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  • Highly motivated post graduate Electrical engineer
  • Confident and enthusiastic
  • Passionate in advancing knowledge on electric cars / electric drives and autonomous heavy vehicles.
  • Seeking a challenging opportunity to utilize my strengths to build an Electrical engineering career
  • Seeking professional work that encourages practical excellence in the technical domain


Edith Cowan University

Jul 2012Jul 2014

Master of Engineering

Major in Electrical Power

Mahatma Gandhi University

Aug 2007Nov 2011

Bachelor of Engineering

Major in Electronics and Telecommunication

Experience Summary

2016 - Present       Downer, Sydney, NSW.  Planning Engineer

2013 - 2016              Perfect Project Planning, Perth, WA.  Project Consultant

Work experience



Planning Engineer

Contract: NBN Roll out of HFC Network:

NBN rollout and asset transfer of HFC / FTTX Network from Telstra in Inner Sydney.

This contract consists of projects which should be delivered in 6 - 8 months and at the moment there are 35 active projects running concurrently.

Some of the main duties are

  • Optimization of work for the sub-contractors for the all active projects.
  • Error Analysis of data submitted by the Sub-Contractors.
  • Error Analysis of data corruption caused by the Work Management System.
  • Reports for defect identification and rectification.
  • Creating Daily Targets for each project tasks,
  • Resources management for an outage with 5 hour duration to install and remediate devices in the live network.
  • Material ordering for sub-contractor only for outage which includes critical spares items required for that outage.
  • Escalation to client when there is a mismatch of data in the work release pack.
  • Creating Recovery plan for projects which has not met the weekly targets.
  • Preliminary design review to find the scope of works and all the deliverables in that project.
  • Create visual dashboards to show progress and resources usage.
  • Analysis on sub-contractor utilization through-out all the projects.
  • Data analysis for reporting change in scope of work for each project when a variation to the design is submitted by the Telstra.
  • Reports for root cause analysis for defect called out by End User Premises (EUP) and NBN/Telstra.
  • Help Support Sub-contractor with difficulties / training on the Work Management System.
  • Tracks progress in each project.
  • Creates extension of time claim for commercial with a basic extension of time reports highlighting the issue, solution and estimated time required.
  • Help develop strategies and optimize the ideal process flow of a project in order to scale up the contract to run at least 100 active projects concurrently.
  • Created and maintain P6 master planning schedule to plan the active Project and to profile the resources for the forecasted projects to be released.


Project Consultant

Roy Hill Project Package 4 E & I Installation  (10 Months)

Worked on the schedule of the Electrical and Instrumentation Installation on the Roy Hill Marine Port Project Package 4 for Electrix (Sub-Contractor) for the value of  $20 million. The schedule includes managing the resources with individual roster calendar and assignment to tasks for efficient management of labour and materials on the project.
The schedule also incorporates both equipment hire constraints and site access constraints.

  • On site scoping of Construction design with the access constraints at site.
  • Asset utilization plan was setup to reduce delay in project due to the access constraints.
  • Created the baseline schedule in Primavera P6.
  • Successive submission and release of each revision.
  • Weekly progress reports to the Contractor.
  • Cash flow projections for each month.
  • Reporting Resources mobilization figures according to the schedule.
  • Submission of weekly tracked scheduled to the contractor.
  • Weekly submission of ten day “look ahead” and six week “look ahead” of the schedule.
  • Just-in-time management of materials and assets reports.
  • Produced reports to substantiate monthly progress claims.

SAE Formula 1 Car Project (11 Months)

Development of the project scope, project planning, resources planning and tracking of the SAE Formula 1 Race car project, for University of Western Australia (UWA) motorsport project team.

  • Understanding the full scope of the project from Design drawings and specs, modeling in Microsoft PROJECT.
  • Created WBS by consulting right technical resources.
  • Project planning using Microsoft Project 2010 with CPM and resource loading.
  • Developing multiple project calendars based on onsite and offsite work.
  • Creating budget analysis for the project, with cash flow projection and analysis.
  • Created RASI chart for the team.
  • Organizing planning and progress meetings with Client.
  • Documentation of minutes of meeting with Client.
  • Creating Visual Reports for Client.
  • Monitoring, tracking progress, re-scheduling, releasing the updated plan for the Project.
  • Resource planning for the project.

