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To gain experience in providing excellent customer service and contributing positively to the company


Position: President

Organizations: Club in High School & Extra-Curricular School

Start Date: 2006-2007

End Date: June 2007


  • Organization: to be accountable of members and be aware of how everything is going.
  • Planning: Plan everything ahead:  transportation, event, lunch, drinks, etc.
  • Leader: Communicate to members, see if everyone is happy; decision making and team-building.
  • Meetings:  weekly meetings to update members/classmates on what is going on for the week and/or to give more information about an upcoming event.
  • Set Goals: the group as a whole had the goal to help improve school and community; started with small goals then gradually built up to larger goals.
  • Motivating/Supporting: Be there to support members

Reason for Leaving:

An unforeseen family emergency and school required most of my attention

Work experience

Feb 2011Present


Jubby Btq


  • Organization
  • Inventory
  • Customer Service


Customer Service
Deal with problems that arises from customers in a quick, efficient manner. Always happily helping and making customers happy.
Punctual, coordinates work, manages projects, meets deadlines, set goals, arranges activities.
Interpersonal Skills
Supportive, motivating, empathetic, self-confident, accepts responsibilities
Microsoft Excel
  Knowledge:  Functions, drop down list, sort list, order form, use a formula, sum, apply conditional formatting, create a chart, insert and protect worksheets, date and time, filter unique items.  
Microsoft Word
Typing Speed: 85 WPM Knowledge:  Setting up pages with different margins, themes, layouts and different styles.  
Speaking English & Vietnamese.
Speak and Listen to coworkers and clients. Communicate so people could understand clearly.  
Microsoft Powerpoint
Knowledge: all basic steps creating slides, formatting, printing, reviewing, adding images/multimedia/animations & transitions.



Tina Do

Stanley Sasaki

Kim Ngo

Chrissie Lee