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+ Learning

+ Photography

+ Skin Care

+ Animals

+ Fashion

+ Taxidermy

+ Helping others

+ Volunteer work


+I worked with Granny Finger as a paid actress to help fake the zombie apocalypse at a GameStop convention. The project was run by Dean Karr.

+I have done a few professional shoots with Gary Lott for one of his art projects.


I am currently looking for a self promotion. I'm trying to grow as a person, and would like to try something a little new. I'm interesting in finding a job in the clerical field, because I'd like to put myself into a different work atmosphere. I feel that I would make an excellent candidate for this kind of position because I have outstanding organization skills, I am good with numbers, I have an easy time with detail oriented tasks, I can spend long hours doing the same thing, and my personality would be a good addition to the office.

Work experience

Jun 2011Present

Lead Cashier


I started here as a Dog Bather, which I loved. It's a salon environment in which I have to juggle my appointments and all my other duties. I then was transferred to a cashier position- which I am currently at. I was moved because it was noted that I'm excellent in a customer environment and was moved to where I could exploit my capabilities. I now have been made lead and trained in every department and keep up with all of the following: customer service, handling the cash register, pricing, stocking, receiving PO's, filing invoices, animal care, sales, managing other associates, filing customer contracts, and handling closing procedures on the sales floor.


Aug 2010Dec 2012


San Antonio College
Aug 2010Apr 2011


Aveda Institute


I've been organizing paperwork for years. I like the filing process, and I like working with numbers. I don't mind tedious, detail oriented projects that involve hours of organizing the same thing, and I'm good at it too.
Professional Image
At Aveda, we did a whole chapter on "professional image" and it got me thinking. I have taught myself to dress in a professional manner, I stand up straight, fix my hair, wear appropriate make up for the occasion, and I have a lot of confidence. Self esteem is thought to be very important in job situations, and that's a skill I have down pact. I know how to wear a smile and how to walk in heels.
Creative Intuition
I have creative intuition and also a witty sense of humor. I've been told "I'm a charm to work with" because I'm not dull and know how to keep the work place professional but also lively.
Team player
I'm a very good team player, I work well with others, and I enjoy working around people. I'm very level headed, I can keep my cool, and I know how to react in tough situations. I'm not a bossy person, and don't try to "take charge" of every situation, but I know how to be a leader when the situation demands it.
Fast learner
I pick up on things quickly, regardless of interest- primarily because I find interest in everything. For example, I picked up on typing within a few weeks, and can now type a good 90 wpm.
Social Skills
I get along with people, and know how to behave in a professional manner.
This is my profession as a whole, and I have quite a bit of experience.