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Work experience

Dec 2004Present

Transmission Administrator

Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia

Transmission Adminstrator for 49 Electric Cities monitoring SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system for power outages and transmission operations. Reporting all events related to city substations. Serving the city customers by ending information anld logging in employees according to GA-ITS procedure. Monitor E-tags and reservations through OASIS and OATI Web Trans Software for online energy trading. Accounting in regard to monthly and daily tags, redirects and wheels and reporting to the market provider and accounting department. On occasion work with MV-90 software for the purpose of reading meters before and after meters are installed or upgraded. Typing up daily reports related to outages and spreadsheets in regard to VOIP(Voice over IP) phone system for calling substations). Prepare work requests for sub contractors doing work at various substations. ITS training and Certificates in Standards of Conduct for tranmission providers. CEU credits for safety and royal ambassador customer service.

Feb 1988Mar 2003

Apparatus Technician III

Worked in several departments at Cobb EMC starting in Forestry cutting kudzu, chipping limbs and clearing the right of way for forestry department. Worked with spraying equipment and herbicides, operated chiansaws, chippers and ther equipment.

Worked in Meter Reading Department woking with hand heald NORAND Computer reading kilowatthour meters and travelling over the entire five county EMC service area. 

Worked in Meter shop testing single phase and polyphase kilowatthour meters, installing residential and commercial metering systems including wiring current and potential transformers, metering cabinets and accurately determined multipliers and billing info. Specail repairs, remote metering and low usage reports was also part of the job descripition

Worked in the Appratus Electronics shop on all utility electronics including SCADA, AGOD(Automated Gang Operated Devices) regulator panels,Transducers, radio systems,mechanical and electroics relays and all related substation electronics.

Worked in the Computer department repairng and installing software on all Desktop PC's laptops, palmpilots. Worked with the network, cabling switches and routers. Troubleshoot network and PC problems related to the IP and all software. HP printers, Dell PC's.

Work and training at Cobb EMC encompases 15 years of experience


Jun 2000Jun 2002

AssociatesDegree in Applied technology

Jun 1999May 2002

Electronics Diploma

Took Industrial, telephone, Comuputer and radio electronics. Took every subject available but specialized in personal computers.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Barry Colbaugh and I have over 20 years experience in the utility industry starting back when I was 16 years old. My training and education was progressive starting from an entry level position cutting kudzu, working for many years in the field and workbench and know serving in the office environment. I am not affraid to get my hands dirty. I enjoy a challenge and an opportunity to learn more. I desire to keep growing in this industry.


Georgia History, Genealogy, Computer, Electronics and Technology.


To continuing training and growing in the electric utility industry.


Electronics Troubleshooting
Performed board level repairs on SCADA, AGOD electronics, regulator panels and Square D Tranducers. Proficient with Soldering iron, test equipment like Oscilloscopes and Huntron test equipment.
Personal Computer Repair
I have repaired PC's to the component level and proficient in troubleshooting. Rpeaired and cleaned Hewlit Packard printers. Determined network problems. Installed and proficient with MIcrosoft Office and all operating systems..


Advanced PC Repair

North Metro College

Local Area Netwroking

North Metro College

A+ Certification



Georgia Army National Guard