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Bavan sangarasivam, Md, bsc (hons)

  • Toronto/Edmonton
  • 7803940189

Work experience


Canadian Red Cross
Relief-Volunteer-Following the evacuation and state of emergency due to the uncontrolled spread of the wildfires in Fort McMurry, evacuees were sent to Edmonton Alberta and required places to stay as well as household items, toiletries and clothing. Assisted at various Canadian Red Cross centres in Edmonton by greeting displaced victims, enquired about their needs, housing arrangements and health concerns if any. Helped organize, stock and distribute donated toiletries, household items, canned foods and perishables and clothing to wildfire victims. Personally assisted individuals find temporary housing in different parts of Edmonton.


Women's Habitat of Etobicoke Entrust Corp
Toronto, Ontario-Volunteer-Worked with Mrs. Lohini Ellis to present research material to the executive and donors at the charity. Conducted research with the working team to serve women and children who were subjected to violence and presented collected data.

Assistant Case Manager

Entrust Corp
Edmonton, Alberta- Assistant Case Manager: Currently working as a developmental Disabilities CaseManager to provide advanced level of social services and specialized case and/or resource management for persons with intellectual/developmentaldisabilities and their families. Collaborate with other agencies, families, legal representatives/guardians, professionals, hospital and nursing facility staff, service providers, and others to determine the best means to meet individual client needs. Attained St. John's Ambulance CPR C and First Aid certificate.


International Academy of Medicine
I AM--Co-Founder: Currently working on a free website that provides International Medical graduates and students with educational resources, such as video lectures, notes, question banks and social networking that will eventually allow them to prepare for residency positions and international examinations.


Heart of Compassion Care International-Volunteer
Currently assisting and advising board members on how to implement needed healthcare information and initiatives into the daily living of orphaned children in Sri Lanka. Reviewing and constructing a healthcare information program for the HCCI orphanage.

General Surgery-Apantaku Clinic, Chicago
Illinois, USA Dr. Frank Apantaku- Attained an in-depth perspective into the pre-op evaluation, intra-op surgical procedures, intra-op complications and post-op assessment and follow up. Conducted thorough patient history taking, physical examinations, followed patients' labs and blood work and assisted in several surgical procedures in the operating room and post-op wound and dressing evaluations.


UN Commission on
Helped organize and presented Amnesty International's Book Release“ We Accuse. War Crimes and Genocide”. Worked with members of Amnesty international, The


Samaritan's Purse-Volunteer
Participated and helped organize a campaign to send shoeboxes filled with gifts to underprivileged children in Haiti.


Creative Academy/LEARNA
Amnesty International's Book Release“ We Accuse. War Crimes and Genocide”. Worked with members of Amnesty international, The Human Rights and various members and groups of the Sri Lankan Tamil community to investigate and collect evidence of genocide and war crimes in Sri Lanka.- Tutor: Worked with children from preschool-Grade 12, gave tuition in classroom setting and privately at tuition center, taught mathematics, English, biology, chemistry, physics.

Thoracic Surgery-Apantaku Clinic, Chicago
Illinois, USA Dr. Frank Apantaku- Further understanding of pathologies, surgical procedures, post-op treatment and assessment for patients suffering from upper and lower respiratory etiologies. Assisted in many surgical procedures, operations and post-op care. Attended rounds, presented surgical topics and discussions as well as reviewed patient ECGs, pertinent labs and diagnostic imaging.




Windsor University School of Medicine

St.Kitts & Nevis

Clinical sciences- USA, Canada, UK and India



St. Matthew's University 

Grand Cayman

Basic Sciences



King's College London

London, UK

Biomedical Sciences, Honours

GCSEs, A levels, AS levels

Watford Grammar School for Boys

Watford, UK