Benjamin Cornish

Benjamin Cornish


2009 - 2012

MSEd in Physics Education

TOP was a highly selective graduate scholarship program to prepare teachers of physics for the New York City Public Schools.  Matriculation: 2012.


Bachelor Science


Bachelor Engineering

Work History

Work History
Sep 2009 - Present


Bronx High School of Science

Courses taught:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Electronics
  • Applied Science
Lead teacher on developing a 3-year engineering stream for the advanced High School level. This will include a year long introductory course, a year long digital and information engineering course and finally a year long mentored research based engineering project-based course akin to an Intel research program.Simultaneously redeveloping the computer science curriculum with the intent of instructing students on a wider range of object oriented programming concepts in more than one programming language. Heavy focus on data analysis, simulation and critical and logical thinking.
2007 - 2009

Product & Service Manager :: Hosted VoIP Phone Systems for SMBs

Integral member of the Product and Service Management team.  Managed three 3rd-party integration products – their development and delivery: executed product roll-out to existing and new clients.  Engaged with partners and clients at business, technical, and troubleshooting levels. Engineering and client specification collection; drafting and documentation, and executive sign-off - for internal and client-facing projects.  Conducted cross-departmental trainings regarding new products and services.  Owner of issue triage for these products and intimately familiar with the capabilities of each.

  • Established beta-tester relationships with existing clients for product trials.
  • Conducted regular departmental trainings for upcoming products and new releases – was the go-to point for many individuals on multiple product features.
  • Constructed and reviewed curriculums for a variety of training sessions and methods.
  • Mentored several interns teaching them of the workplace, new technologies and public speaking.
2006 - 2007

Research Engineer :: Advanced Image Processing

Designed and developed a prototype system to measure large flat-screen display quality using Fourier imaging techniques and commercial-level photographic technologies.  Developed and managed timelines and personnel for collaborative work.  Understanding of optics and image-processing theory, tools and techniques.  Full ownership of budget, timeline and reporting for project.  End-of-year reports, operations manuals, Bill of Materials and requirement reports for deliverable.  Selection and sourcing of appropriate hardware for fitting out new labs.

  • New darkrooms established on time, within budget with the appropriate hardware in place.
  • Contributed to a proprietary image-processing software library.
  • Established relationships with contractors and local workshops – previously lacking.
  • Prototype delivered on time to Canon Japan Dec ‘06, manufacturing QA demonstration in March ‘07.
2002 - 2006

Research Engineer :: Photonics Startup

Redfern Polymer Optics

An integral member of the technical team responsible for developing the first optical-based touch-screen system.  Close ties and relationships with academia and the Dept of Physics at ANU.  Contractor administration and interaction, establishing technical and contractual requirements.  Patent review and prior art searches.  Supervised interns, and collaborated with undergraduate class lectures and tours.  Building fire warden.

  • Conference attendance, presentations, contractor engagement.
  • Several multi-system operational prototypes demonstrated to investors, customers and manufacturing partners at critical timings.  E.g. funding rounds, conferences, partner visits.
  • Worked with a variety of worldwide groups for equipment acquisition, conferences and training.


Sep 2012 - Present

Initial Certification

Sep 2009 - Sep 2012

Transitional B Certification