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An extremely dynamic, tenacious and respected professional with a wealth of expertise acquired during roles within the British Army, and Defence and Security sectors. With a 25 year distinguished military background and over 15 years of civilian commercial experience, adept at delivering revenue, technological innovation and market dominance across a highly complex and competitive industry. Through experience has acquired an excellent network of contacts internationally, translating this into significant business improvements through increasing sales, establishing operations, innovative product development, astute negotiation and client retention activities. With outstanding interpersonal and communication skills can develop positive working relationships with colleagues and clients alike, operating effectively at all levels including with heads of states, international defence agencies and corporate clients. A recognised and respected figure in the Defence and Security community with exceptional leadership qualities combined with strategic development skills, commercial acumen, and the ability to drive organisational change. Former British Army with a decorated career in the surveillance community has successfully developed (and led) partnerships and consortia bidding for major complex programmes. Given the nature of their background, has developed an excellent network of contacts in the UK and worldwide. Additionally, has fulfilled significant and successful consulting contracts, providing bid management leadership, business development, sales, marketing, and market entry, as well as some subject matter expertise, training management, and interim management of companies and divisions.

  • Secured £6.8M contracts with a defence ministry, which grew in value to £17.5M;
  • Increased sales revenue by more than 1000% through product innovation and strategic marketing for a struggling Swiss start-up company;
  • Secured £4.6M contracts with a defence ministry;
  • Secured £3M+ contract and the development of an electro-optical surveillance system;
  • Rescued a failing enterprise, bringing venture to profitability for first time in institutional memory through comprehensive organisational restructuring and team mentoring;
  • Growing a $102 million global sales pipeline;
  • Opened new markets in lucrative territories by pursuing, negotiating, and securing major contracts with defence forces in EMEA and Asia Pacific;
  • Orchestrated all aspects of advanced electro-optical surveillance system development, from concept and planning to execution and delivery, service and support;
  • Led a small entrepreneurial enterprise into the international market, making them the world leader in their field;
  • Results driven and a strategic planner, an international defence and security business development and sales expert, exploiting opportunity with strong experience in leading organisations, optimising their performance and international expansion;
  • An astute communicator and presenter, adept at establishing rewarding relationships to benefit business growth together with the ability to focus on the big picture without losing sight of the details;
  • Drives exponential profit growth, expanding markets, and ensuring overall corporate excellence;
  • Has a record of leading corporate turnaround, bringing under performing ventures to unprecedented success in minimal time. Deploys effective mentoring and professional development strategies and able to implement procedural enhancements. Motivates team and colleagues by cultivating a shared vision of success; employees understand and are invested in the goals for which they are working, leading to a more empowered, productive, and successful workforce;
  • A history of forming enduring partnerships with high profile clients, including government officials, company executives, and military leaders, which attests to a talent for growing business through expert relationship building and management.

In summary, an exceptional Senior Level Leader who is strong in front of clients and well established in the defence and security market, with an ability to build long-term business relationships and conduct business at a senior level. Worldwide has the experience to build and maintain a smooth running and successful team.


Seeking a new and challenging senior role within the field of defence and security, one that will leverage extensive skills and expertise to provide clear leadership and direction to a progressive organisation.


  • Project Life cycle Management;
  • Consistent Revenue Generation & Growth;
  • Market Expansion;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Industry Analysis;
  • Competitive Market Dominance;
  • Account Acquisition & Growth;
  • Author and audit of operating procedures;
  • Training and Development;
  • Client Relationship Management;
  • Cross-Functional Team Leadership;
  • Technological Innovation;
  • Business Development, Sales & Marketing;
  • Optimisation;
  • Consultancy;
  • Corrective Action Plans;
  • Turnaround Management;
  • Mentoring & Training;
  • Channel Development;
  • Operational Streamlining;
  • Leadership;
  • Business Model Development;
  • Consultancy.



Consultant / Owner


Leveraging expertise to formulate own consultancy business in the Defence and Security industry. Providing significant operational, technical and commercial experience utilising specialist military background of surveillance and expertise in defence procurement. Areas of specialism include EO Surveillance Systems, Situational Awareness, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Long Range EO Surveillance, Remote Ground Sensors, Reconnaissance and Close Observation, and Border Security.

Consultancy services include:

  • Project support services;
  • Proposal writing;
  • Bid management;
  • Defence industry support;
  • Operational support to contractors & NGO’s;
  • Requirements capture and documentation;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Process Auditing;
  • Corrective Action Planning;
  • Training services;
  • Facilities management, support and security;
  • Project management;
  • Integrated logistic support;
  • Subject matter expertise;
  • International business development, sales and marketing.

