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Work history


Copywriter/Product Editorial Member

Same as below.


Copywriter/Product portfolio assist

CW team management, product editorial, partial team management of the marketing campaigns, cooperation with the team on different products, responsibility for the e-shop development and idea making.



I started to write about the music industry and bands long time ago, sometime in 2008 I think. I learned a lot at this position - especially editors work, corrections, communicating and dealing with people/companies/promotion agencies, soft skills and everything related to the media industry (which I went and then used in my future positions). We are also holding a radio session called Marast On Air, which I sometimes partake or lead as a host.


Sales Manager/Salesperson

Kolouch import

I took a break  and went on to help this company selling interior/and/or exterior decorations. I loved the job, it was very relaxing, even during the Holiday season craziness. But the colleagues and boss were perfect. I learned how to operate with the cashier, making day-end closures and useful stuff like that, which is needed for many job opportunities.


Sales and Service


I was starting to have professional contact with the IT business since high school. We were servicing faulty PC's, communicated with the suppliers and were responsible for the smooth operations of this small family company. 



Master's Degree

Univerzita Karlova v praze - EKS UK

Not finished yet, in the phase of writing my Master's thesis - will be focused on the modern marketing surveillance of the users and modern forms of consumer relations marketing.


Bachelor's Degree

Univerzita Karlova v praze - FHS UK

Focused on Sociology/Economy, finished with the Thesis called Social aspects of viral marketing - was focused on economic and social forms of modern marketing with the relation to the consumer.


High school diploma

Gymnázium Oty Pavla s RVJ

Standard high-school education, but with an emphasis on the languages (especially German, English, but also for example optional Latin).


Some commercial projects I did:


English language

I speak English fluently and had CAE-equivalent exam held during the University education.


Experienced, writting for the biggest IT shop in the Czech republic at the moment and I love it :).

German language

Communicative level, but I need to work on this some more, because I quickly forget the grammar since I mainly communicate in the English lately on the web and also in reality.

Marketing/Portfolio management

I had a chance to learn many marketing and managing strategies and utilizations. Still wanting to learn so much more. I also focus on the modern marketing schemes (viral marketing for example) in my academic writings and work.

Driving licence type B

Yes, I can drive cars.

MS Office

MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Cyberlink Power Director, Sony Vegas, Goldwave, Pinnacle Studio

Text section

If you are interested , feel free to contact me on the e-mail addresses or phone number stated  back up. I sincerely think I can be a valuable addition to your team or/and company. I think I am a fast learner, who can learn big portions of new mechanisms and adapt in a work environment in a short time span. Also English communication is not a problem, I am writing this in real time using no dictionary at all (of course).