Argyle Diamond Mine Security Upgrading Project (3 Months)

Modified the tender schedule submitted by Cerberus Technologies for the upgrading of Security Systems in the Argyle Diamond Mine Of Rio Tinto. The schedule had to be modified to reflect the upgrading tasks done in the 8 hours of shutdown period each day and the system should be back online at the end of these 8 hours.

  • The full scope of the project was analysed from design drawings, specs documents and installations standards.
  • An In depth schedule was created which highlighted all the tasks involved in each and every equipment and cabling that is being upgraded.
  • In depth resource management plan was created for each daily tasks, so as Rio Tinto can provide appropriate security staff along with the workers.
  • Generated daily resource histogram report.
  • Generated 10 days "look ahead" report for equipment and cabling being upgraded .
  • Created a Procurement Planning for all equipment, cables and test devices.
  • Created a Pre-installation testing plan for all equipment.

Albany Fire Station Project for Wauters Enterprises (4 Months)

Worked on the new Albany Fire Station Project done by Wauters Enterprises for BMW (Building Management and Works - Department of Finance). 

The project consists of three main areas, Appliance bay , Accommodation & Office and Training Area, each of which can be treated as a project own its own.

  • Created baseline schedule for the project.
  • Created Bases of Schedule for the project.
  • Created an extensive Commission Planning for the whole project.
  • Created Resources Histogram for the project. 

Doney Street House Project for Silverwood Homes (3 Months)

Created the project schedule for a Futuristic Home Built by Silverwood Homes which is cost effective and fast to build.

This futuristic home just under a million dollars have to be completed within 9 months from site handover.

  • Created Resources Planning and Procurement Planning.
  • Progress payment was linked to the schedule to get a Positive cash flow  curve throughout the whole project.
  • Additional sections where provided to the schedule to accommodate changes in the project plan.

Highgate Primary School Project For Building, Management and Works (BMW) Western Australia (3 Months)

Developed the Project Schedule for a primary school renovation and new buildings. The schedule was created for tender advertisement and the builders has to adhere to the schedule.

  • Created Staged renovation and construction schedule.
  • Analysed if the duration mentioned in the tender was sufficient for the completion of the project.
  • Project Calendar was created to reflect the school holidays when certain tasks can only be done. 

Mount Street Multi-Level House Project for Mercedes Construction (5 Months )

Developed the project schedule for two Multi- Level Houses for Mercedes Construction with value of project being $8.5 million.

The Multi- Level House is designed in 8 levels with Elevator and staircases connecting each level in the middle. Since the location was within the Perth CBD and  due to constrained construction site, most of the items had to be prefabricated off-site like pre-cast concrete walls, pool, staircase etc. Two sets of schedules where created and maintained, one project schedule for the client and the other for Sub- Contractors.

  • In depth schedule planning as to accommodate all kinds of variation and EOT's.
  • Generating six week "look ahead" and two week "look ahead"
  • Created Procurement Planning for both material and prefabricated items.
  • Created Sub-contractor Resources Planning.
  • Created Cash-Flow projection for the whole project.

Department of Housing  Project for Summit Projects (7 Months)

Created the project schedule for building 88 Houses for the Department Of Housing (DOH) WA by Summit Projects.

The 88 houses located in different suburbs had to be completed in 16 months. The Project schedule for each house had to highlight all the critical tasks and the lead times for procurement of material and tradies.

  • Created resources management schedule for the supervisors to manage multiple sites efficiently.
  • Converted Excel based tracking to Microsoft Project Tracking for progress.
  • Weekly submission of schedule for each house to DOH.
  • Created Project Schedule templates for future projects by Summit Project with DOH.
  • Integrated Businesscraft accounting software with the project schedule.
  • Created templates for housing estate with different innovative house building.

