Kenneth Raichart

  • 9461 Tonkin Dr. Orangevale California 95662


I am looking to be employed at an entry level position


Aug 2013 - Present

Casa Roble Fundamental High School-Graduate May 2017


Basic Automotive Mechanics

Advanced Automotive Mechanics

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2013 - Present



May 2015 - Present

Awarded The Retired Enlisted Association Award of Merit

A national award awarded to a cadet while serving in an enlisted rank that  shows exceptional leadership throughout the year.

May 2014 - Present

Awarded Air Commando Association award 

A national award that is awarded to a cadet that possesses the thirteen critical attributed success, integrity, self- motivation, intelligence, self- discipline, perseverance, adaptability, maturity, judgment, selflessness, leadership, skilled, physical fitness and family strength.

May 2015 - Present

The American Legion 

Awarded in recognition and grateful appreciation for outstanding patriotic service to the Fair Oaks Community, American Legion Post 383 and VFW Post 6158 performing the POW/MIA "Five Hat Ceremony. " 

Feb 2014 - Present

Awarded a certification of merit and distinguished service

Awarded for meritorious and distinguished service in furthering the aims and ideals of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Feb 2015 - Present

Certificate of Appreciation

This certification is awarded in recognition to those who assisted in the preparation of the Folsom Veterans Hall for painting.

Aug 2015 - Present

S/P2 Certification for Mechanical safety 

Sep 2014 - Present

Certificate of completion 

Certificate for participation and successful completion of Motor Oil Basics Training.