Barry Kingsbury

Work experience

Work experience

Technical Writer

Digital Equipment Corporation

Was the project leader for PDP-8 and DBMS-10/20 documentation. (Project leader meant having full technical responsibility for a documentation set.)


TRS Users Guide, TECO-8 Reference Manual, FORTRAN-8 Reference Guide, RTS-8 System Generation Guide, RTS-8 Users Guide, DBMS-10/20 Utilities Guide, DMS-10/20 DDL Guide, DBMS-10-20 Users Guide.


Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Designed and created a document describing a forms-based lead (potential sales) tracking system used by Digital’s sales organization.
  • Designed and implemented the help system that accompanied the product. Created a document describing a sales price forecasting system.


Aurora Technologies

Designed and wrote hardware and software manuals describing add-on boards for SPARC workstations.  (4 contracts)


SBox Installation Guides, FirstScan Guide

Jun 1999 - Oct 2008

Senior Principal Writer for Documentation and Web Services

TotalView Technologies

TotalView products are used by developers debugging programs in C++, C, and Fortran. These programs run on multi-core systems, clusters, and supercomputers.

  • Wrote web pages and integrated them into a both source control and  CMS systems.
  • Created web pages that use Perl, PHP, and JavaScript. JavaScript programs modified the DOM and CSS styles.
  • Wrote code that integrated  information collected by web forms into MySQL databases and with
  • Created all documentation and wrote most of the copy for the company’s web site.
  • Programmed customized converters to change FrameMaker documentation into HTML and help.
  • Presented webinars to customers and prospects.
  • Created and wrote for a tip-of-the-week mailing list that emphasized either product features or debugging techniques.


Help for all products, Installation Guides, User Guides, Reference Guides, Memory Debugging Guides, New Features Guide, Creating Type Transformation Guide, Platforms Guides, Reference Cards, QuickView, Tip-of-the-week, Workbench Guide, and Training Guides. Both HTML and PDF versions of all documentation were available on the web site.

Jan 1999 - Jun 1999

Principal Technical Writer

On Technologies

Wrote documentation for a programming language embedded within their remote software installation product.

Dec 1995 - Jan 1999

Principal Software Writer/Publications Manager

  • Created the first version of this company's web site.
  • Wrote documentation for NobleNet’s COM/CORBA middleware API and nearly all of the company’s RPC middleware. (All APIs are in C or C++.)
  • Created HTML documents for company web site using FrontPage. Pages used standard technologoies such as Perl-based CGI and JavaScript.
  • Supervised other writers and contractors (including artists and editors)
  • Created Web Works Publisher-based converter that allowed simultaneous creation of HTML and printed documents written with FrameMaker. Used Acrobat to create PDF documentation. Used RoboHelp to create Windows help files.


Nouveau Reference: Objects and Functions, Nouveau Reference: Transport Objects, EZ-RPC Programming Guide, RPC 3.0 Programming Guide, RPC 3.0 Functions Guide, RPC 3.0 Environments Guide, NobleNet Web Guide. Help files for Windows-based applications.

Nov 1992 - Nov 1995

Senior Programmer/Lead Technical Writer

Lead Technical Writer

  • Wrote all ELF documentation. (ELF is similar to Visual Basic.)
  • Won STC Award of Distinction for writing a major part of the help documentation.

Software engineering

  • Created software tools that enhance writer productivity.
  • Designed and programmed the hypertext software for Applix’s UNIX-based office automation suite.
  • Designed and programmed the second version of Applix’s internal help desk software.


ELF Quick Reference, Words Macros, Spreadsheets Macros, Mail Macros, Graphics Macros, Data Macros, Base Macros, Applix Words Technical Reference

Jun 1992 - Nov 1992


  • Rewrote SQL documentation.
  • Designed the FrameMaker-based templates for all of Sequoia’s documentation.


FT/SQL Guide

Oct 1991 - Jun 1992


  • Designed and wrote documents describing the C-based API to the Xerox object-oriented document management system.
  • Examples created for the documentation became the basis for the QA group test harness.


XDOM Programming Guide, XDOM Pocket Guide, XDOM Training Guide,XDOM Reference Guide.

1992 - 1992


NobleNet, Inc.

Wrote documentation for initial release of an RPC code generator/CASE tool.


EZ-RPC, Version 1

1992 - 1992


Gold Hill Computer

Added enhancements to Lisp reference documentation; these enhancements included the Common Lisp Object System.


Lisp Reference Manual Updates, CLOS and Loop Macro Reference.

1991 - 1991


Documented a programmable quality assurance tool that allowed testers to define window events and play them back. This tool used CPP and ran under OpenWindows.

Jun 1988 - Jul 1990


Wrote functional specifications and internal documentation for Lotus’ OS/2 version of 1-2-3; specifications included end user interactions and API.


1-2-3/G File Format Manual, 1-2-3/G Functional Specification and Addenda, SPR Utilities Manual, 1-2-3/G Error Help, Desktop System Services Manual (draft) Collaboration: Lotus/DBMS Functional Specification.

Jan 1987 - Jun 1988

Member, Technical Staff

Stellar Computer

Wrote all programming language and graphic documentation for a UNIX-based graphic workstation/mini-supercomputer. Co-authored the rewriting of UNIX documentation so that it was specific to Stellar’s proprietary implementation. Other duties included document design, editing, and production.


PHIGS+ Reference Guide, PHIGS+ Programming Principles, XFDI (Graphics) Guide, Site Preparation Guide. Collaborations: Stellix (UNIX) User’s Guide, Stellix Programmer’s Guide, FORTRAN Reference Guide, FORTRAN User’s Guide, C Reference Guide, C User’s Guide.

Mar 1980 - Jan 1987


Principal Software Engineer

Designed and implemented (in a Lisp dialect and Prime’s internal programming language) commands and subsystems for the EMACS programmable editor

Section Manager, Lead Writer, and Senior Technical Writer

Led the Data Management and CAD/CAM Technical Publications group; this group had 21 people. Departmental budget was slightly more than $1,000,000. Had functional managerial control over the Stevenage, U.K. CAD documentation group.


DBMS/Query Reference and User Guide, DML Reference Guide, EMACS Extension Writing Guide, PST 100 (terminal) Programming Guide. Collaborations: TAPS Reference Guide, DBMS DDL Reference Guide, EMACS Reference Guide, CAD system administration literature, Preliminary Technical Updates, Minor Release Updates.