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Business Statement

I like the buzz phrase "capitalism is creative destruction." In other words, capitalism is in a perpetual cycle of destroying old, less-efficient business ideas and replacing them with new, more-efficient ones. I embrace innovative business practices, encourage cross-departmental teams, and thrill at the benefit of creative, collaborative minds shaping business ideas now, and always.

Work experience

Oct 2010Present


GREENDot Commercial Interiors

GREENDot Commercial Interiors "Office Solutions for a Small Planet".

  • Is a sustainable commercial interior dealership. Offering New, Remanufactured, Recycled and Custom furniture, as well as, floor to ceiling commercial interior products. We improve building efficiency, while creating comfort and function in a beautiful space.
  • GREENDot brings a broad range of commercial furniture products and services, often reserved for large clients, to small to middle sized businesses.
  • Highly skilled procurement and asset managers, critical for generation 2 companies looking for exceptional value.
  • We embrace regional economics.
  • Value as defined by Quality, Function, and Esthetic.
Oct 2007Mar 2009

Account Manager

Paragon Business Furniture Group
  • As Account Manager working in New Business and Market Development, I've focused on Technology, Education, Finance, and Insurance industries.
  • My goal is to help clients optimize commercial interior decision making. Using 360 degree business planning, product life cycle and true value analysis, integrated GREEN or re-cycled solutions, long term planning, and corporate standards programming, to add value to the clients bottom line. 
  • I'm responsible for the client relationship, business strategy, and execution of go-to-market (GTM) marketing plans. 
  • Key activities include initiate, establish, and maintain valued clientele, assess and identify relevant dealer products, services or solutions, maintain vender partnerships, establish three-party selling relationships, negotiate and close business. 
  • Ten years of extensive commercial sales experience. Creative, people-oriented leadership. Possess excellent listening, verbal, and written communication skills. Practice superior time management and organizational skills.
Jun 2001Sep 2007

Account Manager

Target Commercial Interiors
  • Soup to nuts implementation of a vision. From Process to Sales and Marketing, my strengths surround the challenge of bringing concepts to life.
  • Key activities include new business and lead discovery, establish, and maintain valued clientele, assess and identify relevant dealer products, services or solutions, negotiate selling contracts, and close business. 
  • $1.2 million 2006 annual sales, 12% ahead of 2005.
  • 22% gross profit average 2004 - 2007 with very low DSO's.
  • 2005 Nationally Recognized commercial project: S&S Cycle, LaCrosse, WI.
  • 2006 commercial furniture award at Promega Agora Center triad building project. 
Apr 2000Apr 2001

Sales and Design

Nonn's Flooring
  • Working as a flooring consultant to Commercial and Custom Home builders, I became proficient in blueprint take-offs and architectural specifications.  
  • 500K annual sales goal with a 28% gross profit (highest company wide gp)
  • A NBRI recognized customer’s survey produced a 9.7% satisfaction average (1-10 scale)
  • Key activities include initiate, establish, and maintain sales, assess, identify, and offer relevant dealer products, services or solutions, negotiate and close business.
  • Maintain three party communication between builder, end user, and dealership.
  • Customer education 
Jan 1992Apr 2000


Harris Hardwood Floors
  • Responsible for all sales and advertising decisions that produced an average of  25% consecutive profit growth over eight years.
  • Introduced GREEN flooring options including re-cycled T&G, re-claimed logs milled for flooring, and super sustainable wood alternatives like bamboo and cork.
  • Marketed high end wood floor design including mixed species, inlays (wood, metal, stone), and ornamental design.
  • Key activities include day-to-day operation, delegation of labor, schedule, and training, floor specification and master design, budget and equipment acquisition.  
Jan 1989Jan 1992


Forward Design
  • Marketed, Designed, and Built artisan/industrial influenced furniture for commercial clients.
  • Through the study of product form, function, and connection between product use, Forward Design' intent was to create and execute design solutions  in form, usability, ergonomics, and unique brand development.
  • All in-house design and project implementation, 90% in-house construction fulfillment, 10% out-sourced and closely directed industrial fabrication.
  • Key activities include initiate and establish clientele, assess need and establish design steps, produce conceptual drawing (hand drawn, CAD, or models if necessary),  negotiate proposals, build or supervise production, day-to-day office duties.     

Manager of Production and Special Markets

Harris Atlantis, LTD
  • Harris Atlantis was an OEM manufacturer of computer peripherals, clone systems, and stereo loud speakers for the home consumer electronics market.
  • Assisted sales and marketing in support of dealer retail and wholesale channels    
  • Managed off-site OEM and in-house production, stock inventories, production shipment.
  • Worked creatively and effectively with product representatives, store managers, and warehouse to streamline communication, implement problem solving, and improve market share with focused manufacturer outreach. 



Sales Award


Award Winning Furniture Project

Product Release

Custom Project

Custom Project

Furniture Project Award


SketchUp & SketchUp Pro
SketchUp is a 2D/3D drawing and modeling program. Capable of conceptual ideas to a drawing plans. Imports and Exports to interface with many formats including, jpg, png, dwx, etc. 
Furniture or Object designer and builder. By training and GGT (god given talent), I'm able to conceptualize, hand draw or CAD, analyze/select material, and build in metal, wood, poured acrylic, glass, stained glass, and a host of other materials & cross disciplines. This skill set has direct correlation to process and logical conveyance.
GIZA AutoCAD software
Fluent use in everything from 2D layout, project management, and sif data management to 3D sales & marketing collateral.
Microsoft OS
Windows 2k through XP, systems troubleshooting, networking, all MS Office applications. Advanced Excel, and relational database experience. Basic hardware replacement as well. 
Apple OS
Troubleshooting, networking, hardware, all included applications, many 3rd party apps, business systems implementation, advanced presentation, photo, and web application skills.