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Lynda Lyons

Mrs. Lyons and I have conducted Professional Development with teachers on PearsonSuccessnet, EnvisionMath and Exam View 

Suzanne Gray

I had worked for Mrs. Gray for three years as a Technology Support Specialist


TeqSMART Certification

Tequipment Inc.

A+ Certification


Teaching Assistant

New York State Education Department

Technology Integration


My Resume

Educational Philosophy

Every child is entitled to the best education he or she could possibly acquire because with a great education, every child can make a strong contribution to their future. All schools should provide every student with a feeling that they are in a caring, creative and nurturing environment where all children are accepted.  Although children learn at different rates and may need different approaches, all children can learn.

The key to effective teaching is engaging students in active learning where students are able to draw connections between prior knowledge and newly gained knowledge.  When teachers provide clear standards, constant feedback and assessment, students can learn to evaluate and guide their own learning.  It is the role of all educators to support students to reach their greatest potential.  I strongly believe that integrating technology supports student learning, inquiry and problem solving skills. 

Technology should be ubiquitous in every classroom and available to all students. In this way, students become architects of their own learning while teachers become the facilitators.  When teachers provide directions and guidance rather than lectures, students become active, rather than passive learners, and in the process more engaged in their education. Students construct their own knowledge by researching, investigating, using creativity, and using their prior knowledge. They develop critical thinking skills and higher order knowledge which is relevant to real world situations.   When students use rich technology in meaningful ways in their educational career, they are developing skills necessary for their 21st century professional careers.  Therefore, I strongly believe that when educators and educational leaders do not support the integration of technology into our classrooms, students are being deprived of reaching their greatest potential. 

Instructional Design Mini-Course

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 to Engage Your Students

Multimedia software has become an essential part of today’s teaching and learning process. While many interactive multimedia software programs certainly exist, Microsoft PowerPoint is one the most widely available and used programs today. I created a mini-course in THE KNOWLEDGE NETWORK FOR INNOVATIONS IN LEARNING AND TEACHING for educators who would like to learn the many features of PowerPoint to engage their students in creating classroom presentations.

Courses Taught

Adelphi University

Taught  graduate students  to use SMART board Interactive Whiteboard and Notebook Software, and how to integrate it into their instruction.

Plainview-Old Bethpage School District

Conducted ongoing staff development with Elementary School teachers on Scholastic Reading  Intervention Programs and Pearson SuccessNet.  Trained  and supported teachers and staff members in applications such as SMART Notebook, Microsoft Power Point, Excel, Word, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Windows Movie Maker, Inspiration, Kidspiration and Internet Explorer in order to integrate technology into their classroom curriculum

4th R Program

Taught Elementary School students in an after-school program how to use computer programs and Web 2.-0 tools to enhance technology skills and creativity.