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I have volunteer experience with Meals on Wheels delivering meals to the elderly, in Nashville Tennessee.  I have also worked with Options, a non-profit organization, that assists people with disabilities to live independently.  I would help organize fundraisers and help perform a variety of duties.


Hi, my name is Bracken Corbin and I am a Senior at DePaul University, majoring in Accounting.  I have been working for Burke Montague and Associates, which is an accounting firm in Bradley, IL, for the past two summers.  I like working there; it allows me to try my hand in both subdivisions of accounting, tax and auditing.  I am still not sure which accounting aspect I am going to focus on, yet, but by the end of my schooling I should have a clear idea which one to choose.

Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Accounting Intern

Burke, Montague & Associates

I am currently working on a project for non-profit organization that had a President who embezzled money from the organization.  I am presenting my findings to show that income was extremely high in some years and extremely low in others, and in one particular year they actually lost money.  In one example, the company reported that they had spent $0.00 on management fees, then the next year it went to $115,000.00, then the next two years it doubled to $250,000.00, then to a staggering $500,000.00.  The organization helped adults, who have disabilities, find jobs.  I feel strongly about this particular case because my mom has a disability, and through her I met people who actually worked for the company.

Jun 2008Aug 2010

Lead Guard

Splash Valley

I became a lead lifeguard in my third year at Splash Valley Aquatic Center.  Splash Valley chooses lead guards based on your quality of work in past years.  In my three years there, I saved over a dozen kids struggling to swim.  A lead lifeguard is charged with supervising the proper lifeguard technique being used by the lifeguards.


Jul 2008Present


DePaul University


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