Director International Programs

ReconRobotics Inc
  • Taking on senior leadership role to manage P&L and develop executive relationships with global and international stakeholders. Representing the brand at international defence and security events, present as Speaker and Subject Matter Expert and international seminars and conferences. Developing international strategy and its effective implementation by sales and marketing teams across both existing and emerging markets. As a member of the senior leadership team, the role provided leadership to staff in support of delivery of operating procedures and plans, also the development of a positive compliance culture. Working closely with the Operations Director, implement best practice Compliance

Major achievements include:

  • Exceeding expectations and increase sales revenue across all international revenue streams;
  • Establishing a wholly owned subsidiary company in Switzerland to develop business, market internationally, generate sales and provide comprehensive support to global resellers;
  • Author of business processes;
  • Leading the company to realise position as the world leader in tactical micro-robot systems through the creation of a $102m pipeline.

Consultant - Director International Business Development

ReconRobotics Inc

Consultancy role to deliver an international strategy that limits reputational damage creates new global relationships and strengthen existing bonds to position the brand firmly as a world leader. Managing international relationships with both new and existing global partners, agents, resellers and end users.  Developing a robust marketing strategy to promote the business, leading all international sales and marketing teams in both existing and emerging markets.


Major achievements:

  • Increasing sales revenue against forecast for all international revenue streams;
  • Establishing the business as an international player providing expert business development, sales, marketing and service delivery leadership across 65 countries.

Consultant / Owner

Goldfish Defence & Security Ltd

Delivering extensive expertise and consultancy to a range of clients within the defence industry.

Significant projects:

  • Caretaker Managing Director, UK security company;
  • Consultant to major UK defence prime contractors;
  • Consultant to ReconRobotics Inc, UK;
  • Consulting to small/medium enterprises in business development;
  • Consultant to a major European defence & security prime contractor, Saudi Arabia.

Head of Special Support & Deputy Training Manager

EADS Saudi Arabia

Overseeing the sourcing, planning, organisation and implementation of special support services to EADS training teams that provide reorganisation, equipment and training to the 35,000 strong Saudi Arabian border force. Overseeing the functionality of the Training Management System, Translation, Full Training Needs Analysis and Training Quality, ensuring alignment across all training regions. Responsible for the monitoring and coordination of functional training activities and contractual agreements performed by sub-contractors. Leading recruitment activities for training team, managing security requirements, accommodation requirements and facilities in close collaboration with the Ministry of Interior. Conducted reviews of training outcomes, and written procedures, substantive and control-based testing to prepare and deliver appropriately tailored, high quality written reports.

Major achievements:

  • Overseeing all activities of the KSA Border Guard training teams, maintaining budget, acting as contact for all queries, evaluating training provision and ensuring consistently high standards;
  • Developing and implementing training needs analysis, management and comprehensive training curricula;
  • Auditing Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

Sales & Marketing Director, and then Managing Director

MacroSwiss SA

Initially recruited as Director of Sales and Marketing for this manufacturer and distributor of advanced electro-optical, wireless networking and speciality technologies for military and law enforcement groups. Defining all marketing, advertising and PR strategies to support ambitious client acquisition and retention objectives. Leading new product development and research and development programmes in reply to market, consumer and competitor analysis.


  • Gaining promotion to Managing Director role with responsibility for P&L and the development and execution of all business strategies, revenue and operational objectives, establishing procedures and corporate benchmarks. Leading the recruitment and management of executive staff, with accountability for performance management. Maintaining positive relationships with key clientele, stakeholders and community and governmental leaders and raising the corporate profile. Identified requirements, developed and maintained appropriate systems to enable the business to meet its responsibilities. Also prepared regular reports on the status and findings of Compliance Monitoring programmes for the boards, auditors and relevant bodies both internally and externally.

Major achievements:

As Director of Sales and Marketing:

  • Driving sales by more than 1000% in nine months, securing contracts of US Department of Defence, UK Ministry of Defence also to agencies in Australasia, the Middle East and Europe;
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with partners including Thales, SAAB, Indra and Singapore Technologies;
  • Gained ISO accreditation for the company, and audited all Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Improving corporate communication to promote organisational unity through hands-on leadership.

As Managing Director:

  • Realising significant revenue generation through contracts with AAA contractors and government agencies including UKMOD, USDoD and international clients;
  • Securing an exclusive team agreement with Singapore Technologies and MOU with SAAB for Swiss defence offset contract;
  • Authoring employee handbook based on extensive organisational analysis and strategic planning, defining business model, corporate strategy and corporate-wide alignment;
  • Transforming failing venture into an industry leader, generating profits for the first time in company history.

Business Development Manager

Defence Optical Systems Ltd
  • Undertaking extensive industry and market research to lead product innovation activities, resulting in market dominance through the development and delivery of a robust business strategy. Creating and deploying sales, marketing and promotional protocols to achieve demanding corporate objectives. Accountable for team coordination, training, evaluation and development, managing budgets, preparing status reports and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

Major achievements:

  • Increasing sales by 30% through product innovation, solution selling and strategic networking, winning contracts with significant clients including the UK Ministry of Defence Special Projects IPT, DSTL, the Czech Republic Air Force and the Qatari Ministry of Interior.

