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Work experience


Program Manager

HOME, Inc.

In 2010, I began work as an AmeriCorp volunteer to build from the ground up a mentor program for our high school youth studying media in the Boston public schools we partnered with. In August 2011, I was hired as the Program Manager to continue the expansion of the program.  I was the sole administrator of program and as such was responsible for program planning, marketing, communications, administration, and evaluation. Responsibilities included:

  • Developed and administered mentor program for high school youth studying media.
  • Wrote program operations manual.
  • Developed several brochures, published two articles, and created additional collateral materials to support marketing efforts.
  • Coordinated marketing and outreach efforts to a dozen area colleges, 20 professional associations and over 100 segments of media industry to recruit mentor volunteers.
  • Researched new funding resources and contributed to the writing of grant proposals resulting in one financed proposal.
  • Developed mentor curriculum and handbook.
  • Taught mentor training workshop.
  • Monitored matches and planned several organizing activities for mentors/mentees.

Office Temp


Provided administrative support (secretarial, clerical, data entry) Boston area businesses and to various schools at Harvard University.


Homebuyer Services Coordinator

Massachusetts Housing Partnership
  • Processed 25-50 homeowner requests per month for mortgage payoffs; recaptured subsidy funds from participating lenders.
  • Analyzed over a dozen homeowner refinance/subordination requests per month by reviewing closing documents, financial analysis of refinance, referring homeowner to counseling if necessary, and writing up case recommendation.
  • Tracked delinquent borrowers and foreclosure actions on a monthly basis. Referred homeowners to counselor when appropriate.
  • Managed delivery of HomeSafe services to three community contractors including providing technical assistance, writing up performance evaluations and making payments for services rendered.
  • Maintained relationships with counselors, pro-bono attorneys, lending officers, and other service providers.
  • Wrote content for Soft Second web site and updated web site data on a monthly basis.  
  • Prepared a variety of database driven reports for internal and external users.
  • Assisted program director in outreach and marketing efforts.

Office Temp

Office Specialists/Misc. Temp Agencies

Provided administrative support (secretarial, clerical, data entry) for a variety of firms on a short and long term basis.


Substitute/GED Teacher

Boston Public Schools
  • Prepared lesson plans utilizing a variety of pedagogical techniques.
  • Testing, assessing and counseling students.

Director of Community Organizing Unit

Tri-City Community Action Agency
  • Supervised three community organizers around issues pertaining to affordable housing, health care, and homelessness.
  • Completed monthly reports, monitored budget, wrote quarterly reports to funders and assisted staff in writing funding proposals.
  • Supervised volunteers and provided support to develop their leadership potential in community.
  • Worked with tenants to develop a limited equity cooperative.

Research, Community Reinvestment Unit

NYC Commission on Human Rights
  • Coordinated activities of Community Reinvestment Unit, an office of the commission created to track discriminatory lending practices of financial institutions in low income and minority communities.
  • Conducted three workshops on how to research mortgage lending by financial institutions.
  • Researched and wrote report on multi-family lending activities by the Community Preservation Corporation of New York and its impact on gentrification in one Manhattan neighborhood.
  • Tracked relevant state and federal legislation related to community reinvestment and communicated with elected officials and community organizations regarding proposed legislation.


People's Firehouse
  • Developed computerized housing data base that utilized model to assign arson risk to individual properties in community.
  • Undertook studies of housing characteristics at neighborhood level including arson trends, abandoned properties, housing code violations, ownership patterns, and mortgage redlining by area financial institutions.
  • Provided technical assistance to neighborhood land use and development committee resulting in a planning report produced by Pratt Institute.
  • Developed and wrote brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, and press releases to support organizing efforts.
  • Assisted staff in writing proposals to funders.




