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Results proven international marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in the development, multi-channel distribution, and administration of insurance and related products in financial services, insurance broker, employee benefit, small business, affinity and direct to consumer segments. Focused and passionate leader having driven cross functional teams to deliver outstanding results, growth and profits. Recognized for exceptional ability to demonstrate visionary views and define winning strategies involving billion dollar P&Ls and millions of customers. Demonstrated ability in customer life cycle management via a broad range of business activities, management of multiple business units, and in multiple global markets.

Work experience


Senior Vice President

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., St. Louis Park, MN

Responsible for development and execution of AMTS’s product and marketing strategies. Leading product and marketing teams to deliver consumer-centric identity and lifestyle products and services in an omni-channel environment that deliver a multi-touch point, value-added, interactive usage model. Through B2B2C, B2B and B2C efforts, meeting and responding to consumer needs, improving persistency, and building brand loyalty. Responsible for contact center operations including sales, service, retention and quality assurance, delivered via internal and third party service providers. Ongoing collaboration with business development and account management teams to bring expertise to sales process and harvesting of existing partnerships.

  • Drove company division re-branding research and re-launch of new brand and corporate website.
  • Developed and launched customizable, flexible identity and breach protection solutions for individuals and small businesses inclusive of more than 100 different product variations to meet consumer and partner needs, built off extensive market research.
  • Led team to leverage parent insurance underwriting capabilities to develop and launch unique identity theft and cyber liability insurance products for inclusion in broader solutions.


Global Head Protection Insurance, Senior Vice President

HSBC Insurance Head Office, HSBC Inc, London, UK 

Led global protection insurance teams comprised of 40 countries to deliver world class products, sales and distribution expertise, and processes to HSBC Retail Banking, Wealth Management (RBWM), and Commercial Banking partners. Delivered comprehensive analytics based solutions mapped to core customer needs to contribute more than $1 billion in profit before taxes to the bank’s bottom line.

  • Increased global protection profit before taxes in year one of more than $120 million or 11%.
  • Developed a global insurance analytics strategy leveraging more than 160 customer event triggers to deliver more than $20 million in incremental revenue in first year.
  • Collaborated on the development of a globally standardized inbound and outbound contact center model implemented in 50 sites across 5 continents involving more than 25,000 FTE projected to generate incremental revenue of $94 million and cost savings of more than $86 million over first three years. Introduced inbound sales through service in nine countries and improved sales in four countries already selling. Customer retention increased 71% in the Middle East and 49% in Malaysia post implementation.
  • Developed global creditor protection insurance standards focused on product, sales and servicing ensuring transparency, customer fairness, and reduced regulatory risk. Implemented standards in 40 countries across more than 100 products to avoid repeat of £1.9 billion UK and US imposed regulatory fines.
  • Led review and standardization of global insurance product shelf and feature configurations aimed at reducing systems and operational costs, increasing sales efficiency, and improving both agent and customer satisfaction estimated at a net savings to company of more than $48 million dollars annually.


Vice President, Global Marketing Analytics & Strategy

HSBC Group Credit Cards, HSBC Inc, London, UK

Improved global cross sell results within retail banking customer segments through consultation with global, regional and country executives. Identified, designed, and implemented multi-channel solutions associated with the cross sell of retail banking and insurance products. Consulted with multiple large international HSBC markets to drive contact center revenue growth, leading execution in those markets of a global inbound service to sales model and best practices.

  • Drove insurance product related efforts in multiple countries during 2009 delivering in conjunction with other cross sell initiatives incremental profit before taxes of more than $65 million.
  • Developed a global customer retention program framework aimed at improving product persistency, retention and profitability rates. 2009 country efforts driving incremental revenues of more than $2 million.
  • Led project to optimize product, price, and channel levers through global strategy development and collaboration. Top focus countries delivered incremental $140 MM in revenues.


Vice President of Product & Marketing

HSBC Card and Retail Services, HSBC Inc, Minneapolis, MN 

Managed overall product and marketing strategy for credit protection products sold to all US credit and retail card customers. Led ongoing product development and launches, multi-channel marketing testing and campaigns, claims administration, and risk management solutions. Managed divisional outbound telemarketing initiatives for credit card customer acquisition, insurance and ancillary product sales. Oversaw team delivering vendor and campaign strategy, inbound/outbound cross sell strategies, performance and quality management, and regulatory compliance.

  • Directed a team managing an annual OBTM budget of more than $20 million dollars, achieving cost per account and cost per sale reductions as a result of increasing offshore ratios, strategic vendor selection, and improved lead utilization. Managed third party outsourcing strategy resulted in 8% reduction in cost per sale.
  • Collaborated with program administrator to drive improvements in product retention programs resulting in more than an 800 BPS improvement in saved revenue rates year over year.
  • Led customer research, product development, and product launch initiatives for a $750 million dollar credit protection product portfolio in 2008, including development and launch of new product web site and fulfillment materials.


Senior Director of Marketing

Metris Companies, Inc, Minneapolis, MN 

Managed overall product and marketing strategy for credit protection products sold to all US credit card customers. Oversaw insurance agency strategy and management including licensing, contracts, and new business development. Managed warranty business entity and warranty regulatory compliance. Coordinated and oversaw actuarial activities for credit protection, warranty and reinsurance products, and provided oversight for offshore captive reinsurance entity.

  • Delivered growth in $100 million dollar credit protection product portfolio revenues in market of declining credit card lending through launch of a new credit protection up-sell product featuring six new debt suspension benefits in 2004, conducting more than 30 marketing tests across multiple channels.
  • Identified and implemented improvements in credit protection loss forecasting and reserving processes resulting in $3 million dollars in incremental income in 2005.
  • Developed and secured approval from CEO for a plan to utilize insurance agency structure within the bank to generate $50 million dollars in incremental revenues over a five year period through the sale of personal lines, and supplemental life, accident and health insurance.

Senior Manager of Compliance & Risk Management

Metris Companies, Inc, Minneapolis, MN

Manager of Operations

Metris Companies, Inc, Minneapolis, MN 

Director of Field and Call Center Claim Operations

Harmon Solutions, Apogee Enterprises Minneapolis, MN 


State Farm Insurance, St. Paul, MN

Claims Reinspector/Trainer – 1995-1998

Senior Claims Manager – 1993-1995

Public Affairs Coordinator – 1992-1993



Insurance Agent/Claims Adjuster Licensing


Independent claims adjuster license (MN) and agent license for property, casualty, life, accident, health lines in all 50 US states and D.C


Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)

CPCU Society

1998 Designee


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Management

University of Northern Colorado

Summa Cum Laude