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Work experience

Jan 2009Oct 2011

Project Manager

Self Employed

I was contracted by Cirque du Soleil to manage the acquisition of new HVAC, Generators and Switchgear systems. 

During the first part of this mandate I produced operating cost studies of these systems, once completed I was asked to design these systems along with the experts working at Cirque, After that I prepared the specs for the RFP, The contracts were given to experienced companies in their respective fields, And finally I followed the construction of these units up to delivery, At that point the projects were handed over to Cirque's employees for final completion and final software development for the control systems.

Apr 2007Sep 2008

Senior Director of Technical Operations

Cirque du Soleil inc (Touring Shows Division)

I headed the technical sector for the division, my responsibilities included;

  • The supervision of all site operations directors for 6 Big Top tours and 1 Arena tour
  • The supervision of 4 directors in Montreal who managed; Equipment, Transportation, Site preparation and documentation of it all.
  • Planning the equipment maintenance and renewal
  • Strategic planning with the Vice President's office.
  • Preparing the sector's annual budget
  • Attending contract negotiation meetings as a technical expert
Jul 2001Mar 2007

Logistics Director

Cirque Du Soleil, Inc. (Touring Shows Division)

After the merger of all continental touring divisions into the Touring Shows Division, I was promoted to Global Logistics Director.

My responsibilities included; organizing the transport of their tours to and on each continent.

  1. I negotiated contracts with global logistic providers that understood the nature of touring shows and  worked closely with them to do all our intercontinental moves, be it by air or by sea.
  2. Coordinated contractors that could move between 55 and 75 transport units. between all cities on our itineraries in their respective countries or continent. (North America, South America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East)

I structured the jobs by territory with an employe on each continent taking care of the actual moves. From the HQ in Montreal we organized all the international transfers which require a lot more planning.

Sep 1998Jul 2001

Technical Director

Cirque Du Soleil, Inc. (Americas Division)

I was in charge of all technical aspects of  the North American touring show and of the resident show at the Disney venue in Florida. 

I supported the operation of these shows and the development of new equipment required for these shows. This mandate included equipment maintenance and renewal, transport city to city, development of new equipment, WC for the public, new bleacher system, new entry tents.

A year later I was given the responsibility of heading the IT sector, which included computer networks, communication systems and user support for 90+ employees. We initiated the first internet Cirque club during this mandate.

A little later I was given the responsability of managing the auxiliary resources, which included shipping-receiving, the receptionist, building maintenance and parking of our division's HQ.

Sep 1997Aug 1998

Production coordinator

Cirque Du Soleil, Inc.

Hired as the Production Technical Director for the show  "O", my main job has been to coordinate all aspects of installing the show in the theater.

I interfaced with the following technical department heads; Water safety, Lighting, Sound, Automation, Rigging, Accessories, Costumes, Training. I also coordinated the shops that produced these equipment and finally with the transport companies.

I also attended most artistic production meetings, where my job was more of a cultural translator for the American staff.

Jul 1994Jun 1997

Co-owner & technical supervisor

Surf Politix inc.

My responsibilities at Surf Politix included Information technologies and production capacity.

During my stay there I implemented a computer network, CAD/CAM workstations,  trained employees on the use of CNC machinery.  I also managed on the development of the website.

This company sustained a growth rate of over 250% yearly, so the expansion of the  production facilities was a daily concern. We always managed to deliver on schedule.

Sep 1992Jul 1994

Project Manager

Cirque Du Soleil

Project Manager for the construction of the showroom to be used for the production of Cirque du Soleil first resident show. The responsibilities included the review of all construction drawings, interface with the design firm (Atlandia Design) to bring Cirque's requirements to the table, interface with the architectural firm (Marnell Coreo) to bring up any discrepancies. and interface with the many engineering firms to make sure everything was up to cirque requirements.

After this mandate, I worked from the HQ in Montreal where I built a kitchen, a generator set and a sanitary unit each of which were built in custom 48' trailers.


To find a contracts where I can apply my varied experiences to any field requiring leadership, vision and technical knowhow.


I currently live next to Mont St-Anne Ski resort, I am an avid outdoors person. I snowshoe in the winter. during the last 6 years I have started to ride a touring motorcycle which i enjoy a lot.

I have participated as a volunteer photographer in many sporting events nearby, FIS snowboard world cups, UCI  montain bike world cups and 1998 world championship, and all Red Bull Crashed Ice events held in Quebec City.

I have been highly interested in the personal computer world since 1983. I developed my first website in 1996 for the snowboard manufacturing company.

I am also interested in travel, My prior jobs had me travel extensively around the world.


I have been in the technical world all my life. I have worked internationally for the past 27 years. I am a self  taught individual, always interested in learning something new. My work experience is mostly centered around the technical aspect of entertainment, with the exception of the development and expansion of a snowboard manufacturing plant. Most of the projects I have coordinated were time sensitive. The saying  "the show must go on" is one that I have always taken to heart and delivered on.

At Cirque du Soleil where I have worked for 11 consecutive years, I have designed and built a lot of the custom touring equipment in use today, including generator trucks and containers,  and portable electrical distribution systems, kitchen, sanitary systems and HVAC systems.

I have held a leadership role for the past 30 years in the entertainment, event production and recording industry, always in the technical aspect of the job. My various assignments have taken me around the world.

I speak, read and write English and French fluently.


Jacques Marois

I answered directly to Mr. Marois for 10 years at Cirque du Soleil

David Charles Bernstein

Mr. Bernstein and I have known each other for over 10 years. Cirque du Soleil under my leadership has contracted his firm for the transfer of tours worldwide.


US Secret Services