Xiaohua Xu

Xiaohua Xu


  • Thorough understanding of regulatory processes, procedures and compliance of the development of medicinal products and medical devices
  • Experience in multi-disciplinary scientific fields, e.g. neurobiology, cellular biology, biophysics, computational modeling and fiber optics sensors
  • Extensive training in learning new technical concepts, efficiently researching and locating relevant information, and writing and editing technical documents
  • Effective communication with diverse audiences and skilled in public presentations

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2010 - Present

Postdoctoral Associate

Duke University Medical Center
  • Conduct mathematical analysis on specific dynamic properties of single neurons that are essential to brain's learning and memory ability
  • Create computational models of neuronal signaling in C/C++, MATLAB
  • Lead a journal club and establish research partnership between junior graduate students and scientists
May 2005 - Aug 2010

Teaching Assistant/Instructor

Virginia Tech Physics Department
  • Supervised laboratory training of 100+ undergraduates each semester
  • Instructed graduate elective courses on introduction to biophysics for classes of 20 seniors and graduate students and guided their research projects
  • Lectured undergraduate students fundamental physics courses and prepared comprehensive educational and exam materials for evaluation
  • Mentored undergraduate students and helped to increase their academic confidence and to gain skills in both coursework and research
Dec 2003 - May 2004

Research Associate

Virginia Tech Applied Biosciences Center
  • Designed and built a device called 'smart' bed to non-intrusively monitor patient respiration, heart rate and movement through an integrated system of dual-output fiber optics sensors, a CCD camera, a wireless data transmitter and receiver and a laptop
  • Achieved data collection, processing and visualization with a self-programmed software using Visual C++, and analyzed data with MATLAB
  • Demonstrated the patient monitoring system for clinical trials at Carilion Clinic Sleep Center in Roanoke, VA


May 2011 - Mar 2012

Continuing Education

North Carolina Regulatory Affairs Forum
  • Gained knowledge of US FDA regulatory policies and EU regulations on healthcare product development, i.e. GxPs, regulatory pathways, submission processes, compliance and postmarketing surveillance
  • Certified by Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS)
May 2005 - Aug 2010


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Dissertation on computational modeling of specific cellular processes, i.e. cell division in E. coli, pausing phenomena in transcription and enzymic kinetics
  • Developed computational models and studied the physical processes to determine protein subcellular localization, using Monte Carlo simulations, e.g. Gillespie algorithm, programmed in C/C++
  • Published work in IET Systems Biology and presented at national conferences
May 2005 - Aug 2003


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Thesis on the design and development of a non-intrusive patient monitoring device integrating fiber optic sensors and remote signal transmitting, processing modules
  • Developed a software in Visual C++ for wireless data collection, signal processing and visualization, and conducted data analysis with MATLAB
  • Work published in Proceedings of SPIE and Measurement Science and Technology and presented at national and international conferences



Computer Skills

o  Extensive experience in scientific programming (C/C++, MATLAB, Mathematica, Linux shell scripting, LATEX) o  Skilled in word processing, spreadsheet, and graphic presentations (Microsoft office Word, Excel, PowerPoint)   


Native speaker

Community Services



Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC)

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS)