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Barry Stanton

Top performer with exceptional interpersonal, communication and public relations skills that allow the development of strong rapport with individuals on all levels. Outstanding record of achievement coupled with the ability to build and direct a business to profitability through leadership, creativity, effective management and the motivation and development of staff to maximum potential. Results oriented, highly motivated to succeed. Energetic and assertive, adept at the coordination and implementation of multi-faceted operation procedures in established operations. Extremely safety oriented having worked in various industries requiring caution and extreme safety. Excellent communication, interpersonal, multi-tasking skills used in to deliver in a time-sensitive work environment.

Work experience

Apr 2013Feb 2015

Logistics Coordinator

  • Consistently met organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests and exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments such as ensuring timely accurate deliveries to all customers by verifying orders, inventorying stock, and arranging reliable transportation.
  • Demonstrated superior decision-making and prioritization skills in an extremely time-sensitive work environment such as making operational judgment calls by adjustment of delivery times due to inclement weather, the reductions or increase of ordered quantities, and various critical customer needs.
  • Monitored product import and export processes to ensure compliance with regulatory legal requirements, also verified items shipped with bills of lading, reconciling quantities, noting discrepancies and documenting status updates for domestic and international deliveries.
  • Protected company reputation by keeping pricing, promotion, purchase order, and credit-limit information confidential.
  • Communicated freight transportation information to customers and suppliers by using transportation management, electronic logistics marketplace, or electronic freight information systems, in order to improve efficiency, speed, and quality of transportation services.
  • Collaborated with other departments to integrate logistics with business systems or processes, such as customer sales, order management, accounting, or shipping.
  • Logistics specialist, planner, and scheduler directed distribution center operations which ensured the achievement of cost, productivity, accuracy, or timeliness objectives.
Mar 2011Apr 2013

Service Operator

  • Provided exceptional customer service and production enhancement for multi-billion dollar energy conglomerates. Operating, driving and maintaining pumping services equipment such as the Iron Truck, Sand Truck coordination, Belt Assist Sand Storage, and Auxiliary Sand Trucks.
  • Promoted to service operator in 2012 assisting with open or enlarged fractures in a productive, hard limestone formation by using a mixture of acids, chemicals, water or sand as required for a specific job.
  • Adapted quickly to fast pace environment while applying safety rules and regulations on offshore and land rig sites by utilizing safety measures at all times including wearing appropriate apparatus and proper protective equipment.


Aug 2004Mar 2011

Business Customer Service Specialist

  • Floor Support Manager Assistant, handled 30 to 50 escalated calls to address customer needs including device activations, billing inquiries, technical troubleshooting, complaints, account retention and invoicing.
  • Served as a main liaison to outside AT&T business sales executives, manager, and directors while attending AT&T’S Managers’ Relief Program workshop in 2008 and 2010.
  • Proficient organizational and multi-tasking skills such as telephonic inbound/outbound calls queue delegation, management of electronic mail volume, and prioritization of account data entry.
  • Participated in a 6 month program assisting Floor Managers as a candidate for floor supervisor.
  • Recommended by leadership to spearhead major projects such as auditing mobile business agreements for some of AT&T’S highest priority large business consumers and other fortune 500.
  • Implemented a ‘think outside the box’ approach with innovative solutions that were offered in policy meetings to optimize customer service by requesting that after every customer interaction a follow up email or text message is sent to show appreciation.

Human Resources Manager/personnel Administrator

  • Managed human resource and financial activities for an organization, which consisted of a $20 Million dollar bi-weekly payroll auditing process for more than 800 employee’s direct deposits, allotments, wage garnishments, and face-to-face paycheck distribution of U.S. Treasury hard checks.
  • Appointed to a leadership role within 2 of 4 years of honorable service as a non -commissioned officer supervised, motivated, and continuously assessed the performance of 15 Human Resource Specialist that possessed the skills which complied with personnel policies and regulations.
  • Coordinated unit documents updated by use of manual and automated information systems to prepare documents and the input, auditing, and retrieval of employee information.
  • Supervised the data input of progress reports, life Insurance enrollments, training, transfers, awards, paid vacation time off, leave of absence, unauthorized absence, disciplinary actions, administrative separation and employment termination records. As a Sergeant of Marines oversaw administrative duties for over 80% of 2nd Marine Division and in 2004 was released under honorable conditions.


Apr 2015Present

Business Management

Western Governors University

currently attending


High School Graduate

Franklin High



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