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Agriculture engineering

 Damascus university                                                                                          


 Field crops department  

Thesis: The Genetic similarity among local genotype of cultovated oat (avena sativa L.)

 FINAL SCORE: 69.72%


High School

Graduation: general high school (scientific branch) with score: 80%

:Technical & Computing Skills

-Solid background in Research and development in academic environments.
-Good experience in the field of Internet.
-Experience in computer software.
-Experience in iphone and ipad software.


.Course Software computer and internet (ICDL)

-Course in organic Agriculture.

-Course coordinate gardens.

-Course in basic information about internet and network.



Native language :Arabic

.English: very good read , good write , good speak

.French: good read , little write




                                                                                                                                                      1/3/2016 -  Until now  

- Supervisor in masa plaza mall -

            3/2016 ---- 10/2015                                                                                                         

                    (  In internet hall)



,...... Reading, Playing Football, Traveling