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Work experience

Apr 2007Sep 2008

Sales Assistant


This was my first and only job so far, i had a great time working in this environment. The reason i had to leave was because of school and sports started taking to much of my time and i would have to leave work early or miss work sometimes because of games or practices, but i did excellent at this foundation and i was a major contibution.



I hope to soon make it as a sports brocaster/writer for espn or some major sports station. I love to write and talk about sports, thats my strongest skill and i am very good at it. I could talk about it as much as i want, so my future plans are making it as a sports brodcaster/writer for some major sports station.


Sports Writing/brodcasting
I am very skilled when it comes to writing or brodcasting about sports. I love to write about sports and i could write stories and stories about almost any story and any player that plays professional sports.