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Creative, results oriented Management Professional with experience in medical, technical and telecommunications industries.  Able to lead others directly and indirectly and communicate well (orally and in writing) with people with diverse backgrounds.  Able to plan and organize work, establish priorities, adapt to changing situations and meet deadlines. 

Documentation Content and Control              Leadership Project/Implementation Management             Strategic PlanningProcess/Procedure Development                   Technical Writing

Work experience


Information Asset Analyst

Seagate Technology

Managed legacy Lotus Notes interactive database (86,000 records), Records Management System, trained staff in records management, completed orders for US/Europe with 3 vendors in multiple locations.  Provided internal consultations.  Liaison for 11 sites in US and Europe.  Responsible for 2 temps and 4 inventories, assisted in e-discovery.


  1. Developed plans and worksheets that successfully guided company managers through 3 site closures and 2 layoffs regarding IP and records archival.
  2. Revised and updated multiple instruction documents that improved training of records coordinators and managers.
  3. Organized and archived 1500 boxes of records from multiple sites, which allowed company to close warehouse.
  4. Developed questionnaire and procedures for storage audits, successfully meeting internal compliance in 2008.
  5. Participated in defining requirements for Request for Proposal for purchase and installation of Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and Retention Schedule upgrade, completing cycle to point of purchase.

Supervisor, Health Information Management

Kaiser Permenente

Managed daily operations, scheduling, timecards, monthly reports, evaluations, assured HIPAA compliance, staff and committee meetings, troubleshooting, Labor Management Workgroup, regional HIM representation.


  1. Trained users/supervisors, created workflow reports and problem-solved, resulting in minimal problems during go-live of EPIC e-record (EHR) implementation.
  2. Developed shared transcription system among regional Kaiser sites reducing backlog from 2 weeks to 2 days.
  3. Established procedures, collected data, compiled reports and guided staff in pre-reviewing audit materials, which prepared department for successful implementation of JCAHO compliance measurements.

Collections Operations Supervisor

American Red Cross, Blood Collections

Trained and managed 83 mobile blood collections staff and ensured strict compliance with extensive Federal Drug Administration regulations and standards for blood banking.  Promoted and trained supervisors.  Periodically assumed role of acting director.


  1. Managed migration onto national computer system, implemented procedures, installed new equipment and trained staff using PM principles over several rollouts, with resulting 20% improvement in mobile productivity.
  2. Reorganized and maintained extensive training files and ongoing training program, which improved overall record keeping, staff quality assurance and safety.

Project Manager, Engineering

Trident Micro Systems

Coordinated development projects for proprietary low speed network trunking protocol (wireless) software development of low frequency handheld radio frequency systems.  Project managed completion of Motorola and other contracts to customize the communications protocol for manufactured fleet radios.


  1. Created and maintained online Help Files, increasing customer service and self-help problem solving capabilities.
  2. Created and maintained technical engineering documents and customer manuals, improving the professional presentation and usability of customer support materials.

Manager, Network Operations

Led technical staff of startup highspeed wireless ISP in organizing major rollout to point of buyout, managed Central and Broadcast wireless networks and installations, migrated network to Boulder.  Prepared technical manual and job descriptions and developed roles of newly acquired staff.


  1. Improved flow of supplies by establishing an inventory/purchasing system
  2. Developed technical department in preparation of rollout, increasing capacity to install product by hiring staff of 8.
  3. Successfully completed site contracts and installed T1 lines.

Carrier Access Manager

Managed network capacity for internet service provider through traffic monitoring, vendor negotiations, order writing, billing review, provisioning and installing of local access and long haul circuits.  Managed traffic flow of transmissions for growing services, including adding new points of contact and increasing volume management through vendors, provisioning and planning.

Accomplishments •    Obtained $50,000 credit from major provider by discovering billing error.


Contractor, Interdepartmental Project Planning Committee

Managed multiple unrelated regional projects on schedule and within budget.


  1. Successfully completed migration of three 911 central offices (45 end offices, 200 trunks) to SS7- one 3 weeks early and under budget in first application statewide and organized 3 additional offices for cutover by Dec. 98, without a single interruption to public access.
  2. Successfully converted, moved and installed several automated call centers, improving customer support services.
  3. Organized E911 portion of 408 Area Code Split to reroute emergency services to new 831 area code without disruption to public access and developed plan used for next area code split.
  4. Assisted Facilities Inventory Managers, wrote jobs for Central Office facilities, TITAN, KENTOX, SONET Rings- augments and installs, reducing backorders by half.
  5. Compiled project control sheets for switch upgrade, including T1 circuit assignment.  Became highly valued by FIMs.
  6. Coordinated influx of multiple CLEC collocation orders, compiled job workbooks, coordinated cost estimates, established audit trails, reducing backlog by 75%.  Met all deadlines, on budget, no complaints.

Contract Provisioning Engineer

Accurately provisioned unbundled local loop for competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC).  Engineered circuits, coordinated installation, moves, changes with PacBell/Ameritech/USWest.  Interacted with field engineers and sales/order processing personnel.  Regroomed switches, designed order forms and work review audits, assigned IDLC (Integrated Digital Loop Carrier) and vMail/PBX applications.  All processes involved working with applications, troubleshooting and managing workflow.


  1. Member of task force to develop provisioning procedures for Local Number Portability, reviewed and critiqued proposed procedures, which created platform for implementation of new technology legislation.
  2. Prepared engineers/managers for coming changes by delivering presentations on new concepts and impact of LNP.
  3. Independently wrote provisioning procedure manual that was later used to train new staff
  4. Established online (GUI) status trending reports that informed management and staff of daily order status.



Bachelor of Science

Preparation for certification as Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA),

Emphasis: All phases of management of medical record department, coding, transcription, charting, staffing responsibilities, state and federal regulatory environment, release of information and current issues.



Regisstered Health Information Administrator

American Health Information Management Association