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Bartek Roszak

Data Scientist at Inbox Liberator


Passionate about new technologies, especially about the AI field.

Inborn analyst.


Driven in the pursuit of my goals.

Work experience


Lead Deep Learning Engineer

Inbox Liberator

Designing whole learning systems to create state-of-arts prediction models.

  • using transfer learning to achieve the best accuracy with a small dataset
  • experimenting with various neural nets architectures (LSTM, CNN, Attention)
  • creating and deploying deep learning models to check if data is correctly labeled
  • using semi-supervised learning to make use of unlabeled data
  • co-creating framework for rapid prototyping in PyTorch
  • using active learning method to reduce needs of manually labeled data

Professional Trader


Building AI models for automated stock trading. 
On my own.
With success.


Data Scientist

Transparent Data

Creating machine learning models.
Implementing these modelsin  production.
Recommending new technologies which can replace present solutions.

Main projects:

  • Image processing (R + h2o + tensorflow)
    • character recognition
  • NLP (Stanford's coreNLP, Apache's openNLP, R)
    • entity identification (finding company name in press article)
    • text classification (unification of companies representation types)
    • Record Linkage (Python + Record Linkage + ElasticSearch)
  • Unsupervised learning (R + RMarkdown)
    • customer segmentation

Professional Trader

Coco Trading

Creating Machine Learning models for auto-trading.

  • Company's capital managing (1 000 000 USD).
  • Creating simple decision trees for automated trading.
  • Searching for correlation between the stock market and derivatives.
  • Co-creating analytics tools.



Advanced analytics with SAS Institute

Poznań University of Economics

Finance and Accounting

WSB Universities of Economics