Sep 2009 - May 2013


Windsor University School of Medicine- BrightonEstates, St. Kitts, West Indies                

Completed core and elective clinical rotations in Canada, U.S.A, U.K and India. Rotations included: surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, internal medicine ICU/CCU pulmonology, hospital family medicine, radiology, emergency medicine, thoracic surgery, and geriatrics. Graduated 2013 and awarded Doctorate of Medicine.

Sep 2006 - Aug 2008


St. Matthew’s University – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Finished basic science courses and Introduction to clinical medicine course. Shadowed physicians and

Surgeons from Georgetown Hospital and clinics.

Sep 2002 - Jul 2005

BSc Biomedical Science with Honours

King’s College London- London, England, UK

Dissertation: “Resveratrol in red wine and its effect on atherosclerosis”

Preceptor: Dr. David Tonge, Physiology dept. Wrote a dissertation and developed an experimental design to

assess the effect of the anti-oxidant Resveratrol on atherosclerosis plaque formation and cholesterol levels.

Clinical Experience

Work experience
Jul 2012 - Aug 2012

Geriatrics Elective-McMaster University

Geriatrics-McMaster University, St.Peter's Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Tricia Woo-Further understood the physiological changes of ageing and differentiating them from pathological conditions. Conducted full physical examinations, acquired detailed patient histories and performed comprehensive examinations such as MMSEs, TUGs, MOCAs, screening for depression and risk assessing for falls, gait disturbances and rehabilitation. Worked with multi-disciplinary teams to review patient therapy options, current medications to assess for polypharmacy and performed duties including writing patient notes, follow up notes and dictation of notes.

Jan 2012 - Feb 2012

General Surgery-Apantaku Clinic, Chicago

Apantaku Clinic, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dr. Frank Apantaku-Attained an in-depth perspective into the pre-op evaluation, intra-op surgical procedures, intra-op complications and post-op assessment and follow up. Conducted thorough patient history taking, physical examinations, followed patients' labs and blood work and assisted in several surgical procedures in the operating room and post-op wound and dressing evaluations.

Nov 2011 - Dec 2011

Internal Medicine Elective-Sri Ramachandra University Hospital, Chennai

Sri Ramachandra University Hospital, Chennai, India

Dr. Preetam Arthur-Fortified my internal medicine knowledge and physical examination skills in settings such as in the inpatient, outpatient, cardiology, respiratory and TB wards. Worked with many underprivileged patients in the hospital and rural clinic settings. Enhanced my history taking, physical examination and diagnostic work up techniques. Had the chance to see diseases and ailments infrequently seen in the Western hemisphere.

Aug 2011 - Sep 2011

Thoracic Surgery-Apantaku Clinic, Chicago

Apantaku Clinic, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dr. Frank Apantaku-Further understanding of pathologies, surgical procedures, post-op treatment and assessment for patients suffering from upper and lower respiratory etiologies. Assisted in many surgical procedures, operations and post-op care. Attended rounds, presented surgical topics and discussions as well as reviewed patient ECGs, pertinent labs and diagnostic imaging.

Jul 2011 - Aug 2011

Emergency Medicine-Loretto Hospital

Loretto Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, USA 

Dr. Lois Clark, Dr. Brown, Dr. Siddiqui-Learned the main principles and concepts of commonly presented complaints in the ER and how to prioritize and structure my approach to the patient to ensure the most effective, rapid and timely medical attention necessary. Developed my patient history taking skills, physical examination proficiencies and knowledge of complications of the most commonly seen cases in the ER to assess the patient and make decisions regarding their treatment. Assisted in CPR, retracting fractures and dislocations, laceration closures, wound dressing and drainage.

Jun 2011 - Jul 2011

Diagnostic Radiology-RML Hospital, Chicago Illinois

RML Hospital, Chicago Illinois, USA

Dr. Nazarian-Gained insight into radiological procedures, their pros and cons and contraindications. I gained extensive training in various diagnostic imaging procedures, indications for attaining the imaging, common diagnostic features of chronic and acute pathologies and interpreting different modalities of imaging.