Westlinton Circle Project (5 Months)

Development of the project scheduling, cost planning and resources planning of a housing estate constructed by Summit Projects at Rockingham WA.
The estate consisted of 33 units, of which 21 units where townhouses.
Upper level of the townhouse was prefabricated with all the installations and roofing.
Careful planning for prefabricated sections to arrive on site just in time for installation.

  • Understanding the full scope of the project, modelling in Microsoft PROJECT.
  • Including in-situ and prefabrication components.
  • Incorporating on site program with manufacture of prefabricated house blocks.
  • Developed Just In Time Procurement Planning.
  • Developed the schedule with team resource loading.
  • Resource planning for individual members of each team.
  • Created separate plan for each subcontractors.
  • Created Cash Flow analysis for the entire project.

Assisted Perfect Project Planning Advanced Project Management Training Course

  • Presentation (as CPD) for Architects Institute, Nedlands WA, October 2014
  • In house training for 10 engineers, IBMS, Hillarys WA, January 2015
  • In house training for PTX Architects and Tectonic Constructions, Albany WA, June 2015
  • In house training for Summit Projects, Myaree WA , September 2015.


Power Control Systems Design

Skilled in designing and implementing Power Control systems to achieve the desired task.

SCADA and Schneider PLC Programming

Highly Proficient in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and Schneider Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Automated System designs

Highly Proficient in designing automated systems and electronic circuits. Plus, knowledge of Proteus, Keil 5, MPLAB v8, Cadence OrCAD Capture and Capture CIS design software's. 

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word

Expert in using Microsoft Excel 2010/2013 and Microsoft Word 2010/2013.

Microsoft Access

Expert in using Microsoft Access 2010/2013 to transform huge data sets to meaning full reports for analysis. 

Project Planning And Scope Development for Planning

Excellent understanding of Project Planning and scope development with the thorough understanding of Critical Path Method for project planning.

Microsoft Project 2010/2013

Highly Proficient in Microsoft Project 2010/2013 with resources loading and leveling.

C and Embedded C programming

Skilled in C and Embedded C programming language. Also, knowledge of Microprocessors/Microcontrollers, eg 8085, 8051, AT89C51, Atmega 168, PIC 16F877A

Primavera P6

Highly Proficient in Primavera P6 with resources loading, cost analysis & resources leveling.

Development of Inspection and Testing Records (ITRs)

Good understanding of developing of Inspection and Testing Records (ITRs) towards project completion. Also, familiar with various cables and termination procedures for various E&I Equipment.

Personal Achievements

  • Developing the Optimized Demand-side Management System for Charging of Plug-in Electric Vehicles – This proposed project has huge commercialization opportunity in near future which is taken up for the Master of Engineering course. The project deals with the optimum charging and discharging between Electric vehicles and the smart grid by taking into consideration renewable energy and profit for the end users with the help of a power control system. The Power control system also calculates the loses and energy required by the electric drives to operate  the the car to reach its required destination.
  • Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle development – Project developed for final year B Tech. The project developed a prototype of semi-autonomous underwater vehicle that can be used for exploration, search and rescue with the help of a embedded control system.  
  • RFID based Security System development - Minor project developed for B. tech.
  • Coordinator of Fox Hunt – A technical event in the University Tech Fest conducted by M.A College of Engineering.
  • Participate in eTRIx – An Autonomous Robotics Workshop conducted by ThinkLABS

Professional Attributes

  • Strong problem solving, research and analysis skills with ability to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Proven ability to multi-task with a high level of organization and time management.
  • Committed to undertaking further training with ability to acquire new skills quickly and easily.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with extensive experience establishing and nurturing relationships with people at all levels while working in a team.
  • Thrives in a high-pressure environment with a results orientated approach.
  • Active, helpful and contributing team member, with ability to work productively, unsupervised.
  • Ability to deliver assigned tasks to project deadlines while working with the team.



Member of Engineers Australia




Cricket, badminton, cycling and small electronic projects


Plasma Donor for Australian Red Cross with A+ blood group blood



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