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Having over 7 years of success in agriculture consulting, I have built the reputation of repeatedly building and delivering effective livestock and crop management programs.  My unique advantage is my ability to assess and observe the issues facing the agriculture industry and develop solutions to address those issues.  My success is tied to my ability to relate practical and applied experiences to create effective programs to agriculture producers.  One of my greatest strengths is the ability to connect with the producer, building a collaborative relationship and ensuring a positive image of the company.  But my intense focus is on the client’s challenges and finding ways solve those issues.  If your company is in need of a qualified agriculture professional, let’s have a conversation about how my talents can realize your plans.

  • Lifelong Appreciation for the Agriculture Industry
  • Utilize Innovative Solutions to Solve Client Problems
  • Strong Reputation of Building Effective Programs

Core Business Competencies

Sales Experience, Effective Communication, Analytical Skills, Diverse Audience Training Skills, Account Management, Innovative Problem Solver, Problem Management, Results-Oriented, Attention to Detail, Project Management, Nutrient Management, Emergency Management, Training/Development, Policy Development, Quality Control, Production Agriculture Experience, Best Production Practices, Proposal Management

Career Highlights

High-Impact Presentations:  Delivered dynamic, highly effective presentations that were clear and concise, conveying facts and information in an engaging manner.  Devised task-oriented trainings to assist with problem-centered learning needs.  Led the team that delivered over 150 results-oriented workshops for the states of Missouri and Nebraska.  Utilized personal agriculture experiences to enhance the effectiveness of the presentations.

Quality Project Management:  Spurred business growth and long-term profitability through quality project management.  Responsible for managing high-value programs throughout the country, which ultimately resulted in 20% of annual corporate revenue.  Grew multiple projects from initial to follow-up phases.  Consistently managed project that were delivered on-time and under-budget.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions:  Routinely develop innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to recurring and unusual client problems.  Skilled at observing client issues and recommending solutions and action plans.  Innovative problem solver with natural instincts for solution development.  High autonomy with an impeccable record of success.  

Multi-Faceted Agriculture Expertise:  Successful consultations in livestock production and crop production.  Consultations consist of environmental compliance, carbon offsets, emergency management, manure management, process management, and best production practices.  Outstanding ability to work with challenging clients to accomplish objectives.


Bachelor of Animal Science

Missouri State University

Master of Natural and Applied Science in Agriculture

Missouri State University

Thesis Topic:  Missouri Livestock Producer's Thoughts and Perceptions of the National Animal Identification System

Work experience


Agriculture Consultant

IEM, Inc.
  • Building relationships between the food and agriculture industries, state government agencies and Federal government agencies
  • Developing a food and agriculture emergency response plan for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Creating a Center of Excellence in FEMA Region VII (Kansas City area) for food and agriculture incident planning
  • Working with states and tribal nations to develop background documents detailing state and tribal food and agriculture production
  • Outlining state and Federal capabilities for response to a food, crop or livestock emergency response
  • Defining FEMA’s role in supporting a food, crop or livestock emergency response
  • Helping FEMA to decide courses of action for supporting a Federal Lead Agency
  • Reviewing proposals for large budget projects across the United States
  • Presenting state and tribal background documents and state and Federal response capabilities to stakeholders in the food and agriculture industries
  • Finding efficiencies to keep projects at least 10 percent under-budget

Associate Consultant/Training Development Manager

SES, Inc.
  • Hired as the company agriculture expert for technical and non-technical industry knowledge
  • Generated new ideas, new approaches and won people's respect through genuine relationship building
  • Responsible for training programs valued up to $75,000 with contracts as large as $120,000
  • Sold high-value programs to managers throughout the country, which ultimately resulted in 20% of annual corporate revenue
  • Grew multiple projects from training to additional follow-up phases
  • Managed agriculture projects that were completed on-time and under-budget
  • Used adult learning theories to make agriculture trainings active, experience-oriented and self-directing
  • Revised curriculum to meet specific needs of each audience
  • Made trainings task-oriented to assist with problem-centered learning needs
  • Developed activities to support active learning and information retention
  • Developed trainings that support all adult learning styles
  • Led more than 100 agriculture training workshops for the states of Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois and Minnesota for managers, elected officials, support personnel and producers
  • Facilitated several three-hour workshops designed to introduce states to a model agriculture industry partnership for homeland security
  • Led a presentation for an inter-tribal agency in the state of Oklahoma
  • Utilized personal livestock experiences to enhance the effectiveness of the training program
  • Worked with challenging audiences while still accomplishing the objectives
  • Wrote over 75 response plans and standard operating procedures
  • Aided in the development of and participated in the first animal movement control full-scale exercise in the U.S.
  • Assisted in the development of several agriculture-based emergency response exercises
  • Provided technical agriculture assistance and assisted as a controller of a state-wide exercise in the state of New York
  • Wrote numerous agriculture emergency planning documents, including response plans for states and counties that are still in use today

Graduate Assistant

Missouri State University
  • Assisted professor in designing classroom materials and testing procedures
  • Tutored students in Agriculture Chemistry
  • Assisted with office administrative duties in the Agriculture Department
  • Planned class field trips so students could experience current event topics in the agriculture industry
  • Statistically calculated surveys into useful knowledge for policy development

Truck Loader

Bass Pro Shops Sportsman's Distribution Warehouse
  • Instructed and trained new employees on job requirements
  • Efficiently managed time to process bulk mail and load trucks with orders


Great Outdoor Studios
  • Assisted photographer and cleaned boats
  • Cleaned and painted studio when dirty
  • Organized props for easy access
  • Modified studio equipment for a comfortable work environment


Missouri Department of Agriculture
  • Educated a diverse audience on a politically controversial topic
  • Developed radio commercials
  • Designed, developed and delivered informational presentations for a governmental program
  • Assisted individuals in resolving website issues
  • Designed and manned trade show booth

Intern/Management Trainee

Irsik and Doll Feedyard
  • Observed pens of cattle to maintain health and administered medication when necessary
  • Managed and maintained the feed mill
  • Learned how to properly evaluate and analyze feed intake
  • Constructed pens and maintained the feedyard

Hired Hand

Production Agriculture
  • Managed and fed sale, show, purebred, and commercial cattle and swine
  • Aided with the daily management decisions of a livestock operation
  • Made daily management decisions for all aspects of grain production
  • Safely operated and maintained equipment
  • Gained experience in handling, timing and methods of applying chemicals in grain production


FEMA Certifications and Continuing Education

Federal Emergency Management Agency
44 courses in Emergency Management, 2008 to 2010

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program

United States Department of Homeland Security
Three-Day Course Certification, February 2010

Public Speaking Course

Rockhurst University
The Essentials of Public Speaking, June 2010

Training Development Workshop

International Food Protection Training Institute
Instructor Development Workshop, Management and Planning Level, September 2010