graduate Diploma (Full-Time) from the University of Bradford UK,  in 2008. I also have a Masters degree in Business Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Trade.

I am currently working as a Consultant with ORIFLAME UK LTD  with objectives of  Sales Maximization of the cosmetic products in Leicester.

I have earlier worked as an Entrepreneur with the job responsibilities of consulting with the small and medium enterprises in matters of plant machinery and on matters of best technical specifications, pricing, availability, applications etc to get the most optimum results.

I have five years of work experience in the field of Industrial Sales in reputed companies like DUNLOP INDIA LIMITED, HICO PRODUCTS LIMITED, GULF OIL INDIA LIMITED and CASTROL INDIA LIMITED.

I have in all my jobs, been selected with the responsibility of starting and developing new Industrial business, especially dealing with Industrial grade products. It has been a difficult but challenging task as the Industrial sector in India required and deserved a changed perspective after the liberalisation, which witnessed the incoming of and tie-ups with many foreign and Multinational Companies.

The race was to capture the largest of market share.

This required sound technical knowledge and total devotion to the Industrial job. Earlier, the Industrial sector which had been relegated to a corner had to be brought into the mainstream. The prospects of profits were unlimited and very promising.

The companies sought and vied with each other to get the vast and cheap labour market in India  to produce the most cost effective and profitable products for the International market. 'Outsourcing' is the term which is the offshoot of such efforts.

My responsibility lay in systematically studying the concerned Industrial Market, analysing them for prospective business dealings and then narrowing down to focussing on the targeted Industries, with the available products and services.

'Breaking the Ice' would be the optimum term to describe the job but consolidation and revival were also not detached from the main responsibilities.

The job comprised Contacting often 'Cold-Calling', Convincing and following ups and also included the technicalities of commercial nature and product specifications including applications which have now become the mainstay any Industrial business deal.

The country was divided into zones, regions and subsequently stock-points or depots to cater for them.

Due training was given on the job and the skills were nurtured to carry on the task successfully.

I performed well in all the companies bringing in new business and laying the foundation  for new departments and divisions with more people joining in to take up and carry on the Industrial jobs.

It was a very rewarding experience.

I worked on my own for a few years till I decided to go for degree in Management ( MBA ).

I possess the skills of Industrial selling, team working, problem solving,etc. In my current course I have

learnt the Presentation, Career Management and Report writing skills.

I shall be gladly looking forward to enhancing my growth prospects and contributing creatively and productively in a challenging atmosphere in the business world.

Work experience



Oriflame UK Ltd

I am currently employed with Oriflame UK Ltd as a consultant with job responsibilities of maximising the sales of Cosmetic products in the city of Leicester


Self Employed

Following my graduation in International Trade from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, I armed with a technical background in chemical engineering, business knowledge of Marketing and work experience in the field of Industrial sales; decided to venture out on my own in the field of small scale business. I was basically interested in works that would give me freedom, opportunity to be creative along with the discretionary advantages.

I tried various avenues and learnt that a higher degree in Business Management would be most beneficial for my entrepreneurial attempts as well as for stronger pillaring of my other strengths. I decided to opt for a course in Master of Business Administration (MBA) and after having applied in various foreign universities, I was finally selected in the University of Bradford, UK in 2005. After having completed all the necessary formalities I joined the course in 2006.I have since then completed the course successfully with a Post Graduate Diploma.


Sales Executive- Industrial

Castrol India Limited

I gained valuable experience in the actively utilising my knowledge of Chemical Engineering with the skills of sales involving territory and account handling, after sales servicing, which was performance based with achieving set targets. The major customers included, Hindustan Motors, Eicher Motors, Bajaj Tempo, Larsen and Toubro etc for initial as well as service fills. I started the lube business specifically for the Industrial sector and achieved a 48% growth in sales .


Sales Executive- Industrial

Gulf Oil India Limited

This was a position requiring my Chemical Engineering knowledge with the skills of direct sales of Lubricants to various Industrial units in sectors like the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs like Maruti, Swaraj Mazda), Fertilizer, Footwear, Power, etc. for initial fills, service fills, maintenance etc.The products handled chiefly industrial grade lubricants.I started the Industrial sales business in the northern region of the country with a technical perspective and a focus on direct and bulk orders.


Sales Officer

HICO Products Limited

It was an opportunity utilising my chemical engineering knowledge with the skills of direct selling of chemicals like surface active re-agents, solvents, emulsifiers etc. directly to the Industries in sectors like Pesticides, Paints, Textiles, Cosmetics etc., also involving agents wherever required. I started the sales of the 'fine' chemicals on a direct -technical basis to the Industrial customers in the northern region of the country.


Sales Engineer- Industrial Products

Dunlop India Limited

Gained experience in the sales of Industrial Products like conveyor belts, hoses, auto belts etc. through various channels involving agents. This was an insight, combining the engineering skills and the factory training given at the manufacturing units with territory and account handling and called for rigorous sales efforts. I started the sales of the Industrial Products for the company on a separate basis specifically on technical front and with an aim to beat the competition and get a larger market share.



Post Graduate Diploma

University of Bradford, UK

Post graduate Diploma

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

Master of Business Economics

University of Delhi


Regional Engineering College, Rourkela


Report Writing Skills
Career Management Skills
Presentation Skills