May 2011 - May 2011

Family Medicine-University of Toronto, Toronto Western Hospital

University of Toronto,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Diane Toubassi-Involved working with a family medicine team in the medicine departments, cardiology and respiratory wards and the ER. Independently cared for and followed up with my own patients as well as made first contact with them and wrote the initial work up, allowing me to become familiar with the Canadian health MD, BSC PAGE 2 care/medical education system and common illnesses and conditions of my home community.

Aug 2010 - Nov 2010

Internal Medicine-Internal Medicine- - Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Norwegian American Hospital, San Pablo medical center, Chicago Illinois, USA

Norwegian American Hospital, San Pablo medical center,
Dr. Rustum, Dr. Vilbar, Dr. Verma-Built upon my foundation of internal medicine knowledge at the San Pablo clinic as well as gain experience in various parts of the hospital with multiple preceptors. Further solidified my internal medicine knowledge by thoroughly learning about the pathogenesis, pathophysiology, clinical features, complications, preventative and diagnostic protocols as well as how to organize a logical approach to therapy and appropriate follow up. Pediatrics
Jul 2010 - Aug 2010

Pediatrics- Norwegian American Hospital, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Advocate Masonic Illinois Hospital, Golf Mils Medical Clinic, Chicago, Illiinois, USA

Norwegian American Hospital, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital


Dr. Nida Hernaez- Involved the care of neonatal, pediatric and teenage patients at various sites. In the hospital I was able to direct my history taking and physical examination skills at patients of a younger age distribution and adapt them to suit the patient and the situation. Attended several deliveries,learned how to perform standard assessment protocols and management procedures and techniques for newborns, neonates and neonates born with complications. Clinic duties included patient histories, physical examinations, administer immunization inoculations according to the vaccination schedule, perform venipuncture on several infants, prescribe medication and follow up on the growth and general health of numerous patients.


May 2010 - Jun 2010

Obstetrics & Gynecology- Saint Bernard’s Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, USA Saint Bernard's Hospital

Saint Bernard's Hospital
Obstetrics & Gynecology- Chicago, Illinois, USA Dr. Catherine Wilbert-Involved working with female patients at Dr. Wilbert's clinic, the obstetrics ward, the operating room and emergency room. Developed skills, medical knowledge and the right attitude to approach patients in a respectable and professional manner. Delivered 13 healthy babies.
Mar 2010 - Apr 2010

Psychiatry-Sir Robert Peel Hospital, Tamworth-Birmingham, UK

 Dr. Rubina Anjum-Had the opportunity to work at different sites and with members of different health care teams in the community. Attended ward rounds, interviewed patients in private sessions, presented cases, wrote detailed case reports; sat in with multi-disciplinary teams to have group sessions to assess the patients' condition, rehabilitation and medications; liaising with social care workers to discuss specific needs of each patient and also visited patients at home and nursing homes outside of Tamworth.

Nov 2009 - Feb 2010

General Surgery- University of Birmingham,

Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, UK

Dr. Alain Jewkes, Dr. Natalwala-Had the opportunity to attain an in-depth perspective into the pre-op evaluation, intra-op surgical procedures, intra-op complications and post-op assessment and follow up. Conducted thorough patient history taking, physical examinations, followed patients’ labs and blood work and assisted in several surgical procedures in the operating room and post-op wound and dressing evaluations.Fine tuned my patient presentation skills as well as becoming more familiar with ECGs and diagnostic imaging.

2010 - 2010

ICU/Pulmonology Elective-Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Norwegian American Hospital, Chicago Illinois, USA

 Dr. Ibrahim Mazjoub-Involved tending to patients in the CCU and the emergency room. I had the opportunity to learn the most common causes of admission of CCU patients, the pathophysiology of common acute and chronic respiratory illnesses, how to interpret ECGs, pertinent labs and diagnostic imaging. Pperformed such duties as intubations, central line placements, physical examination, history taking, wound dressing and presenting patients to my attending and peers.


Family Medicine- University of Alberta, Meadowbrook Medical Clinic, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada                                13th- 17thOct 2014
Dr. N Hans- 40 Hours. Independently saw patients, conducted physical exams, created patient notes using EMR, formulated differential diagnoses, investigations to be sought and treatment options. Gained insight into Canadian Primary care clinics and management.

