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To seek a good post in Accounting industry and to work with a reputed & progressive organization to learn and enhance abilities in competitive environment. I aim to continue to develop & establish my career as Accountant with more responsibilities and widen my knowledge by exposing myself to new market practices while proving that I could be the most beneficial and suitable person for my organization.

Work experience


Customer Service - Ahlen Service  



Aug 2014Dec 2017

    Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting

Texas Southern University, Houston,TX
Nov 2012Nov 2013

Certification of completing English courses 

Canadian College , Vancouver,BC


  • Outstanding customer care provider, develop diplomatic relations with clients which are beneficial both for organization and client.
  • Highly organized and punctual, manages time.
  • I am a great listener, which makes me good with all types of clients.
  • Flexible and able to handle work pressure easily.
  • Computer Skills, Working on Special Company Software and MS Word,  Excel, IDEA Software and Quickbooks.


  • Increased number of customers in organization named Smart link
  • Managed client’s invoices and customer’s account in organization to encourage good communication and trust building of customers.
  • Used to of participating in marketing campaigns of firm and attract new clients there.
  • Cultivate new relationships with various other organizations on behalf of my past organization where I worked.
  • Access customer’s need and respond to phone call queries, provide ideal solutions possible to the customer’s need.
  • Balance Company’s register and hold a record of weekly and monthly invoices and other data of organization.