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Work experience

Sep 2012Mar 2014

Assistant manager

The Farm C'ville (specialty grocery store & cafe)

I began this job as a barista and cashier and quickly took on other responsibilities throughout the rest of the business.

Operating as a barista/cashier with serving and bussing duties.

Standard opening and closing routine, with detailing cleaning procedures. (caring for decorative plants)

Making and setting up daily/seasonal displays for beer & wine sales as well as prepared foods.

Purchasing and brewing my own line of herbal iced teas. 

Ordering for the grocery, coffee, and prepared foods departments, as well as stocking shelves.

Purchasing local greens, coffee, pastries, and other produce for resale in the store.

Preparing a variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads. 

Ordering wine, beer, and cider from both distributors and local artisans. 

Hosting wine and beer tastings for new and unique products.

Nov 2012May 2015

Adaptive Sports Instructor & Supervisor

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports

I first became a volunteer for WAS in 2008 as a Ski and Snowboard instructor for persons with disabilities. My main responsibilities were to teach people with both mental and physical disabilities snow sports. As a Skier and Snowboarder i taught a wide variety of disabilities and disciplines. After 3 years of volunteering i moved to colorado to do an adaptive sports internship with the BOEC.

When i returned to Virginia in 2012 i became an employee of the Wintergreen Adaptive Sports Program. The main difference from a volunteer to employee being that i help to facilitate the operation of the program aside from teaching lessons. Over the last 3 years i have moved into a more supervisory position while trying to maintain as much interaction with students as i have time for on a day to day basis. My main duties are: Upkeep of equipment, scheduling of students, receiving payments, purchasing and renting ski equipment for students daily, pairing students with their volunteer instructors, training instructors in methods of adaptive teaching, teaching students, and several other small administrative details.

May 2008Mar 2015


K Thomas Lawson LLC

Over several years I went from a son working part-time with his father to a knowledgable professional in the the tree care industry. 

Planning ahead to prevent trees and branches from damaging homes while being cut and lowered.

Tying tools onto the climbers rope with appropriate and secure knots.

Chipping brush and debris in timely fashion, to manage space.

Cutting and splitting wood to be loaded onto trucks and trailers. 

Raking the clients yard and blowing off hard surfaces to leave the property looking better than before.

Operating heavy machinery in a competent and safe manner. Including but not limited to: Chipper, Dump Truck, Stump Grinder, chainsaws and working in conjunction with a crane operator to take down trees in precarious situations.

Climbing trees to be pruned or taken down using proper safety precaution i.e. ropes, harnesses, saws, cables, etc.


Piedmont Virginia Community College

Enrolled in Associates of Science Program, focus on sign language, degree expected 5/16


Adaptive lvl 1 and Alpine lvl 1

Professional Ski Instructors of America