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Bicycling is a hobby and sport that I like. Nothing compares to take the bike and go explore landscapes, roads, towns, people, in order to know places and cultures. I practice bike since he was very young. I've had three bikes and I really enjoyed it all. Normally, I practice two or three times a week, though I would do it everyday, but I must also consider my career. I always invite my friends to ride a bike, because it is a wonderful experience
When I was a child, I liked paint and drow. Then when I was young, I did a course painting with an excellent teacher. Now I have in my living room two paintings, made ​​with the technique of oil. A lot of people like my paintings


I would like to be a better person at work in my field, I hope to work in a company about my speciality, as mechanical engineer and to continue with my studies.

Aslo I wish to follow practicing my skills, bike riding and pianting. 

Work experience

Feb 2012Present


Office cashing and currency "El paso"

Working in the office, I have learned to do different transactions, I have also attended many people who deal with a lot of respect. 


Feb 2008Present


Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira

Now, I´m in the ninth semester about my engineering, I hope to finish my career next year.

Dec 2007Present

Secundary School

Instituto Tecnológico Santa Rosa de Cabal

I was a good student during the secundary school. I remember with gratitude my friends and my teachers.

I learned important things about my career as knowledge of engines, cars and structures.