Family Medicine- University of Alberta, Devon General Hospital, Devon Alberta, Canada                                                       6th-10th Oct 2014
Dr. K Sivalingam- 40 Hours. Independently saw patients in clinic and Hospital in-patient unit. Conducted thorough physical exams, created patient notes using EMR, formulated differential diagnoses, investigations to be sought and treatment options. Gained insight into Primary care in the hospital setting.
Medical Ethics- University of Toronto, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada                                                         4th Mar-5th Apr 2013
Dr. Joseph Chandrakanthan- 5 weeks
. Tended to terminally ill patients and assessing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs and gained a better understanding of medical research and the common ethical issues faced in the Hospital setting and how to approach them.
Emergency Medicine- University of Toronto, Toronto Western & General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada                 7th Nov-29th Nov 2011

        Dr. Parthab- 5 weeks. Saw patients, conducted physical examinations, followed laboratory and blood work, reviewed patient ECGs and diagnostic imaging.  

          Participated in wound dressing,splint and cast placements,minor laceration closure and fracture retractions.


Volunteering and Related Work Experience

November 2014- Present- Entrust Corp , Edmonton, Alberta- Assistant Case Manager:  Curretly training as a developmental Disabilities Case Manager to provide advanced level of social services and specialized case and/or resource management for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families.  Collaborate with other agencies, families, legal representatives/guardians, professionals, hospital and nursing facility staff, service providers, and others to determine the best means to meet individual client needs.

August 2014- Present- I AM- International Academy of Medicine- Co-Founder:  Currently working on a free website that provides International Medical graduates and students with educational resources, such as video lectures, notes, question banks and social networking that will eventually allow them to prepare for residency positions and international examinations.  

December 2013- Present- Heart of Compassion Care International- Volunteer: Currently assisting and advising board members on how to implement needed healthcare information and initiatives into the daily living of orphaned children in Sri Lanka. Reviewing and constructing a healthcare information program for the HCCI orphanage.

January 2012- Present- Amnesty International, United Nations Commission on Human Rights- Volunteer: Helped organize and presented Amnesty International’s Book Release “We Accuse. War Crimes and Genocide”. Worked with members of Amnesty international, The UN Commission on Human Rights and various members and groups of the Sri Lankan Tamil community to investigate and collect evidence of genocide and war crimes in Sri Lanka.

October 2011- 2012- Creative Academy/LEARNA (Milton ON, Canada)- Tutor: Worked with children from preschool- Grade 12, gave tuition in classroom setting and privately at tuition center, taught mathematics, English, biology, chemistry, physics.


December 2011 Samaritan’s Purse- Volunteer: Participated and helped organize a campaign to send shoeboxes filled with Christmas gifts to underprivileged children in Haiti.

June 2003- September 2003- St. Thomas’ Hospital (London, England, UK)- Hospital Porter/General assistance:
Transferred patients around hospital wards.Transferred patients into hospital public transport vehicles, general assistance of hospital staff and patients.

September 2001- September 2003- BUPA Rivercourt Nursing/Residential Homes (Watford, England, UK)- Part Time Nurse/Care Assistant:
Moving and transporting residents,bathing,clothing and assisting residents with bathroom use,serving and feeding meals to residents,tea tray services,tidying and making beds, General Assistance.


March 2013- Present- Canadian Tamil Medical Association- Volunteer- CTMA (formerly CMDDA) is a non-profit organization for physicians and dentists to volunteer their services and assistance to the underprivileged Tamil community in Sri Lanka who were affected by the Civil War.

NATSC- North American Tamil Social Club- Volunteer/ Member. NATSC is a non- profit organization for members of the North American Tamil Community. Service involved organizing charity events, galas, raffles, picnics, telephone helplines and other events to benefit the underprivileged Tamil community in Sri Lanka. 


 Swimming (reached basic life guard level), basketball, yoga, Qi Gong meditation and transcendental meditation. Studying world history and religion.    Composing fusion music, singing, playing guitar, animation, landscape photography and gardening.