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Affiliations and Certifications

ServSafe Certified- Expires 9/30/2014

CPR Certified- Expires 4/2014

Dietetic Internship Plan

Life Cycle Nutrition: Fall 2012


  • Taught interactive nutrition lessons to elementary school classes grades K-5.  It was exciting to see the enthusiasm the children had in learning about nutrition and their aptitude for remembering previous lessons.

NIU Rec Center

  • First introduction to the counseling process by observing and conducting initial and follow-up counseling sessions with college students and faculty members on a variety of topics.
  • Developed and presented interactive lesson to a group of college freshman  on how to eat balanced meals during college and avoid weight gain.  The presentation was effective due to its use of food models and discussions involving the participants.
  • Interviewed on Northern Television Center about the importance of nutrition during finals week.

Elgin WIC clinic

  • Became oriented with the WIC program including qualifications to participate, food packages offered, and proper procedures during client visits.
  • Able to observe one-on-one nutrition education/counseling for pregnancy, newborn first vist, 6 month infant height/weight check and child re-certifications between ages of 1 and 4
  • Conducted group education session for parents of toddler and preschoolers

Oak Crest Retirement Center

  • Conducted food preference interviews with residents and completed annual and initial patient assessments.
  • Designed, marketed, and delivered presentation to residents about food and drug interactions.
  • Ran nutrition table at an employee health fair and talked with employees about healthy eating

Food service Management: Spring 2013

Neptune Dining Hall, NIU

  • Worked with team to plan, market and manage all aspects of a themed special dinner at residence hall serving 500 people.
  • Created a feasibility study about implementing a food recovery program in the dining halls
  • Worked with team to plan and deliver an in-service for the student managers at Neptune Dining Hall on the topic of motivating student workers.
  • Conducted a test recipe of a potential menu addition to evaluate the quality of the recipe and the acceptability of the recipe among students.  The Rosemary Salmon was enjoyed by many students and would be an easy addition and add variety to the current menu.

Medical Nutrition Therapy: Summer 2013

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

  • Provided 7 weeks of staff relief at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center including cardiac, general medicine, surgery, CCC (critical care center), trauma, stroke, oncology and orthopedic floors.
  • Screened, assessed, and documented on 8-15 patients daily following hospital protocols
  • Educated patients with a variety of disease states on appropriate nutrition guidelines in an in-patient setting
  • Demonstrated leadership skills when assigned as sole dietitian at trauma and TPN rounds and discussing nutrition interventions

Community Nutrition: Fall 2013

Kindred Hospital

  • Assessed, interviewed, and charted on patients using the nutrition care process.  Was able to improve on skills developed during MNT rotation by working in a new environment.  Most of the patients seen were on nutrition support.

Tri-Cities Dialysis Center

  • Observed dietitian’s in their daily role at a dialysis center.  Interviewed clients and helped hand out patient’s nutrition report cards.  Educated on the importance of labs and how to change medications based on monthly lab results.

CDH Cancer Center

  • Learned about the great importance of nutrition during caner and observed dietitian role in providing nutrition education and counseling for cancer patients in both the infusion clinic and radiation clinic.  Was able to conducted initial education sessions with patients.
  • Created chart for health professionals use on the evidence-based research behind herbal supplements and their claims, benefits, and recommendations of use during chemotherapy and radiation.

RMH Diabetes

  • Observed and conducted initial and follow-up sessions for type 1 and type 2 diabetes and obesity management in an out-patient setting
  • Helped conduct pumpkin themed diabetic cooking class and ran nutrition booth at resource fair for veterans.

Professional Practice: Fall 2013

IU Health Goshen Hospital

  • Completed 5 weeks of staff relief in 100 bed hospital.
  • Screened and assessed patients using nutrition care process, educated patients and families on diet guidelines, attended ICU rounds, and completed several tube feeding and TPN assessments.
  • Delivered Lunch and Learn presentation to hospital faculty on the topic of Oils: What Should I Choose?