University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Assistant, University of Illinois Center for Urban Economic Development (UICUED)

Chicago, IL


Intern, Greater North-Pulaski Development Corporation

Chicago, IL

Summer 1982


  Writing: published author, writing brochures, PR material, press releases, grant writing, general correspondence Photography Video production / editing Desktop Publishing Web site: developed personal website and maintained and contributed content to non-profits website Social Media: Developed and maintained Facebook page for non-profit, Twitter account  
Computer Skills
  Word Processing: Microsoft Word Spreadsheet:  Microsoft Excel Database:  Microsoft Access Presentation:  Microsoft Powerpoint Layout:  QuarkXpress                            Photo Imaging:  Adobe Photoshop Digital Video: Final Cut Pro Web Publishing: Drupal Other: Adobe Acrobat Internet: Done extensive research utilizing the internet  
  Taught high school Social Studies (internship) and a GED program. Prepared lesson plans utilizing a variety of pedagogical techniques.  Utilized supportive teaching materials including films, music, overhead transparencies, maps, and selected readings. Tested, assessed and counseled students.  
Community Organizing
  Issue research Community outreach Leadership training and development Organizing and conducting meetings Writing brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, and press releases to support organizing efforts. Assisted staff in writing funding proposals. Interfacing with different constituency groups (citizens, business, government) Volunteer work on political campaigns (canvassing, phone banking, other).  
  Assisted in research and preparation of market studies for community-based organizations. Involved in data collection, design and implementation of survey instrument, report writing. Developed computerized housing data base that utilized model to assign arson risk to individual properties in community. Undertook studies of housing characteristics at neighborhood level including arson trends, abandoned properties, housing code violations, ownership patterns, and mortgage redlining by area financial institutions. Extensive research utilizing the internet. Library research.  
Program Administration
  Customer service Program planning, management, and evaluation Recruiting volunteers Tracking finances Database management Monitoring contractor’s work Reports to funders Supervision of staff, interns, temps Clerical: timesheets, filing, mailings    


Heather Hennessey-Whelehan

Bruce is an intelligent person and has strong analytical skills. He is creative and enjoyed the aspects of his job that required problem solving and writing. Bruce is also very detail-oriented and organized. Over four years, Bruce developed a strong understanding of the Soft Second Loan Program and contributed to the services provided to first-time homebuyers by MHP.

Eric Segal

I supervised Bruce Dillenbeck, Coordinator of Community Organizing at Tri-CAP from July of 1989 through June of 1990. In that position, he was responsible for the supervision of three community organizers, administration of various public and private grants, and the setting of direction for the agency's Community Organizing component. Bruce executed his duties well and his formal evaluations were excellent. He met regularly with his staff, assisted them with program difficulties and helped them optimize the results of their community work.


May 1997Present

Computer Graphics

Clark University Computer Career Institute

Personal Web Site

PowerPoint Presentation: JPNDC

Volunteer Experience

VISTA Volunteer, Organization of the North East, Chicago, IL (1980)

Boston Cares, Boston, MA

Environmental League of Massachusetts, Boston, MA

Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation, Boston, MA

Boston Neighborhood Network

(BNN), Boston, MA

Various Political Campaigns

Published Articles

The following articles can be found on my web site:

"Java Junkies", commentary on WBUR Radio, broadcast March 27, 1996

"Community Activism and the Internet", Community Jobs, September 1996.

"Confessions of a Lottery Winner", Weekly Dig, February 26, 2003

"Living Downstream", Imagine Magazine, May 2010

"Mentoring Tomorrow's Media Makers", Imagine Magazine, December 2010.


  • Creative writing
  • Photography / Videography
  • Film buff
  • Web Site Design: constructed and maintain my own personal web site; maintain an active blog on web site
  • Reading: fiction, non-fiction, classical fiction and contemporary, memoirs, history, politics. Have been a member of book discussion groups over the years
  • Political junkie -  worked on several political campaigns
  • Traveling
  • Volunteering with non-profit organizations


I have a MA in Urban Planning and worked with community non-profits and government in the field of housing / community development.  I've worked as a program administrator, researcher, and community organizer. I also have a teaching certification in high school social studies and taught briefly in the Boston public schools for a time. Although I've primary worked in the area of community development, I also have an interest in the arts, education, volunteerism, and political advocacy.  Starting in August, 2010 I began work as an AmeriCorp Volunteer at HOME, Inc., a youth media literacy non-profit based in Boston to build a mentor program for youth studying media. In August 2011, I was hired as a Program Manager to expand our Media Mentor program. I left HOME, Inc. in 2012 and am currently working as a contract administrator at Office Team, Harvard University and other temporary employment agencies.