Manager Specialist Electro-Optic Systems

Falcon - Protec Ltd

Specialising in Electro-Optical Systems, overseeing the coordination of all equipment, product and materials transport internationally, ensuring adherence to all company policies, national and international regulations. Sharing expertise with colleagues relating to import/export law, tariffs, licence requirements and restrictions. Collaborating with appropriate authorities, clients and distributors to facilitate smooth processes. Maintaining knowledge of relevant laws, implementing process improvements as the need arises. Ensuring that all strategies are aligned with corporate goals.

Major achievements:

  • Leading complex negotiation efforts to secure lucrative contracts with key clients, resulting in significant revenue generation;
  • Designing and deploying a new EO surveillance system in response to market and client demand, resulting in the realisation of a key product for the UK and overseas markets, acquiring engagement and support from CEO;
  • Set up exclusive and revenue generating representation of a US optics product line;
  • Gaining recognition as a specialist Subject Matter Expert.

Marketing Manager

Falcon - Protec Ltd

Leveraging expertise in client account management to develop and execute marketing strategies including advertising and PR activities to support robust revenue generation. Developing strategic partnerships with key third parties that promote the corporate profile and extend business reach through networking, media events and stakeholder presentations.

Major achievements:

  • Spearheading sales growth of 23% through marketing, brand management and PR activities, ensuring alignment of all marketing strategies with corporate vision;
  • Launching operations in new markets across key territories, securing contracts with defence forces in the Middle East, the Caribbean and Asia;
  • Defining, designing and implementing a new marketing platform including a website and collateral marketing materials;
  • Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with high profile stakeholders, heads of state, government officials and intelligence service professionals.

Project Manager - Special Projects

Falcon - Protec Ltd 

Leading all special project activities for the company, developing and maintaining positive relationships with external parties across both public capital and private development projects. Continuously evaluating project performance utilising project management strategies such as qualitative analysis.

Major achievements:

  • Launching an innovative electro-optics surveillance system and securing a £1m contract;
  • Analysing processes to implement improvements to streamline operations, create efficiencies and promote continuous quality improvements;
  • Implementing incentive strategies that increase workforce performance and retention, offering mentoring and supporting professional development initiatives;
  • Auditing of major UKMoD owned surveillance systems and sites;
  • Securing lucrative contracts with key clients including the UK Ministry of Defence.

Project Support Manager - Special Projects

SDA - Protec Plc

Engaged with cross-functional personnel in the formulation, development, and delivery of public and private projects. Established productive relationships with key third parties, including contractors and designers. Assessed project status and compiled and delivered progress reports for stakeholders, executives, and personnel. Collaborated with government representatives, private organisations, and community leaders to successfully plan public capital development projects. Outlined and executed project budgets, schedules, and benchmarks. Analysed processes and devised strategic enhancements to optimize workforce performance, promote operational excellence, and ensure superlative project outcomes. Conducted feasibility studies and product testing.


  • Produced £1M+ contract through product innovation, creating cable management system to improve quality and reliability of company’s core product, an advanced EO surveillance system;
  • Received bonuses and salary increases for exceptional performance.

Senior NCO - Commander

British Army

Joined Infantry and volunteered for specialist work. Served as EO surveillance expert for Special Operations forces, police, and military covert intelligence gathering operations during extensive and highly successful military career.  Led unit in counter-terrorism activities, providing comprehensive end user training and support in electro-optical surveillance technologies. Received numerous honours and awards for operational success, including the:

  • Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE);
  • Queens Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS);
  • Mention in the Despatches (MiD) for distinguished service.


English – mother tongue (Understanding C2 – Speaking C2; - Writing C2);

French – Strong conversational skills (Understanding B2 – Speaking B2 – Writing A2);

Italian – Good conversational skills (Understanding A2 – Speaking A2 – Writing A2);

German – Basic (Understanding A2 – Speaking A2 – A1).

Arabic - Basic (Understanding A1 – Speaking A1 – A1).

Strong IT skills in all Office programs


Barry Edward Timothy Harris M.B.E.                  Excellent Health – non - smoker

Born 13th January 1959 (54) London - UK       Full, clean driving license

Swiss residency and work permit                       Type “B”

UKMOD Security Clearance held                         SC, not current – details available on  request

2 sons (Joshua 22 – Professional Chef, Benjamin 18 - Engineering Student)

Very competent skier (competed at Army standard), with instructional experience, played rugby to good club standard, competent windsurfer with instructional experience. Enjoys classical music and Pink Floyd, reading, walking with my Labrador, beer, losing golf balls, and a strong interest in technology, and current affairs.



Commercial Awareness


Contract Law


Occupational Health Management

Royal British Legion College

Single Mode & Multi Mode Fibre Optics Engineering


Business Management

National Examination Board

Surveillance Technology

Royal Military College of Science

Military Promotion Education - Advanced

British Army

Current Affairs, Communication Skills, Mathematics & Accounting.


Primary and Secondary Education

College Du Leman, Switzerland

Bilingual schooling - English / French