Professional Memberships

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics member

Rock River Valley Dietetic Association member

Certifications and Scholarships


Academic Plan of Study

Fall 2011:

FCNS 604: Research Methods

FCNS 645: Macronutrients

PHHE 605: Biostatistics in Public Health

Spring 2012

FCNS 600A: Seminar: Nutrition and Dietetics

FCNS 646: Micronutrients

PHHE 607: Health Services Management

FCNS 652: Workshop in Dietetic Practice: Clinical Care Issues

Fall 2012

FCNS 529: Strategies for modifying nutrition behavior

FCNS 611: Maternal and Child Nutrition

FCNS 610: Dietetic Internship: Life Cycle Nutrition

Spring 2013

FCNS 615- Intensive Metabolic Nutrition Support

FCNS 617: Internship: Food Systems Management

FCNS 653: Workshop in Dietetic Practice: Management Issues

Summer 2013

FCNS 618: Internship: Intro to Medical Nutrition Therapy

FCNS 624: Internship: Medical Nutrition Therapy

Fall 2013

FCNS 600A: Seminar: Nutrition and Dietetics 

FCNS 698: Non-thesis Project

FCNS 619: Internship: Community Nutrition

Career Goals

Clinical Dietetics is my passion.  In the beginning of my career I hope to have a job in a hospital that allows me to expand my knowledge base and further explore all of my options in the area of clinical dietetics.  Currently I have two areas of potential interest, nutrition support and oncology.  During my first two years I will gain more work experience in nutrition support and oncology and pursue educational opportunities that will broaden my knowledge and help me to determine if I wish to specialize in either of these two areas.  Within five years I hope to have focused on a specialty and will pursue either nutrition support certification or board certification in oncology nutrition.  Once becoming certified I will pursue a career that best utilizes my new knowledge and skills.

Brief Biography

Beth was born and raised in Indiana where her curiosity and interest in the sciences of chemistry and biology and her desire to help others led her to focus on a career in healthcare.  She sought out new and challenging experiences by traveling far from home to The University of Alabama to major in nutrition and dietetics.  It was here that her passion for nutrition grew.  She excelled in her studies, receiving three distinguished scholarships presented by the College of Human Environmental Sciences for her scholastic excellence and personal achievement.  During her time at The University of Alabama she also participated and was a student leader in the Alabama Action program where she designed, planned, and implemented community projects at an elementary school; mentored a group of college freshman; and oversaw completion of renovation projects.  Beth graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude and went on to pursue a master’s degree and complete her dietetic internship at Northern Illinois University.    The dietetic internship at NIU allowed Beth to have countless wonderful experiences that shaped her personal and career development.  The wide variety of experiences led Beth to realize her passion of clinical dietetics and was fortunate enough to get considerable experience in the area of nutrition support and experience other nutrition specialties at a dialysis center and cancer center.  After completion of her internship, Beth will be moving back to Indiana to start her career as a clinical dietitian.

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships presented by The University of Alabama, College of Human Environmental Sciences:

Shelley R. Hancock Endowed Scholarship: 2008-2010

Ellyn Green Elson Endowed Scholarship: 2008-2010

Myrtle Berry Bullen and Omer J. Bullen Endowed Scholarship: 2007-2010


Communication skills

  • Taught interactive nutrition lessons to elementary school classes grades K-5
  • Developed presentation and facilitated discussion for college freshman on avoiding weight gain and how to eat balanced meals in college
  • Interviewed on Northern Television Center on the importance of nutrition during finals week
  • Conducted group toddler and preschooler education class to WIC participants
  • Designed and implemented presentation about food and drug interactions at retirement center
  • Created and implemented a nutritional game for a camp of middle school age students
  • Presented a nutritional case study to medical staff

Writing Skills

  • Developed a handout for retirement center residents about managing diabetes
  • Wrote newsletters and designed handouts on a variety of nutrition topics for parents of elementary children
  • Created a feasibility study about implementing a food recovery program in the dining halls
  • Wrote four blog posts on a variety of topics for an outpatient diabetes blog
  • Researched and wrote literature review on parents’ nutrition knowledge and perception of their child’s body weight

Interpersonal Skills

  • Utilized active listening while conducting initial and follow-up counseling sessions in the setting of a rec center, cancer center, and outpatient diabetes
  • Used both Spanish and Arabic interpreters to counsel and educate clients about nutrition
  • Exemplified teamwork while planning and managing all aspects of a themed dinner at a residence dining hall serving 500 people, while communicating with and managing both civil service and student workers.

Clinical Skills

  • 20 weeks medical nutrition therapy experience divided between three hospitals including areas of cardiac, general medicine, surgery, critical care, trauma, stroke, oncology, and orthopedics.
  • Provided total of 12 weeks staff-relief
  • Screened, assessed, and documented on 8-15 patients daily following hospital protocols and the nutrition care process
  • Completed tube feeding and TPN assessments
  • Educated a variety of patients on the role of diet in managing their disease
  • Assigned as sole dietitian at trauma and TPN rounds to discuss nutrition interventions


Aug 2011Dec 2013

Dietetic Internship

Northern Illinois University
Aug 2011Dec 2013

Masters of Science

Northern Illinois University
Aug 2007Dec 2010

Bachelor of Science

The University of Alabama

Work Highlights