Sales/Business Development

Self Employed

·Hired by a CRO to rebuild a long-neglected territory in the face of weak demand and strained relationships with customers.

·Built positive relationships with customers. Leveraged single contracts into more than 25 times additional business while reducing marketing costs by as much as 100%.

·Created new market niches by generating strong demand for seldom-requested services.

·Chosen by an instrumentation company to market and sell a new technology for protein purification after 12 months of failed attempts. Focused on academic and industrial research customers (i.e., Astra-Zeneca, Aventis) in the Northeast US.

·Leveraged sales and marketing weaknesses into strengths - increased profit margin, reduced the sales cycle by over 300% and closed the first, and only, agreement in the US to purchase new protein purification technology.

·Increased productivity of trade show participation by more than 35% and the customer base by over 100% through aggressive, creative prospecting.

·Retained by a marketing firm to write articles about effective business development strategies for sales and marketing professionals.

·Sought out by sales managers to offer advice on how to increase sales or introduce and sell a new product or service.