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Past co-workers and employers would describe me as someone who is trustworthy, honest, and diligent with work at hand. They would also say that I am an apt learner, I work at a fast pass, and I can multitask well. I am looking to find a company who I can use my skills and knowledge that will also allow me to advance with in the company. I like to work with those who are professional and that try to be the difference maker in the company.


Main Interest and Concerns:

To find an employer who is honest fair and open to advancement.

Work experience



REC Industries

Mechanical piping, fitting, welding, and layout.

Jun 20142015/Aug2016-March 2018

Combo Welder

Spitfire Welding Inc.

- Pipe and Fabrication Welding on Oilfield Equipment and Mechanical piping

- Pipe fitting and fabrication

- Layouts and Blueprint reading

- Commercial and Residential welding

- Operate Lifts, Equipment, and Machinery

Nov 2015July 2016

Welder III (combo)

GE Oil and Gas

- Construct Modular Units for Natural Gas

- Heliarc pipe (GTAW) a;so with stick (SMAW) welding processes

-Pipe fitting and layout

- Layout and Blueprint reading

Sep 2013Jun 2014


Central Builders Inc.

- Superintendent for a General Contractor

- General Carpentry 

- Structural Welding

- Operate Lifts, Equipment, and Machinery

- Oversee safety of the job

- Layout, Blueprint reading, and scheduling contractors

Feb 2013Sep 2013

Tower hand Welder

Eventus Construction LLC.

- Plum and Tension Towers, upgrade, decommission, etc..

- Structural Welding

- Operate Lifts, Equipment,  and Machinery

- Layout and Blueprint reading

- Commercial Driver

Apr 2010Jan 2013

Combo Welder/Fabricator

Flare Ignitors Pipeline and Refinery LLC.

- Construct Flares and High Pressure Vessels

- Pipe fitting, fabrication, and welding (multi process welding)

- Blueprint reading, layout, and design

- Commercial Driver

Sep 2009Apr 2010


KLN Steel Product and Company

Assembly line Production

Jan 2009Sep 2009


Hulster Construction

- Welder Helper



- Pipe fitting and Shop Fabrication

- Versitile with Stick, Mig, and Tig welding procedures.

- Take offs and Blueprint Reading


Dec 2008Sep 2009


Lincoln Tech
Aug 2004Jun 2008


James Madison High School


Alex Solis

Founder/Owner of Spitfire Welding Inc.


Eli Robles

Pipeline Superintendent for Zeeco Flare


Edward Bacerra

Slick line Operator for Schlumberger